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  1. mrzombieuk

    New Doom 2 WAD work in progress - Map01 done

    @Biodegradable thanks for the honesty! It's a little ammo heavy, so i'll sort that out. It is only map 1 of the pack i'm working on so the start is slow and combat is very tame. I don't want to throw all my eggs in one basket. The idea was to keep the level compact enough that every room was a return room and more uglies popped up when you did. The next few levels I have planned are wider and "prettier". Once again, thanks for the play through - it's actually pretty cool to see and hear someone take the time to give it a go! p.s. you weren't supposed to jump! Naughty :) Maybe the next level will have that in mind lol
  2. Hey howdy ho Doom fans! I thought i'd get productive in lockdown and started building a Doom 2 WAD called Undertaken. Map01 is done. The first in what I hope is a complete map pack, but we'll see - i have to juggle work/life. Port - GZDOOM (freelook allowed, no jumping/crouching allowed) Tested - GZDOOM g3.2.5, Hardware (OpenGL) IWAD - DOOM2.wad Map - Map01 Name - "Into The Bleak" Difficulty - Same difficulty whether you play "I'm too young to Die" or "Nightmare!" - I might balance it later but for now it's just rip and tear :) Secrets - 3 (i think!) undertaken.zip