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Everything posted by Xenoman

  1. Xenoman

    Secrets in The Gantlet

    Hmm, you're spamming is even worse than mine.
  2. Xenoman


  3. Xenoman

    And now for somethinc completely...intellectual.

    This doesn't look good, it looks green.
  4. Xenoman

    Holy shit, I'm posting a poll

    Uhm, someone's got my password to DW and I know this because I haven't voted in this poll. I don't know how this could have happend, who the fuck is it?
  5. Xenoman

    Post Hell

    Post Hell has some great, old posts from the past and they will remain as the good old, memories to us. Let's just keep it that way? Would it be fun messing around with topics in Post Hell? I know several will answer yes, but why can't we leave them alone? Think of the children.
  6. Xenoman

    the skulltag chronicals iii

    Yay, finally I will get some flour.
  7. Invite him in, play some DM on the net with him. And yeah, add alot of beers to that too.
  8. Xenoman

    The Legacy Editing Page

    Hi Erik, or should I type, hej. I also live in Stockholm (Södermalm). Where do you live? Vi syns.
  9. Xenoman


    Bezy should be banned too. After all, it's the same freak. What do you think of this horrible newbie invasion? Is DW going down? Is this topic going down to the green area, I'm thinking yes. Arf, the only topic I have in Host Pell is that music question, *sigh*.
  10. Xenoman

    the skulltag chronicals iii

    Good for you. May I see it? You're 14 right?
  11. Xenoman

    all boses here still remember me??>>newbie!

    That's John Romero's head.
  12. Xenoman

    Exodus of Zaex

    Hey, english isn't my first language, so go away.
  13. Xenoman

    All hail! King of the Losers!...I mean Polls!

    Danarchist make good polls.
  14. Xenoman

    (Not) User-Friendly

    Too obvious.
  15. Xenoman

    Would you get this?

    No. I'm getting a Pentium IV, 1.4 GHZ ATHLON, 512MB SDRAM wtih a Geforce2 MX.
  16. Xenoman

    Where the fuck can I get hold of dosdoom?

    Hey, God is mean now, isn't he? Sheesh.
  17. Xenoman

    Would you see it?

    The last thing I heard about a Doom movie was when this guy came here with some "info". I think it was Darewolf or something. It was a rumor in text to a Final Fantasy photo. They did close the project several years ago.
  18. Xenoman

    DOOM is life. But what if life was DOOM???

    Get butchered by the demons and go to hell.
  19. Xenoman

    Game Music

    What game has produced the best music ever? I want some comments, please.
  20. Xenoman

    Game Music

  21. Xenoman

    I'll cry if I want to

    Oh, give it a rest.
  22. Xenoman

    Game Music

    Oh thanks for the fucking tip. I'll get right on it.
  23. Xenoman

    Zaldron: offtopic...

    That would be nice, wouldn't it? Besides swedish and english, I want to learn how to speak spanish and german.
  24. Xenoman

    I'll cry if I want to

    I never thought Ralphis would be that young, heh. Btw, happy b-day arioch.
  25. Xenoman

    Put this topic in the post hell forum!

    Because you can't post anything in the post hell forum.