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  1. InfernalMonsoon

    Ultimate Doom Builder Crashing on Saving (Linux)

    Thanks a ton for pointing me to that! I used the workaround method that squidink7 made and so far it seems to be working like a total charm :) I knew I was going to run into issues eventually but it makes me really happy to see smart people who know their stuff help others out with these problems. So I feel completely rejuvenated!
  2. Hi everyone. I know the UDB devs don't use Linux and the Linux version is basically untested and bound to have problem, however I've not had many issues with UDB before until today. I was working on a project with a few friends and suddenly I found myself with the error displayed in the picture. After the error pops up and I hit OK, the program will close and I lose progress. This seems to have stemmed from my updating UDB through the AUR as I've not had this issue before. I've tried just about everything, from reinstalling, to recompiling, to hunting down the dll that's apparently the root cause of the problem but to no avail. This issue only seems to occur when overwriting already existing wad files, the issue however doesn't affect making new wad files. I like to keep backups for sure but having to make a new back up on every save is beyond excessive to me. So if anyone is more savvy with UDB and such then I'd appreciate some pointers on how to solve this problem. If it comes to it I may have to just bite the bullet and make a github account to report the bug to the developers if people are stumped on this one.
  3. InfernalMonsoon

    What are you listening to?

    Probably some of the best 2 minutes ever composed for a video game, definitely up there as one of my favourite game tracks of all time. Damjan is a master of the art of video game music and Siberian Mayhem is excellent, more people should play it.
  4. InfernalMonsoon

    Which celestial body would you visit?

    Ceres, because I want to see what life would be like for a planetoid deep within an asteroid belt.
  5. InfernalMonsoon

    Hello there

    Welcome! I usually only come on here once in a blue moon myself, but the community is pretty chill and fairly smart, so plenty of fun Doom and other conversations to be had here.
  6. I only played through the first game but I guess you should absolutely expect something more story driven, a bit janky, a bit confusing and a game where you really need to pay attention what you've done, where you've been and what your next goal is otherwise you'll need a guide for basically every level. That said while I think the second third of Marathon 1 is really weak, I'm excited to play Durandel and Infinity because I really enjoy the combat, most of the level design, the story and lore and just how unique it is compared to most other boomer shooters of its era. Also the moon physics in the game are weird and dodgy at first but eventually becomes fun gliding through sections like you're Spyro the Dragon, but it also makes you consider your movement on different elevations during combat. Really adds a level of uniqueness to the games imo.
  7. InfernalMonsoon

    Do Not Buy Dell

    Reading all these posts and knowing how much of an absolute shite company Dell is, it just reminds me of this video that perfectly encapsulates how hellish it can be dealing with them.
  8. InfernalMonsoon

    Fun fact about yourself!

    I bought a treadmill recently to become more fit, healthy and active, which has been really helping my physical and mental health. And my cat threw up on it.
  9. InfernalMonsoon

    Are you having sleep paralysis?

    I get that sometimes, usually the sound of someone shouting my name, most often the voice of my own dad but then I jolt wide awake and realise I'm just hearing things.
  10. InfernalMonsoon

    Are you having sleep paralysis?

    In all seriousness though, no I haven't. I can only count my sleep paralysis experiences on one hand and there's none of the messed up stuff I often see people mention. Though I do get some crazy auditory hallucinations, like my fan next to my bed sounding incredibly distorted to the point where it sounds like an orchestral sting in a horror film as well as sounds of loud creaking and cracking, almost like my bones are snapping while I can't feel it. So yeah, still pretty messed up in its own way, fairly unnerving but I'm definitely lucky I don't really get them.
  11. InfernalMonsoon

    Random Video Thread

  12. InfernalMonsoon

    New Doom Game: MIGHTY DOOM - top down action shooter featuring Toys!

    I must admit there was a few huffs of copium in that. Could very well go down the shitter in due time.
  13. I design a map entirely around UV first and foremost, to get that intended experience in first and then continuously test my maps purely with that difficulty in mind. And then as I'm nearing the end of finishing it up, I start downscaling certain enemy placements that contribute most to the difficulty of certain scenarios and then test those difficulties.
  14. InfernalMonsoon

    New Doom Game: MIGHTY DOOM - top down action shooter featuring Toys!

    I'm honestly all in favour of having some light hearted spin-off games. I mean if Serious Sam can have an entire spin-off/indie series that's more vast than its mainline games then I have no qualms with Doom having a similar treatment. I mean, a lot of those Serious Sam indies were pretty good and Mighty Doom could be too, so long as Bethesda are not putting microtransactions as the front and center focus.
  15. InfernalMonsoon

    What are you playing now?

    Been making my way through a replay of Strange Aeons, which I've been streaming as a way to chill and chat to my usual online friends. After all these years it's still pretty good!
  16. Woah hi hello I am the spider mastermind! But yes this is a much more casual project for people to partake in here on Doomworld. Originally I thought keeping it closed in with a small group would be the way to go, but because of it being such a special occasion and how Piece of Pie Software has been going at Doom for so long, and loves many of the maps the community makes, I thought it would be great to invite anyone and everyone to just make whatever they want for the project purely for the fun of it. So whether you want to join in on the project with your own unique maps or want to enjoy the finished wad when it's finally done, then we sincerely hope you have a great time partaking in this fun little escapade we concocted! EDIT: Since we forgotten to post a link to Piece of Pie Software's Youtube channel, somehow D: I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce or perhaps re-introduce him (if you watched his content before) to everyone. Probably one of the first ever let's players on Youtube, a lot of us in his community found him through his old Doom 3 mods and map videos, and ever since he started he's been going strong with the Doom content for years. Of course interspersed within a whole bunch of other playthroughs as he's far more variety driven nowadays. But even today he's still in love with Doom and always eager to play more quality Doom maps and mods created by the many talented mapping communities, with videos like this he posted a few days ago: Over the years of interacting with him during his live streams, where he plays Doom stuff almost weekly lately, we've formed a very tight knit community of friends, always laughing and joking and enjoying Doom and various other games together in one way or another. So with the 15th anniversary of being on Youtube coming up, we wanted to make sure this community project would be something special, as a gift to him and the rest of the Piece of Pie Software community and the Doom community. Thus we thought allowing anyone and everyone to contribute would be a cool idea, because nobody can say no to more fun and varied Doom content right? But even if nobody is interested in contributed, we'll still gladly post our finished work here for everyone to play our passion project dedicated to one of our favourite content creators, who we can gladly call our friend. So remember, anyone is welcome!
  17. This absolute gem. Easily up there as one of my favourite boss fights ever, if not my absolute favourite of all time.
  18. InfernalMonsoon

    SSG Addicts Anonymous.

    When you learn the SSG is a small piece of your arsenal, like every other weapon, and that your rocket launcher and plasma gun can really help with that heavy lifting, and that the single shotty and chaingun will always have your back against the weaker fiends - only then will you finally be on the path towards enlightenment :)
  19. InfernalMonsoon

    LP Preferences

    Always commentary for me, it's fun hearing the thought process of what a player is thinking when they come across some tough situations and is nice to have an accompanying voice regardless. Just doesn't feel right to me without commentary but I recognise that's just a preference thing.
  20. InfernalMonsoon

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    I dunno man, honestly I probably have enough games to last me for a life time, I might pick up Shadow Warrior 3 and some multiplayer games to enjoy with a few friends but in general I think I'd rather save my money and gift a bunch of stuff to friends when the Christmas sale rolls around.
  21. Who doesn't love big blocky phallic objects of death protruding from the bottom of their screen?
  22. InfernalMonsoon

    Do you love killing pinkies using the super shotgun.

    I only have one word that can accurately portray my feelings about this questions... Yes.
  23. InfernalMonsoon

    Plasma Rifle sound: let's discuss our favorites

    I personally love the original sound effect, it's just too damn loud for my liking. But I imagine there's a wad out their that turns the volume down.
  24. InfernalMonsoon

    Doom Streams

    While they don't stream Doom all the time, my good friend PieceofPieSoftware is always entertaining. Not live right now but their current playthrough is going through another friend's community project, Literalism, definitely a fun watch! www.twitch.tv/pieceofpiesoftware
  25. InfernalMonsoon

    What are you playing now?

    Finally just got around to Ancient Aliens and I am loving it! The style, the aesthetic, the combat encounters, the level design - everything is made to perfection and polished to a chrome shine. I can't believe it took me so long to finally get around to it.