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  1. VisionThing

    What Doom editors do you use? (Updated version)

    Pretty firmly settled on Ultimate Doom Builder, after an initial period of using DB2.
  2. Wow dude is your finger still in one piece?
  3. VisionThing

    Favourite Track from the Classic Doom Series

    I can't pick just one from each, 3 I can just about do. Doom: The Demons from Adrian's Pen, Deep Into the Code, The End of Doom Doom II: Message for the Arch Vile, Adrian's Asleep, Between Levels TNT: Open Season, Death's Bells, Blood Jungle
  4. VisionThing

    Overgrown Outpost - new map

    Thanks! Glad you liked it. Are you using PSX style mod there? That looks like the PSX Final Doom SSG sprite.
  5. VisionThing

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    A hundred years from now people will still be playing and mapping for this game.
  6. VisionThing

    What are your ten favorite maps of all time?

    This is a very hard question. One that comes immediately to mind is Toxic Touch, of course, for creating a perfect balance between bleak, foreboding atmosphere and intense combat.
  7. VisionThing

    Overgrown Outpost - new map

    Loved that berserk bit, exactly as I intended. Float like a butterfly, sting like a sledgehammer!
  8. VisionThing

    Subreddits for Classic Doom and its mods?

    This person not only drinks lava, they're spitting hard truth.
  9. VisionThing

    "Half Moon" A 30 Minute Speedmap Community Project

    64 maps! This is gonna be epic when it drops.
  10. VisionThing

    Overgrown Outpost - new map

    Nice one, thanks! I noticed you got stuck between some flesh pillars, I'll have to check if that's down to the mod you're using or if it occurs without mods too. I was trying to make them all able to be walked through but wasn't sure how to do it.
  11. VisionThing

    Overgrown Outpost - new map

    I was kind of relying on the vine textures to convey that for me :p plus I did my usual and pulled the name out of nowhere at the last minute
  12. VisionThing

    Favorite Episode from Ultimate Doom

    Unto the Cruel is potentially the best level in all of Doom/Ultimate Doom IMO.
  13. VisionThing

    Subreddits for Classic Doom and its mods?

    I dont think such a thing exists, at least it isnt r/Doom anymore definitely since DE came out. I mean it's a cool game and all but come on... Saying that, I did become aware of the Japanese Community Project through a post on there....its just few and far between.