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  1. Personal Best? I've only exited this map once and this is it, so I guess it qualifies as a personal best. Never playing this map again. Dimensions Map03 UV-MAX in 21:18 dmn03m2118.zip
  2. KineticBeverage

    Heavenly Rock - a "fun", chaotic map [Boom CP]

    Pretty funky map. I played on UV and I felt like maybe there was a little too much ammo and health, although I suppose the map isn't supposed to be super challenging and more of a swift, fun map that gives you everything you need to blast demons with no hesitation or concerns about running out of ammo. I mentioned the abundance of ammo because I pretty much just killed everything with rockets and cells, bullets and shells being used rarely. Besides that minor criticism, the map was a blast and the MIDI fit well. Loved the final room with the "Coming Soon" sign and the window to what may lay ahead in a future map of yours.