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  1. TuomasGaming

    [Poll] How do YOU refer to the game?

    I refer to classic doom as "DOOM" doom 4 as "DOOM 2016" (Calling it DOOM 4 is wrong imo, because it's not a continuation of DOOM 3, it's a remake) doom eternal as "DOOM Eternal" I don't really like to say GZDOOM, but to be consistent, I do.
  2. TuomasGaming

    Memorable fights you have overcome

    Uh, how do I delete a reply/post?
  3. TuomasGaming

    i need help with using sound fronts for doom 2

    Wait, so are you trying to play it on DOS? Or Boom? You can't play DOS in Boom. If you're playing on DOS, I don't think soundfonts are supported. If you're playing on Boom/PrBoom, you can just download soundfonts from the internet.
  4. TuomasGaming

    GZDoom config Blur filters vs crispy look

    That's called Texture Filtering. Also no, nobody should ever use it.
  5. TuomasGaming

    How do you personally play doom?

    I use PRBoom+. (GZDOOM/LZDOOM on some cases) I save often on source ports without autosave support. I never pistol start. Mouse+Keyboard. (Only keyboard too, if I have no mouse) If I'm testing a mod, I go with Hey, Not Too Rough. If I'm playing an IWAD fully through, I use Hurt Me Plenty. (UV if I want to torture myself) (Don't report this, it's not rudeness)
  6. If you're wondering why I have a warning point.

    It's because I made a joke.


    It was the Godzilla stroke meme. Apparently that counts as "rudeness". Can't take a joke, jeez.

  7. TuomasGaming

    Browser Doom

    I think the website is down now. Just checked it, and I get a blue screen with a 403 Error.
  8. Do you have everything you need? Do you have the START and END lumps? Also, are you using GZDOOM, PRBoom, or what? Btw, that is the longest title for a topic, I've ever seen here. Btw Btw, I think it's best to put this into the Editing Questions forum.
  9. TuomasGaming

    Should I get Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal?

    DOOM Eternal is a lot more fast-paced. Quite hard at times. DOOM 2016 feels more like classic DOOM. Not as fast as DE, but action is still bloody great.
  10. TuomasGaming

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    The Cacodemon plush.
  11. TuomasGaming

    Fixing sprite offset?

    I just want to know how to fix the offset in the sprites I'm making for a personal DOOM mod. Yes, I have tried the "Optimize PNG" button, and it didn't do anything.
  12. TuomasGaming

    What are you playing now?

  13. TuomasGaming

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    You do realize the Hell Knight was made after the baron? The Hell Knight is the reskin.
  14. TuomasGaming

    Enemies and Objects are flat (!)

    None of the objects in DOOM are actually 3D. They're just sprites with 5 rotational sprites, (or 8 without mirroring) but I get what you mean. It's definitely some kind of video driver issue. Or maybe the issue is in the mod you're using.
  15. TuomasGaming

    Worst way to die in any doom game