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  1. the lone crouton

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    Beats me why they didn't do it wholly ingame. Photorealistic textures, more detailed models... cheaper and better. Keep the mainly 1st person perspective, give the non-doomers a taste of our lives...
  2. the lone crouton

    GNU's Not Doom

    Given that cvscedega / wine etc. already run the game just about as fast as natively on windows, I'd be very suprised if there wasn't a fair boost in performance when the linux binaries are released. We already get faster loading times...
  3. the lone crouton

    Has anybody else watched Fatal1ty playing on NBC Giga tonight?

    I've never bothered to watch a "pro" match, but I consider myself competent by most peoples standards, yet I've played DM games of 2k4 where I've been so savagely owned it's just not funny. Yeah, maybe I actually suck; but I've come to realise that while I may not ever beat a "pro" in a 1v1 deathmatch, I'd probably have more fun losing to said "pro" than they would beating me... if only for my goo-gun mastery pissing them off... "OMGWTFBBQLiekSPAM!1111!" or whatever... ;) Remember, a well placed grenade, or a blob of green slime, or a random rocket twitch, or maybe just sheer luck, can reduce a "pro" to gibs same as anyone else. Of course, I'm usually just reaching for another beer and laughing...
  4. the lone crouton

    Help with actually MAPPING

    You need to run it windowed. Fire up the game with +disconnect +set r_fullscreen 0 +editor.
  5. the lone crouton

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    Heh, another old git here: 33. Christ, you kids are pathetic! Parents won't allow you to play Doom 3? I did a lot of stuff that my parents wouldn't have allowed me to do *if they had known about it!* Use your brain cell and get devious for fucks sake... just don't go crying to mommy afterwards if you have nightmares... ;)
  6. the lone crouton

    Enabling ultrashadows

    You can turn off the overlaid black lines... ;) He only enabled them to give you an idea of the differences going on under the hood.
  7. the lone crouton

    Enabling ultrashadows

    Just saw this thread at the nvnews forums: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=34182 Only works on nvidia hardware that supports it.
  8. How about someone writes a mod where you control the flashlight in one hand, with one mouse, and your weapon in the other, with another mouse... while you stab the Inhale and Exhale keys with your nose... and pound both feet alternately on your dance mat to move forwards... The game was designed the way it was for a reason! ;)
  9. the lone crouton

    Self Shadows in Single player

    Question: do multiple light-sources cast multiple (different) shadows from the Doom guy? ie. two (or more) lights in a room, two (or more) shadows of yourself sloping away in two (or more) different directions?
  10. the lone crouton

    doom III uk relese date

    Activision are fucking retarded morons. So are all the bloody game publishers who insist on this "You can have your precious game the second Friday after every other bastard on Earth," rule. Hopefully one of the big chains will sell the game, even mistakenly, on the 6th. And hopefully they will come on the web and boast about getting it from whatever dipshit retailer it was, and then hopefully the floodgates will open. Woolworths are often a good bet - crap shop staffed by mostly clueless muppets. Bless 'em. No offence meant to anyone that works there. If it aint out Friday 6th, I'm not waiting any longer. I've pre-ordered it, but I didn't cough up £300 for a 6800GT so that some dickhead in a suit at Activision UK could make me wait yet another week for my gaming kicks, while he motors happily down the M4 in his expensive German twat-chariot gibbering into his mobile moan. FUCK that for a game of Take-My-Money-And-Shaft-Me-Up-The-Arse. What the fuck is the point of publishers anyway? They suck up the rightful profits of the game developers, while screwing the fans too. Bittorrent has shown pretty bloody effectively that the useless middle-man is redundant. Devs like id should sell the game direct online, and take all the profit where it's due. Jebus, it's the 21st fucking century. Broadband has arrived already. Let's cut out the dead wood for fucks sake! I've had enough. Why I've even bothered to not d/l it before now is a mystery to me... Gods bless id! The fucking devil take their publisher! I wouldn't piss on an Activision exec if his BMW went up in a fireball as he ploughed head on into a concrete piling while boring the new sales-girl on the mobile. At least not until he'd already burned to death. I'd toast some fucking marshmallows off the flames, then piss on his charred corpse, quaff a nice draught of good red, and light a fat one in the happy knowledge that one more punk had gone to a much, much worse place. Where I would shortly be along to give him some shotgun therapy... ;) :) Ah, I feel better now...
  11. the lone crouton

    1.2 ghz ambiguity?

    Suck it and see... I think you'll be fine, but it'll be low res and low details to get playable framerates... By all accounts it still looks good on minumum settings though.
  12. the lone crouton

    Does Doom3 have bots?

    So that's why bots are generally crap? Unlike the one's in UT2k4 that could intelligently ( mostly... ;) ) drive vehicles as well as shoot straight. It's so simple for your fine self, but those slug-brained game studios, with their highly talented, sorry, retarded, obviously, programmers and artists just can't hack 'em? Shit, sucks to be not you... On the other hand, if Doom3 doesn't come with bots, because it's so easy to do you could knock up some demon AI code and offer it up for download, so we could all enjoy the fruits of your efforless labour. ;)
  13. the lone crouton

    Linux users - read this now

    id will always have the support of the OS community, because of their previous goodwill in releasing native ports of all their games, and JC's commitment to OpenGL. It's always baffled me why gaming companies usually don't take the time to make their editing/modding tools available to linux users, even when they port the game server/client. Almost by definition, we're more likely than M$ guys to get our hands dirty in time, labour, and code to bring something new to the mod scene. It's the whole philosophy of open source, after all, to give something back to the community. And most importantly, I've personally been looking forward to getting stuck into Doom3 mapping... ;)
  14. the lone crouton

    Now this sucks!

    Buff the charred carbon off the insides and take it back to where you bought it. Throw a big fucking tantrum in the middle of the store. Don't swear or act physically aggressive, but make a lot of noise and demand to see the manager. Don't admit to any technical knowledge about pc's, just bitch up a storm and demand a replacement, now, at once, and fucking immediately. Threaten them with Trading Standards and false advertising, because the piece of shit they sold you just doesn't work, and you've already spent a fucking month on the phone to their tech support, who are all useless wankers... Err, but don't swear. I know it's hard... ;) They'll give you a new one if you're loud enough. Guaranteed. ;)
  15. the lone crouton

    Does Doom3 have bots?

    Could some kind soul with the game actually answer this for sure? Or one of you miserable whining bastards... ;) I suspect it does not, because none of the reviews have mentioned bots, but how hard would it really have bben to swap out the old Q3 bot code into the new engine?