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  1. Sotenga

    The worst movie you seen

    As a superhero film junkie, Batman v Superman is the absolute worst of the entire genre. Even Batman and Robin, I could laugh at. BvS is just such a thoroughly boring slog that ruins every character that isn't Wonder Woman. I'm glad I didn't pay to see it. Also, Sausage Party. I'm glad Seth Rogen isn't everywhere like he used to be, because this film made me hate him and his whole damn posse. Just absolutely crass.
  2. Sotenga

    Favorite Classic horror movie?

    I have a few hot takes here and there about horror films, but for the most part, I can agree that nearly every film mentioned in this thread is great. I'll have to think of one that hasn't been mentioned yet... ah, I've got three to share. Return of the Living Dead: I actually wasn't too captivated by this one the first time I saw it, but I'm glad I gave it a rewatch and I'm glad it sunk in. It just keeps getting more bonkers the more it goes on, and I'm not sure if it qualifies as a horror-comedy or not, but I'm amused by how ridiculous it all is. Re-Animator: The film that put Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon on the map, the last ten minutes are some of the loudest I've ever heard in a horror film. It's a hilarious if not grim watch from start to finish, though one scene might prove too far into the bad taste zone for some. Still, loved it on the whole. The Wicker Man: Not many films accumulate upon the dread factor as much as this one. It just keeps feeling wrong all around until the revelation and infamous ending, but there's really not many other horror films that goes for the style of this one. And I'm not even big on musicals, but if this film counts as one, it's my favorite! ... I just realized all three films I've mentioned above have bad endings. Oh well, happens sometimes in horror, haha.
  3. Revenants, Revenants, Revenants. They're the easiest monster to potentially abuse due to their relatively light health compared to other mid-and-high level monsters but still double the amount of health over Demons and Spectres. Thus, they fill a unique niche that no other monster quite fills up where they're not damage sponges but they're not total wusses either. They thus become the standard monster to spam for slaughter hordes, neglecting the fact that their projectiles are extremely fucking obnoxious. Good Revenant usage respects their glass cannon status and knows how to mix them up with other monsters. Bad Revenant usage makes you swear they're the only fucking monster in the entire map. I admit I have biased salt against them, but I don't feel as ripped off when I lose to any other monster. Except maybe a Cyberdemon. Or a "Chain-Sniper."
  4. Sotenga

    Star Trek discussions

    Oh hey, a Trek thread. While the world was falling to shit in 2020, I buckled down and viewed all of the Trek that Netflix had to offer back then. That's TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and... Enterprise. I also managed to catch TAS elsewhere, and I agree with Rudolph, it's like season four of TOS and it is genuinely better than season three of TOS was. Season 3 was more like a POS, haha. But the first season is still some of the greatest television ever. Season 2 had less great episodes, but it's still a worthwhile watch. TNG is my favorite ST series. Boring answer, I'm sure, but it did a lot of great things like give depth to the Klingons and introduce the Borg. It wasn't perfect (Geordi frequently got the short end of the stick and Troi didn't become a good character until the last two seasons), but it had a lot more hits and misses, and the series finale is still the best final episode a Trek series has ever had. DS9 is also amazing, though its more serialized nature can work against it at times, and most of the episodes in the first three seasons tend to run together in my mind. But seasons 4 and 5 could argued to be the absolute height of entertainment Trek has ever given. A shame those last two seasons turned out more mixed, but when DS9 was on point, it was on fire. I set my expectations low for Voyager but was pleasantly surprised when I got around to it. Yes, it did settle into being a rehash of TNG, and yes, they kind of squandered the tension between Starfleet and the Maquis, but it still had a lot of good episodes and was an interesting overall journey. And no one's going to argue the EMH is one of the best characters ever. Enterprise... *sigh* I prefer not to talk about Enterprise unless anyone wants me to. =p
  5. Sotenga

    unpopular retro opinions

    Oh, Jeremy's Iron was great, don't get me wrong. But DH3 felt less... "Die Hardy" to me than the first two. I know that's a stupid complaint since it was lauded for being more original than the arguable rehash of DH2 was, but DH2 DID have Dennis Franz. Also, DH3's ending didn't sit right with me. They should have gone for the darker ending idea they had first. All this said, let me know if you come across anyone who thinks the last two DH films are better than any of the first three, haha. For now, more hot takes: I think the Rolling Stones is the most overrated band ever. Shenmue was more interesting as a concept than functional as a game. Mega Man 4 is my favorite of the NES games, even over 2. I miss the Blizzard who made The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. DuckTales on the NES is just a smidge overrated. I'm actually more a fan of the Chip & Dale game. I think I still like the original Resident Evil 2 more than its remake. UmJammer Lammy > PaRappa the Rapper. Silent Hill 3 gets a bad rap, and I almost want to say I like it better than 2. Assassin's Creed was the game that ruined UbiSoft. I'm not the hugest fan of Shadow of the Colossus. Call of Duty never got better than 2, Modern Warfare irreparably ruined the direction of the franchise. Sonic CD > Sonic 2.
  6. Sotenga

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently fell back into Deep Rock Galactic since season 2's underway. Digging the new weapons. Hating the Nemesis. I've also picked up Rogue Legacy 2, and it's so much more expansive than the original, which I already really liked. This is just too damn good.
  7. Sotenga

    unpopular retro opinions

    I can't remember if I've posted in here already, but here it goes: Chrono Trigger is a great game, but maybe just a tad bit overrated. Ocarina of Time isn't in my top five Zeldas, I liked Majora's Mask way more. Final Fantasy IX is my least favorite of the Final Fantasy games I have played, and I've played FFII. I find Super Mario Bros. 3 a bit overrated, I like SMB2 and SMWorld more. I prefer The Terminator over Judgment Day. I think I might like Predator 2 more than the original. Gears of War was a thoroughly mediocre game that only got popular due to good timing. Uncharted: See Gears. The Grand Theft Auto series never got better than Vice City. I couldn't get into Pokemon beyond the second generation. Robocop 2 isn't that terrible a sequel. I like Die Hard 2 more than DH With A Vengeance. The only Western/Computer RPGs I ever liked were the first two Fallouts. I was also going to add "I think Bioshock Infinite is my most hated game of all time currently," but I dunno if it's retro enough.
  8. Sotenga

    Elden Ring

    Loved it, loved it, loved it. I've been a Souls fan for several years now, so I knew I was going to like it, but I didn't expect that I would spend two full playthroughs and 250 hours on it over the past two months. This just might be my favorite game that FromSoft has ever made to now. It's so good. Soooooooooooo so good. Now mind, it's not perfect (I think they went overboard on Malenia, for example), but I just found a lot to love. This is probably going to be my game of the year unless God of War: Ragnarok doesn't get delayed, that's the only serious competition I can see!
  9. Sotenga

    Actually good movies!

    My personal pick for "ostensibly bad movie that's actually a hell of a ride" is Wes Craven's Shocker. It's not necessarily a hidden piece of art, and it's tonally inconsistent, but it's also more fun than it has any right to be and turns in solid performances from its lead actors. So if you ever wanted to see Walter Skinner as a body-hopping mass murderer, this is the movie for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMS2dbL2hMo
  10. Sotenga

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    Even if it's quite outdated by today's standards, I still just enjoy the feeling of Wolfenstein 3D. There may be several more eminently enjoyable ways to play a Wolfenstein game nowadays (and I will defend '09's Ravenstein to my grave), but they wouldn't be there without the original... and even the original wouldn't be there without the ORIGINAL originals by Silas Warner, but I digress. HBD, W3D!
  11. Sotenga

    Void Bastards

    I loved Void Bastards myself. I could see where it would be hit and miss for others, but I got so into it that I decided to tackle Ironman mode and somehow won. My only major complaint is that it feels like it just kind of ends, not having as much of a big conclusion or at least a final boss mission. Still, I'm a junkie for good roguelikes and this one cut the bill for me.
  12. Sotenga

    Member Appreciation Thread

    Well, I'm not a mapper or creator of any sort, just a fan of Doom, and I haven't integrated myself too far into the community before I decided to take about a year's hiatus. That said, thanks so much to LadyMistDragon for their kind words about me and plugging the Top 47k Games podcast that I'm occasionally on! I'll do my best to stick around longer and post where I can. And now a few other shout-outs as they come to me (though no pinging since that feature seems busted to me for some reason): Skillsaw - For very biasedly being my favorite mapper of all time. Heartland winning a Cacoward was the biggest un-surprise of the year. Doomkid - For being infinitely kind and a fellow fan of Frank Zappa and/or the Mothers of Invention. MtPain27 - For the Dean of Doom series being possibly my favorite channel on YouTube. I'll be sad but respect his decision to retire someday. Stewboy and Jimmy - For their infinitely amazing musical contributions making great maps even better. Cammy - For realizing my wish of TNT Evilution getting its own music pack and knocking it out of the park. leejacksonaudio - WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!
  13. Hey all, long time no post! I have a question: Are there any other weapon mods that don't alter gameplay too drastically but still provide a new enough experience akin to Final Doomer? I don't know how to be more specific with that question, but the only starting example I can think of would be Weapons of Saturn, which I used to play Back to Saturn X Part 2 (I used the FD set for part 1). I'm basically looking for weapon mods that do like how Struggle or Heartland do it and provide different takes on most-to-all weapons, so as to offer a familiar-but-different experience that isn't too overpowered. It's like, on the one hand, I've been viewing too much Dean of Doom lately and it's got me convinced that playing Doom vanilla the way it's meant to be is the best way to properly gauge a map's worth. But on the other, I also crave variety and I like playing with good weapon mods... and on the third hand, I realize most weapon mods make the player TOO powerful and/or alter the gameplay a bit too drastically, so I want to find out more mods that do things like how FD or WoS do it. I hope this babbling request makes sense, but I'd be interested to hear what anyone thinks.
  14. Sotenga

    Quake Remastered

    Really fantastic work on the port! I just now beat Dimension of the Machine, and I really enjoyed 11 of the 12 levels. "Hell or Dark Water," however, can fuck itself into oblivion. Whoever designed the back half of that level needs to be beaten with a stick of some sort. I see Simpletonium said earlier in the thread that the level was pissing him off, so... all I can say for anyone about to play that level is to swallow your pride and save frequently. Sorry, had to vent about that. Otherwise, I have no complaints with this port or DotM. I await to see what else might get added as content!
  15. Sotenga

    Creepy Videogame music thread

    LISA - The Sireen's Call Earthbound - Heartless Hotel Radiant Silvergun - The Stone Like Streets of Rage 3 - Bad Ending Fester's Quest - First Person Area Pokemon Gold/Silver - Unown Radio Uninvited - The Maze Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Curse Zone Final Fantasy VIII - Lunatic Pandora Kirby Canvas Curse - World of Drawcia
  16. Sotenga

    Best starting maps

    Simple topic popped into my mind today: What are some of the best first maps in episode sets or megawads? Not too many designers put their best foot forward right out the gate, but sometimes, you get an exceptional map to entice you into playing the rest. Here are some on my mind: Castle Entryway from Scythe II: Tearing through demons in a gothic castle set to "Temple of Love" by Sisters of Mercy is always a mood I like to be in. On Hell's Horizon from Hellcore (2.0): This one really gives off a mood of an abandoned city where something went deeply wrong. Dig the music too. The Ancient Navajo Wolf Warp from Ancient Aliens: Possibly the only time outside of Cyberdreams when placing a Cyberdemon into the first stage is somehow acceptable! Uprising from TNT Revilution: The awesome remix of "Into the Beast's Belly" with some Tool influence is an amazing soundtrack set to an intro level that pulls no punches but doesn't overwhelm you too much yet... unless you find the hidden Arch-Vile. Subway Sandwich from Heartland: Yeah, another Skillsaw, but come on, those moving trains are impressive. It's a tough but fair first map with an excellent Stewboy track set to it, kicking off an amazing journey.
  17. What moment in Doom has pissed you off the most that you can remember? Whether it involves getting obliterated on a map, a frustrating coding roadblock, or a progress-wiping glitch, post here to let us know! While maybe not the MOST frustration I've ever had, a recent moment I recall was playing through Hell to Pay and thinking that the fifteenth stage, Captain Bellows, was one of the best stages in the wad that I had played yet. It was tightly paced and just the right dose of challenge. However, near the end of the level (which, by the way, is actually a spaceship), you grab a spacesuit (really just a radsuit) and step outside the ship in "zero-gravity." It's a cute idea... for like three seconds until I almost immediately picked up on how screwed up this segment was. The "zero-gravity" simulation is really just a bunch of invisible platforms at various elevations that gets confusing to navigate, and you're assaulted by several enemies during this part, most deviously an Arachnotron who acts like a turret behind a semi-visible grate that nearly blew off all my life. I was mortified that I had to go into map 31 after this deceit, and wouldn't you know it, map 31 turned out to be one of the most painful health-starving maps of the entire set. Captain Bellows' quality tanking so flagrantly in an attempt to program in a gimmick that completely missed the target really bummed me out. What can I say, blown potential bugs the hell out of me.
  18. Holy shit, that's a tough choice! Aaaaaaaaaa... I'm going to go with Zappa since Hot Rats is my favorite album he's ever done. Still, Michael Land does some great work. Also, I'm not sure I know how to properly embed Youtube on here, so let's hope this works... EDIT: Yep, embedding failed. Dammit. Sorry, you'll have to settle for normal links for now: Mystic Rhythms Just A Job To Do
  19. Sotenga

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've fallen back hard into Dead Cells, and astoundingly, I've made it all the way up to 5BC. But... I haven't beaten it yet. It's the hardest difficulty, of course it would be a pain-and-a-half to beat, but lordy, is it frustrating to stay alive for an hour only to die in three seconds on a stupid mistake. Well, I guess that's the Dead Cells experience. I'm also inadvisably playing another roguelike alongside it called Curse of the Dead Gods, which I am really enjoying for its Indiana Jones-esque style. It just recently got an update and went for 25% off, so I'm glad I picked it up.
  20. Sotenga

    games you would recommend and why

    Oh hey, my favorite Konami beat-em-up! I second this, game totally rules and arguably outdoes Final Fight at its own game. As for games I can think of to recommend in no particular order... God Hand - It's hard, but it's goofy, it's crazy, and it's fun if you manage to get the knack down for combat. ActRaiser - An SNES classic with good action, but the secret sauce is in the worldbuilding segments in between fighting. Vice: Project Doom - The action is very similar to Ninja Gaiden, but that's not a bad thing, and it occasionally mixes things up with some shooting segments to boot. Gain Ground - A thinking human's take on overhead run-and-guns, you need to determine what units are best to take on the enemy configurations at hand. Lisa: The Painful RPG - It's a very bleak and often disturbing game, but with oddly funny and bizarre moments, as well as a solid replete of recruitable party members and a varied soundtrack. Blast Corps - Possibly my favorite Rare game, just destroy the heck out of buildings with various vehicles, though I will admit the Backlash sucks, but any stage that doesn't use it is great. Jumping Flash (and JF2) - A colorful first-person jump-crazy shooter and a childhood favorite, with an even better sequel to boot. Bushido Blade - A weapons fighter where you can potentially kill your enemy in a single strike, a very innovative concept and stylish to boot, but the sequel is unfortunately a step back. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron - The combat can be a bit monotonous in this one, but... holy christ, how do I even describe its artistic merit?? Bloody Wolf - One of my favorite action games on the Turbografx-16, possibly the most underrated console ever, it plays a bit like Mercs but with more dimensions and an interesting halfway twist. Hotel Dusk: Room 215 - A great DS adventure game filled with noir atmosphere, and I still have to get around to its sequel, which was sadly not released in North America. ZeroRanger: At first, a very solid and stylish shoot-em-up, but... let's just say it goes to some interesting places if you dig deep enough. I've probably played too many games in my lifetime, but I'll be glad to throw out more suggestions as they come to me.
  21. Sotenga

    which games did you regret buying

    Allow me to mention three more regrets, going into specifics: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Specifically, I regret getting the Wii version, because the forced waggle was more of a chore than if the game had just controlled normally, which it did on the GameCube. That said, I also found it to be my least favorite Zelda game that I had ever played. It just felt like Ocarina again but with wolf segments that felt more restricting than original, the overworld was unremarkable, and some of the dungeons were excruciating in ways that they've never been before. City in the Sky can fuck right off. It actually put me off getting any Zelda games for about eight years, until A Link Between Worlds proved to be an excellent return to form. Bionic Commando 2009: I'll be honest, I did not hate this game nearly as much as everyone else did for the time... except for how extremely shitty of a note it ended on. That said, while I saw some good in it, I really, REALLY shouldn't have paid the full $60 for it, holy shit. I guess Rearmed just hyped me up and then it just... didn't meet expectations. I thought there was a good game in there somewhere, but I could have done without the edginess, it turned out to be pretty shallow, and, again, that fucking ending. Really, REALLY should have waited several months before snatching it up. Dragon Ball FighterZ: I really should not have paid $90 for the game out the gate and its season pass, as I proceeded to not play it very much at all due to bad online connectivity and overtly simple gameplay. I'm not even really a Dragon Ball fan, I just wanted a new fighting game to play and was suckered in by the hype. But it left me bitter and lamenting that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was as horribly botched as it was, because DBFZ was no Marvel, IMO. Over time, I grew to appreciate DBFZ, and they retooled the mechanics to nerf the Superdash, but I still wouldn't call it a favorite. And honestly, most of the DLC characters sucked. The game has... like, what, six Gokus but no Mr. Satan?? Bullshit. Anyway, not a bad fighter by any means, but definitely not worth $90.
  22. Sotenga

    Which is better? Cats or Dogs?

    Definitely much more of a cat person. I don't dislike dogs per se, but I prefer to observe them from a distance, because MANY of them bark at me if I'm anywhere near close. I feel like I have some sort of dog curse and the sound of harsh barking tends to confound my emotions. Cats, however, are docile, weird, and cute. No sound they make messes me up either! Although, honestly, my favorite animals are rodents lol
  23. Sotenga

    Maps made worse by their music

    My vote goes to the MIDI rendition of Gustav Holst's "Mars, Bringer of War" in map 4 of Equinox. It already sounds somewhat out of place as it is, at least I feel it's a bit ill-fitting, but then the MIDI just... dies like halfway in, leaving the rest of the map in silence until it starts up from the beginning again. I don't know where B.P.R.D. got the midi from, but I don't know how it managed to not get fixed.
  24. Sotenga

    which games did you regret buying

    Gears of War, Uncharted, Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Borderlands, Bulletstorm, Bioshock Infinite, and probably a few others.
  25. I had a deathly fear of Mabu from Rolling Thunder, the green guy who would laugh at you when you lose. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-pg80P9Gt418/VeCzsEpYBnI/AAAAAAAAXpE/3evfhBJu-uc/s1600/rt02.png