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  1. interesting use of stock textures. A real blend! Gameplay was solid, a lot of small fights and traps that were clearly telegraphed, and enough space to move around in. Maybe a bit too many AVs and Revenants. Congrats on the release, here's the video:
  2. Pistoolkip

    New map! criticism appricated!

    Here's the video Fun map with a lot of exploration, but secrets seem mandatory to get weapons, ammo, and health. A non-secret shotgun would really help. Also, you gotta improve your texturing.
  3. Awesome first map! It really shows your progress as a mapper throughout the video. I almost feel like you should adjust the starting area to the same quality as the later two areas. But I'm even more interested in seeing your next project!
  4. Pistoolkip

    made the final version of my first wad- plutonian lab

    Interesting stuff for a first map. That hell-knight death exit really caught me off guard. Your choice of textures is pretty good for a first map, but you can utilize the textures better. I talk about how in the video. also check out the tutorials by David does Doom.
  5. Pistoolkip

    My first map (dont judge)

    Here's a video, I hope it helps! Also check out the tutorials made by David does Doom. He has some excellent stuff for beginner mappers.
  6. Pistoolkip

    New map! criticism appricated!

    Fun little city map with lots of exploration. But the lack of non-secret weapons really makes it a lot harder than it needs to be. And like Yousuf said, your architecture is great, but the texturing is really sloppy. The map could really benefit from using some border textures (like Support 2/3 or Doorstop) to separate different textures from each other, and frame doors. (video will be up later)
  7. Interesting experience. Very freaky. I did play on Doom strict and ran into a hard-lock on E1M6
  8. Pistoolkip

    my second (not as bad) wad

    Here ya go buddy.
  9. Pistoolkip

    I made a small doom ii wad

    I've played this, and recorded my playthrough with commentary. Hope it helps! You've obviously been trying to get a grasp of the basics - texturing, making rooms and doors, height differences, nukage floor, etc, so well done for trying and sharing your work. I like how you have made different rooms, making different parts of the map recognizable. The rest of my comments are in the video. Keep up the good work!
  10. Pistoolkip

    my first (terrible) wad

    I played through this with commentary. Overall fine first attempt, but obviously there is a lot of room for improvement. You did really get me with that one surprise!
  11. I played through the map blind and recorded it with commentary. Took me 1 hour 48 minutes of playtime, not counting deaths, so overall about 2 hours. Here's the vid: I didn't encounter any game-breaking bugs, but lowering the lift in E1M7 was very akward, and I feel like there needs to be step to get from E3M3 to E2M8. Honestly it played a LOT better than I expected. It wasn't as cramped as I would think, and the ammo and health balance was good, with some interesting fights. Too many barons to shotgun and Cyberdemons to die to, but that's Doom 1 for you. Overall a great trip down nostalgia lane. I think I correctly guessed each map but E3M9 took a while for me to get.
  12. I ain't married to it. Probably remove it. Maybe replace it with a marble face texture or something?
  13. Pistoolkip

    Looking for joke wads

    One of my favorite examples of how to do a joke wad right is The Banana Factory Accident. New enemies, added sounds and scripted events, even some cutscenes, but overall also solid gameplay and lots of jokes and Easter Eggs to find. Link