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Posts posted by Dyshoria

  1. 11 hours ago, PSXDoomer said:

    A whopping 9/10. I would have given a 10 across the board but D_RUNNIN.

    Do you mean you really liked it ore did you mean 9/10 of being bad

  2. 5 minutes ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:
    6 minutes ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

    You need to change the title of the midi file to D_RUNNIN for map01

    I did but it still didn’t work

  3. so ive been gone for quite a while but im back with my new wad called bloodsea. Note that the new zombieman graphics looks fucked bechase the gfx thing doesent work well for me:) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f5bOSRLN0lBVS09fuSmWQVvjH0TSFgMv/view?usp=sharing



    Sorce port:GZDoom is needed bechase you need to jump to complete this wad (zandronum also works)

    Difficulty: medium 


    the sprites are taken from Bayonet:rowdy rudys revenge Shotgun and chaingun:UAC rebellion both by doomkid ssg:doom2 beta plasmarifle:hell to pay.







  4. Im working on a new wad and I want to customize a lot of things in it including the hud. I know you should use slade and I do but when I tried the armor counter wouldn’t show up 

  5. 35 minutes ago, Voxelvoid said:

    I was waiting for sometime for you to post something m8. I gotta say - you are evolving in map making. I like that this one is more tight than the others - no more large, pointless rooms. The gameplay is also better, monster placement is basic but fine.

    This is the spot where you pick up the blue key. You could make some kind of pedestal to place it on top and put some candles or other decoration.
    These rooms are ok, but yeah, this map is too green and lacks more texture variety (height variety also).
    Keep it up and improve your mapping m8!

    Thanks for your review it means a lot to me!