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  1. Played through map 1 and 2 while recording. Fun maps. Small ramp-up on difficulty, and a good aesthetic, if a bit by the numbers. Good first solo project. Might check out the other maps later.
  2. E1M7 by @Steve88 E1M8 by @MAN_WITH_GUN @Steve88 the first time I played your map I had a bug. I shot the first eye and the pinkies appeared, but the lift with the green armor didn't rise, even after repeatedly shooting the eye. On my second playthrough I had no issues. You can, however, activate the switch near the barons from down in the lava pit, and that breaks the sequencing of the map.
  3. Pistoolkip

    Doom but somethings off: MOAR

    Comp level? Number of maps? Screenshots? Required resources? Jumping/Freelook?
  4. these maps were recommended by @Peccatum Mihzamiz and are a lot of fun. Great work guys. E3M1 by @muumi E3M2 by @myolden E3M3 by @Engired Intro by my own inner demons
  5. ID games release? Good time to check this out!
  6. Pistoolkip

    Infernal Excavations - first finished map

    Hi! nice map. Vid will be up soon. Nice visuals and arena combat, especially for a first map. But there are a couple of (weird) bugs: - There's an Archvile and a Chaingunner outside the map, and a lamp - The chaingunner teleport closet in the North East doesn't open, the chaingunners can't teleport out. Also, the teleport line itself doesn't have a tag, and I didn't see any teleport destinations so I have no idea where they are supposed to teleport or when - In the west room, there is a chaingunner stuck in a pillar with no way to get out - In the north room, there are shotgun shells in an unreachable area. The area is tagged with a sector tag 3, but there seem to be no actions connected to that sector or tag number - There is a an empty square sector on the east of the spawn. It doesn't seem to have any function. s The map can't run on Chocolate cause it's not a vanilla map (Doom in Doom 2 format) but a ZDoom / UDMF file (I think). At the very least, you have wall textures set as floor textures, and that's something you can't do on Chocolate. hope this helps! It's normal to have a few bugs on your first map (if not every map), so asking playtesters for help is adviced!
  7. Wait, are you saying that Barons CAN open doors?
  8. Pistoolkip

    [1.4] v64 - Maps with only 64 Vertices

    Small update. Moved some of the teleporter destinations to prevent Mancubus from getting stuck after teleporting or not teleporting at all Download
  9. Pistoolkip

    Community project - Co-op megawad "It takes Doom for two"

    Great idea! I had a similar idea a few months ago but never started building, because of the amount of work required and the difficulty of playtesting. My advice would be: make a map asap so you can try if the concept will work, and you have an example map to show to other mappers.
  10. Pistoolkip

    Now on idgames: TekeN: a SIGIL 2 homage map (Boom cl9)

    Your first ever release? I thought Romero made this!!
  11. Pistoolkip

    New megawad completed: The Crater

    Interesting wad. Played and recorded it. The videos will be up in the next few days. Here's some feedback: - I enjoyed the scripted events and interactive elements. The environment keeps changing, and that really tells a story. - the set pieces are great, and make this wad very unique, despite using all stock assets and gameplay. I in particular liked the nukage area and BFG turret. - It's unclear if jumping is allowed, so I might have done some sequencebreaking. You should disable it if it's not allowed, or communicate that it is. - I grabbed the plasma gun right at the start, but later realised that this was probably also sequence breaking. It made the fights but easier of course, I could easily deal with the Spiderdemon and some other fights. Now for some improvements: - replace the stock music asap. - also add some levelnames (as cwilv and mapinfo) - The cutscenes are both long, and hard to follow because the text cuts very fast on longer lines. Is there a way to have longer sentences appear, also for longer? Otherwise, try to cut some dialogue. - the quality of mapping and gameplay divers wildly from area to area. For example, the crater looks great, but most of the factory is just rectangular rooms with stock textures we have seen a million times before. The open door, fight some monsters in a room is also the most boring part of this wad, making map 2 the most boring part of the wad. - the generator rooms could also use some more detailing, and I'm not sure I understand how lowering the central sector activates the generators. - the turret at the start in the fort is a little wonky. I'm not sure what triggers it firing but I just used the plasma gun and SSG to deal with the caco's. Hope this helps! Good luck if you want to improve this wad, or on your next one!
  12. Pistoolkip

    Bing Bong Blippo | 9 map vanilla episode - RC2!

    Despite what you think, these are fun, if a little basic. Good knee deep vibe.
  13. Pistoolkip

    Altars of Madness [RC2] [Boom] [12 Maps]

    Fun stuff. Great visuals, but I find the arena's to be a little flat and cramped. But then again, slaughter isn't really my cup of tea
  14. @DiR fun map, significantly bigger and harder than the previous 6, and more detailed. Not unfair, but the monsters coming up right in front of you is kinda mean. I don't think this map qualifies as 'Micro' though, since getting 100% kills at UV cold, will take you 20-30 minutes, and not 'a few minutes'