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  1. "Might as well put it on in class" Love these tracks
  2. Asgore_89

    Are Secrets Really Necessary

    They can be looked at in either way 1) They aren't necessary. They are just a waste of time, they don't contribute a ton and they don't need to be in the game. 2) They are necessary. They give you tools for beating level(s) and are a reward for thinking outside of the box in some cases. They need to be in the game. I agree with 2. Another reason is that secrets are good for replay value. I don't think they need to be there, but they contribute a lot.
  3. Asgore_89

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Lol I remember a dude on discord having that pfp but I have no idea where it's from. Looks funny though lol Also 214th page dang 0.0
  4. Asgore_89

    I hate people who expect you to be online 24/7

    Sometimes, most times in fact, for me I don't find it annoying because nowadays with shorter, online school find myself very bored. But of course, there are times when I am doing things and I don't want to talk or help people, like whenever I take a hike or something. Idk though. Of course, I do understand what you mean, it can be super annoying
  5. Asgore_89

    Best Final Doom OSTs?

    Oh okay. Sorry for confusing you.
  6. Asgore_89

    Best Final Doom OSTs?

    Oops, sorry. I'm going to include it anyway because Plutonia is cool XD. Also, what's OP?
  7. Asgore_89

    Best Final Doom OSTs?

    NICE!!! But I do have to mention Genocide Motor (from Valiant)'s OST and map 20 from Alien Vendetta, not official wads but I wanted to mention them.
  8. My favorite books are: 1) Redwall by Brian Jacques. Highly recommend this one, very detailed and a wonderful story of good friends and evil enemies all told in a very descriptive manner. 2) Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Pretty good book, very descriptive as well. The story is wonderful, and the deeds the bad guys do really makes you know how evil they are. The story is very captivating, and I found myself not wanting to put it down. You'll always be on the edge of your seat if you read this one. And 3) Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving. Very good book, I found myself crying at the end. You get a feeling of being in Rip's shoes, and the story its self is very good. I'd HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend all of these, all are so good.
  9. Asgore_89

    Best Final Doom OSTs?

    Dang. Looking at these I'll have to play TNT Evilution sometime XD. Also, the PSX(PS1) soundtrack isn't bad but doesn't have the classics OSTs imo.
  10. Asgore_89

    Best Final Doom OSTs?

    Nice. Don't want to use up all my posts (lol) but thanks.
  11. Asgore_89

    Best Final Doom OSTs?

    Are you kidding me lol? Running with Evil is a masterpiece. I'm honestly suprised.
  12. Asgore_89

    Best Final Doom OSTs?

    I want to know what in your opinion are the best Doom 1, 2, Evilution, and Plutonia OSTs :) My favorites are: Doom 1 E1M9 "Hiding the Secrets" Doom 2 M1/M15 "Running from Evil" Doom 1 E1M3 "Dark Halls" Plutonia 2 M21 "Assassin"
  13. Asgore_89


    @Jello Aye, gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks :)
  14. Asgore_89

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    I clicked everything, but what's really annoying, and I think EVERYONE can agree is the worst, whether or not Doom causes violence. I don't think it does for two reasons: 1) Doom helps me take my anger out on something, which is the opposite and 2) Video games have scientifically been proven NOT to cause violence. Sorry Karens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ LOL
  15. Asgore_89


    Okay, thanks yall. I know that ports work, I was just wondering if there was an actual ShareWare release. And now that I see it, I meant Shareware. My bad. Also, I'm not really a noobie, just new to Doom World :)