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  1. KineticBeverage

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Goofy. Edit: Messed up spoiler
  2. KineticBeverage

    What do you think of Doom content? (Youtube).

    Wow! I used to watch Paul and his doom stuff way back 10+ years ago as well! I remember him existing like once a year, but I never bothered to check to see if his channel is still up. Not only is the channel still up, but he still pumps out tons of videos! He sounds exactly the same as he did 12 years ago lol, it's like he's been preserved in ice or something. While I'm not interested in his content now due to the other games he plays now and the doom stuff he does are usually crappy maps in GzDoom, it is absolutely wild to see he still exists and is doing the same thing he did all those years ago, which is great and wonderful. I remember particularly liking his Belly of the Beast playthrough way back when. With that being said, I haven't watched him in over 10 years pretty much. I think Doom Youtube (Doomtube) content has been growing rapidly in the past few years, ever since Decino really, but like 50 billion other people already said that here. There's some decent diversity in content, commentated & noncommentated stuff, demo uploads (also w/without commentary), occasional wad reviews (Mt. Pain), some fight analysis content (SoBad), analysis videos (Decino/Coincident), casual and classic wad playthrough series, a couple mapping and wad editing tutorials, etc. Tons of good stuff from everyone really, just depends on what doom niche content you like to see. And the vast majority of doomtubers seem to be friendly, a lot of them are even friends or acquaintances with one another. One niche I'd like to see get filled is demo analysis, like Karl Jobst but solely for doom speedruns, especially insane PWAD demos, would be really cool.
  3. KineticBeverage

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    I have some doom dreams every once in a while, every time my perspective is doomguy's but I still have the status bar and everything so basically what I see is how the game looks normally. It's also always me playing a level completely conjured from my mind that I haven't seen actually made by anyone in real life. I remember one time I had a dream where I was playing a slaughterish map with a large red room with a spidermastermind, but there was also Borderlands mechanics? I used to play Borderlands more at the time I think.
  4. KineticBeverage

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  5. KineticBeverage

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    stop hating on secrets I liked the one you thought was stupid, insignificant, and disgusting I thought it was smart, important, and clean
  6. KineticBeverage

    Post your Favorite Types of Secrets (with examples and analysis)

    I like secrets that you have to platform to get to but also make you think "hey that area looks like it might be a secret, and it just barely looks like I can platform there?". But I hate secrets that require you to find a 1 unit wide ledge on what looks like a straight vertical wall, those kind of ruin platforming secrets. I also really enjoy puzzle secrets, ones that clearly present themselves as secrets but ask you to figure out a puzzle beforehand. Like Finely Crafted Fetish Film's Map01 chess secret, which was really confusing at first I didn't get how numbers fit in with chess but I eventually got it. One that combines both the puzzle and suggestive platforming is Magnolia Map02's math secret, I really like that one.
  7. KineticBeverage

    Discuss Fights

    Hello, I'd like to talk about Omega Minor's Box Fight. This fight comes from Dimensions Map03. This is a one of the best ever uses of archviles to deny space and force very cool gamer moves. If you want to get good at tight combat, quick decision making, threat prioritization, in-fight resource management, shot placement, micro-crowd control, whatever, I highly recommend this fight. This is real doom combat. There are 3 or 4 phases to the fight depending on whether the player comes has already done a secret fight or not, as said secret fight grants the player a BFG for this fight (albeit the amount of BFG shots for said fight varies depending on how you used it in previous fights), but in return the fight deals a 4th phase which I will talk about later. It goes without saying that the fight is easier with the BFG, and can be much easier if you budget BFG shots for each phase. The arena is pretty square. There is a switch in the center of each side of the central box, and each starts a phase. Phases follow a linear sequence, so no picking and choosing which fight you want to do. The main gimmick of the fight is the central viles inside the box, which are virtually unkillable unless you want to waste all your SSG and pistol ammo and maybe BFG tracers, and even then, more viles teleport in behind in case you try and cheese that way. The viles can still see the player and target them through slits in the bottom of the box, and the only cover are the aforementioned switches which start the phases, and the corners of the box. Phase 1 switch (north) spawns in a total of 6 barons IIRC, which teleport in at the 4 corners of the central box randomly, along with a bunch of imps. An archvile spawns on the (south) side opposite of the phase 1 switch immediately as well. Without BFG, the vile should be taken down immediately with the RL, and after that, the SSG should be used to strategically carve your way through imps when they get up in your grill, and once you find some space, rockets should be unloaded on the 6 barons, ideally when some of the barons are grouped up. With BFG, you rush the vile and take him out immediately with BFG, then fall back on SSG and RL. Typically, you lose around half a mega here. Phase 2 switch (east) spawns in a PE where the previous phases's vile teleported in (north), along with 2 revs at each corner. Usually the strat here is to hold position on a side or corner for a couple seconds (typically the southeastern corner), luring revs toward your position, before you swing to the opposite corner (northwestern) and have space to rocket the revs. With BFG, just use it when you feel endangered. Phase 3 switch (west) quickly spawns in 2 barons on the corners bordering the western side of the box, and a vile each at the remaining 2 corners on the opposite side (east) of the box. Viles should be taken down immediately with rockets or BFG if you have it. Need to be quick though, barons will harass you and make taking out the viles difficult, particularly if you do not have a BFG, and by this point you probably have low health, so one bad move or baron ball could kill you now. After some time during this phase, the central viles begin to get crushed, allowing you to breathe and move around freely. The only issue is these viles usually get crushed after you've killed everything else, so don't count on waiting on them to die and free up space before you take on the 2 roaming viles in phase 3. Phase 4 switch (south) is where you'd normally get your red keycard and leave, but if you did the secret fight earlier in the map, you now have to deal with 3 cyberdemons in the cramped box arena. In this phase 4, 3 stacked cell packs spawn in, in front of the red keycard. Do not rush to where the cells spawn too quickly after hitting the phase 4 switch, you will block their destination and they will not spawn in, leaving you probably dead, or at least unable to kill the cyberdemons until later in the map. A cyber each at the north eastern and western corners spawn in, along with a cyber spawning in and blocking the entrance/exit out of the arena, but he is also kept there by monster block lines, so he's more of a turret that can scam you if you're on the northern side of the box. You pretty much have to 2-shot each cyber, or if there's enough SSG ammo laying around you can kill the exit cyber that way as well to afford better margin for error when you BFG the 2 roaming cybers. I really like this fight, because it ammo, health, and movement is restricted so tightly. Even with BFG, you can't afford too many missed rockets, or missed BFG 1-shot kills on archviles. IMO, the fight is better without BFG though, because the archviles are so much more dangerous. The first phase in particular is so awesome in the randomness of where and how many barons will teleport in at any corner, which you may think is BS (only if you're speedrunning), but it just forces you to react differently. You're constantly being threatened by getting surrounded in phase 1, you have to judge in a split second whether to use SSG or RL, when to move from corner to corner or to the center of each side to avoid the central box viles, and you also have to aim your SSG and RL shots at the right group of imps to bust a hole through to get to another safe spot when you're getting surrounded in the safe spot you're currently in. Phase 2 you have to force the revs to get close so you can eventually get space to RL them. Phase 3 the roaming viles make things unpredictable with the corpses they resurrect, and their movement can mess with you too. Phase 4 you need to be able to 2-shot in cramped space, and splash damage is a real danger there as well. Your game needs to be on-point to beat the fight, and strategy cannot carry a player through this fight, you need to execute and constantly react to the monsters to win. Jack better be nimble, and jack better be quick to win. If you are speedrunning this map, you can hit the phase 2 switch during phase 1, and add 8 revs + a PE into 6 barons + imps (+ a vile if you haven't killed the phase 1 vile already), which is extra dangerous and requires even more concentration and combat movement finesse. The faster you attempt to go in this fight, the harder it gets, and it's already not easy if you go slow. So yeah overall just the combat movement is so big in this fight, and the fight is really fun. The archvile box gimmick is great. Someone should write about a Poogers Map31 fight.
  8. KineticBeverage

    Dimensions demos [-complevel 9]

    map03 pacifist pls
  9. Magnolia - 10 Stardate 20x7 - 8 Dimensions - 7 Finely Crafted Fetish Film - 7 Flotsam - 5 The Event Horizon - 5 Wormwood EU - 4 Micro Slaughter Community Project - 3 Death In Excess - 3 Entropy - 3
  10. KineticBeverage

    How do i become more likable?

    Sorry to hear that man. Depression truly is one of the most difficult obstacles anyone in the world can face. I don't know if this fact comforts you or not, but major depressive disorder, or depression, is widespread, so you're far from alone in that regard. Nine Inch Heel's comments on your situation were really good, I hope something from their post sticks with you, because they gave great advice. As for any advice I can give, all I can share is that over the past summer I was in a bit of a depressive state as well, and it just utterly ruins everything, right? Things that used to be fun or enjoyable just aren't and any real happy feelings you might feel at any point are immediately or quickly struck down by depressing thoughts. I don't know if this will help at all or not, but one thing that helped yank me out of it was a quote I found on Daerik's twitch channel in his About section, which is: "There is no 'absolute' in this mundanity. Occasionally you get lost facing unreasonable burdens. In order to overcome, you need a firm conviction, penetration, and the ability to take action." I just looked up that quote actually and it's from Ikaruga, a 2001 arcade shoot-em-up game. But anyways, I found the quote from his channel because he plays doom and I play doom, and even though I've (and everyone else) seen thousands of quotes in my life, this was one of the few, maybe the first, that really meant something to me. I had known that I was unhappy before I found this quote, but this quote kind of motivated me to actually do something about it. My personal situation saw "unreasonable burdens" that were more on the side of me causing them myself, but I believe this phrase could apply to your situation moreso, as it seems you have quite literally, some unreasonable burdens in your life. The last part of the quote really is what I latched onto, and what I rode to get out of my depressive state, and I just interpreted it quite plainly, believing that Yeah, I need to develop "a strong will and reason to live life + taking action" (see spoiler), to overcome my depression and finally get back to living life with passion and happiness. And so I did, and it worked out, and even though I was depressed from June-August, I was out of it by late September. Hopefully you can glean something valuable out of my little anecdote or the quote, but if not, at the very least, I, and countless others, can relate to your feelings. Check out the spoiler below CBM, if you want to see more on the specific stuff that helped me. I've already talked about myself enough, but using my experience as an example maybe someone could glean something valuable about getting rid of depression below. The specifics of the formula I kind of derived from the quote, and my personal experience, are below: Lastly, speaking more to the OP's original question, just be yourself like many others have said. Don't try and be someone you're not, because you're living a fake life if you are, and if you're living a fake life and not being yourself, you can truly never let someone close to you, friend or lover. There are people in the world who will like you, you just need to be open about who you are and what you like, etc.. and eventually you will find people that like you. TL;DR if you want to be more likeable, be open about who you are and your interests, expose yourself to enough people (attend events and stuff), and eventually people that like you will find you or vice versa. If you are struggling with depression, find a reason to live and execute on a plan to get rid of obstacles to your happiness. You have more power than you realize when you're depressed, remember that.
  11. I think rd was talking about how you would see more Sunder runs if it was the sole hard wad out there. Rd brought up the names of other extremely difficult wads that players have done runs for instead of sunder. This is not because sunder is too hard, but because a lot of people prefer playing those other ridiculously hard mapsets instead of Sunder. If it was just Sunder as the only really hard wad out there, every great speedrunner would be focusing on it and banging out runs for these "impossible" maps, and you wouldn't have made this topic in the first place because it would have been shown that these new sunder maps are clearly possible to do saveless from a pistol start. Hopefully that clears things up.
  12. KineticBeverage

    Sunder demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 19 UV-Max in 1:56:31 Sunder2405 btw YT: su19m15631.zip
  13. KineticBeverage

    A Great Guide on How to Deal With Revenants

    It's a timing thing really. A tight window, but one you can get consistent with enough practice.
  14. KineticBeverage

    any scrapped wads yall have?

    I worked on a 7 map wad that I had planned to make into a 32 map megawad for GzDoom, for over 2 years. I was in over my head when I started out on this, obviously. Gameplay was vanilla, and only reason why it was in GzDoom was for some dynamic lighting, sparse usage of 3d floors, and because it was the first sourceport I used to play and map for doom. The first 6 levels suffered from keying in on sense of place and realism too much, following the layouts of what actual techbases would be like (maze-like, thin hallways, etc.) which lent itself to poor doom gameplay. Although the maps did get better as I gained experience mapping. I also went through many iterations of the wad, giving it custom enemies, new texture resources, DEOCRATE, and even a crap tone of brightmaps for sprites and OTEX textures, over time. The latter brightmaps for OTEX and the sprites I may release in the Creative Works forum eventually, since I have no use for them anymore, but they were tedious to create and took a while and someone else may find them useful. Anyways, once I got to Map07, and started making that map, I realized I just wanted to make the style of gameplay found in hard boom wads, and GzDoom doesn't easily lend itself to that kind of stuff. Map07's ideas, and actually maybe the whole layout of the secret map in the wad, will likely see the light of day eventually, but after constructing half of Map07 I just abandoned the wad and started making boom maps, and I have also abandoned GzDoom altogether at this point. You can find screenshots of my old gzdoom maps in my older posts of doom screenshots.
  15. KineticBeverage

    Player Movement Testing 1

    Yeah exactly. If I effectively want a small perpendicular corner, I often take that right angle corner and make it beveled. Idk exactly what you mean by rounded corners for larger shapes with sweeping motions, cuz you could mean like idk a 2048 sized cube with rounded corners which would look ugly but is large. But having large rooms with gentle contours and curves, either to the floor design or large walls, look very nice. So I guess for me, roundness looks good in larger scale/framework of the room type of stuff, bevels are good for tight would-be perpendicular right angle corners, and pure right angle corners are not to dominate a map and often only look nice if it fits a square texture.