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Darmak Jägger

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  1. Darmak Jägger

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Interesting idea, sign me up!
  2. Darmak Jägger

    Ultimate Doom: How we saw '95 [CANCELLED]

    I love the idea, I choose E4M4 and if you let me E3M5 too.
  3. Darmak Jägger

    Eternity Mapping Project - Slots Open

    Yay! Today I will start and when you have the midi or the first map send it to me for knowing the style and for inspiration, if I have any doubts I'll ask you.
  4. Darmak Jägger

    what mods do you enjoy the most

    I think that the gameplay of Doom is awesome, so what I enjoy about wads is the way they're designed, I like to see new environments and different style maps that makes the game more fresh and beautiful that this is possible with a new and creative story for the game, that's the excuse to create a new world with new ambience and sensations. Examples of what I say are BTSX, Perdition's Gate, Doom Zero, Scythe or Eviltech, I always enjoy them and learn new things about how to design levels and compose music.
  5. Darmak Jägger

    The Return(NEED MORE MEMBERS), a Mega-WAD project

    I'm interested, I'm going to enter to the discord server. I have experience doing maps, but I never made one with other people so I want to try.
  6. Darmak Jägger

    Eternity Mapping Project - Slots Open

    I like the idea, I'm a big fan of making maps but I never worked with other people so I would like to work in the project, I choose map 4. If you have map 1 send it to me because with it I can see the style and some important textures like doortrack texture or lifts textures. Also if you have the midi of the level send it too, to listen it while I'm making the map and get the ambience of it.