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  1. CivilianM91


    Shew, I don’t even know where to begin with this. It’s like addiction has always been my biggest downfall as an individual and I still struggle with the mindset every day. I’m lucky in that I’ve avoided (mostly) the big things, but I’ve struggled with this for a long time. Being a parent has kept me away from the “hard stuff” for years (I’ve dabbled with almost all of it except meth or coke) but every day I still smoke a pack a day, drink Cokes and Red Bulls from sunrise to set, and smoke more than my fair share of ganja. Thankfully I’m in bad need of a new job so the THC is on its way out but even having a clear reason to stop I still struggle with wanting to. And I know I’m going to lean way heavy into one of my other habits which are arguably worse. I’m between a rock and a hard place with all of this and it’s not helping Ive recently weened off all of my anti-depressants but I need a new baseline and to be able to think clearly again without all of this stuff. I’m just struggling so hard to get there. Reading some of your harrowing stories on here gives me hope that no matter how dark it can get there’s hope out there, so thanks Doomworld for the inspiration tonight, and hats off to all of you fighting this demon daily. You guys are strong.
  2. CivilianM91

    About developing a GZ-based game, I have questions.

    Okay neckerz. Just saying, I’m certainly not the first cat to accuse someone on Doomworld of a condescending attitude so at least consider the possibility somewhere down the line that, yes, you come off that way in relatively benign circumstances. I don’t think we’ll ever hit a point where we agree here so I’m just going to drop it like a bad habit and move on with my morning. If nothing else I hope he learned from your responses.
  3. CivilianM91

    About developing a GZ-based game, I have questions.

    He asked three questions starting out. 1. Is it possible 2. Where to start 3. If anyone was interested in joining a team for compensation How is that wanting someone to do the work for you? You’re taking some hefty leaps in logic to make your reaction fit my man.
  4. CivilianM91

    About developing a GZ-based game, I have questions.

    No, just get annoyed at folks who act like typing out a response to a question is difficult. I see it everywhere, in every community and it never ceases to amaze me how uppity people get about just pointing someone out to a helpful direction. If it’s going to bug you that badly to help guide someone to some answers then you could just not post. You harping on the individual for not having good research skills or comprehension is beyond dickish. There could be a number of reasons they considered asking around before attempting any of these things, or maybe they were under the impression a community of Doom modders would be helpful to them (ha). Just saying, there’s zero reason to act like someone pissed in your Cheerios just because it bothers you they couldn’t educate themselves the same way you did.
  5. CivilianM91

    About developing a GZ-based game, I have questions.

    THANK YOU! How quickly this thread turned was stressing me out.
  6. CivilianM91

    What do you expect from DLC2?

    I love that series but I agree wholeheartedly. I just try to enjoy each one on their own and not think too much on it.
  7. CivilianM91

    What do you expect from DLC2?

    Could pull a Zelda. Every game is a standalone, maybe connect it all in the bg with timelines or dimensional stuff for those interested.
  8. Batshit, the whole thing. Has Zu come forward and said anything yet? The profile in question he posted the stuff to is down but that’s the only action I’ve seen on his part.
  9. CivilianM91

    What made you fall in love with Doom?

    The tone, for starters. I’ve always been a massive fan of schlocky horror so Doom just hit a sweet spot with me. At least, initially. What kept the interest alive was more the rich history behind the series, id themselves, and the way it lent itself to learning things about game design. It’s one of the few series I try to own on every platform and has remained at least a semi-annual play through for the better part of the last two decades. I came into it past it’s “peak” (like ‘04- being born in 91 kinda barred me from really breathing in that Doom mania back then) but I’m so glad the series is still going, and as well as one could hope for such a game in the modern era.
  10. It’s not Unity but there is a similar tool for Godot- it’s called “God Wad” and does exactly what you’re looking for. Just for Godot lol. If you’re not against adopting a new engine it could serve your needs more easily. https://github.com/DataPlusProgram/GodWad
  11. CivilianM91

    What do you think of midnight

    Just discovered this a couple of days ago myself and have been playing catch-up ever sense. Thoughtful, thorough critiques with some sprinkles of dry humor. Makes for perfect bg fodder.
  12. CivilianM91

    What do you expect from DLC2?

    I’m not sure how much more difficult they could make it without the game just breaking so I’m hoping we don’t see more of that insanity. I don’t mind a challenge but fuck- TAG 1 brought me to my knees every time I played it. Shit stressed me out so much I had to step away for days at a time between sessions.
  13. CivilianM91

    Preference of OS

    Chaos is a good word for it ha. Linux really is an acquired taste. I love windows but I was so sick of how 10 was running on my low-end laptop I just took the plunge. I miss the conveniences of Windows sometimes; Things are much more straight forward. But if you have a decent package manager and don’t mind googling command lines for the terminal you can more or less get Linux to sing exactly how you’d like.
  14. CivilianM91

    Preference of OS

    Lubuntu- coming from a windows bg my whole life until the last seven months. Don’t regret the switch at all even though Linux had a learning curve.
  15. CivilianM91


    Just finally got my hands on the demo tonight and I’m absolutely falling in love with this game. It’s a bit too early to tell but it may be my favorite of the new retro styled shooters coming up. My only real gripe so far is it doesn’t seem to offer a whole of innovation to this rapidly crowded niche but it more than makes up for this with fluid gameplay and natural feeling combat. Not to mention the “soul” of this game just oozes. There’s so much effort and heart thrown into the presentation. I was instantly in just based on the intro cut scene alone. Great, creative stuff. I get I’m rambling but I’m too stoked for this one. Day one purchase for sure. Anyone else tried the demo? Thoughts?