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  1. InfernalMonsoon

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Pepsi Max Master Race babyyyyyyy
  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to get some info out of the way first: even though I'm very new to Doomworld, I have been making maps in private ever since 2012 though I only ever uploaded two maps in the past that are likely lost in the ether nowadays. Not too fussed though since they were awful anyways. However around mid-2020 I gotten back into mapping after years of not making anything after coming up with a idea for a community map project for a Youtuber known as Piece of Pie Software, a good friend of mine and one of the first ever let's players on Youtube who just so happens to be a huge Doom nut. I wanted to get back into mapping by doing something cool for him and the little community we have for being cool dudes and dudettes, so do check him out! I'm sure you've noticed how cleverly we named the wad. After partaking in MFG38's 3x3 community project, it inspired me to sign up here and finally be in touch with the Doom community at large as I do see myself making and putting more maps out there in the foreseeable future since I was reminded how fun making stuff is and wanted to share this project from 2020 with more people. Yay more Doom! NOW, onto the good stuff: A Piece of Hell was a month long deal where me, MFG38 and DCraven_0ne managed to make 5 maps. While others were invited, us three were the only ones who managed to make anything for the project and pulled out all the stops to make the best dang maps we could. While I was the lead, I felt obligated to put out more maps and write the story in the intermission screens. MFG did an excellent job compiling the full wad and making those intermissions work and Craven made an awesome boss as well as a hilarious little easter egg of a silly little in-joke we have. The story in general is full of in-jokes really. The antagonist's name is also a very old in joke, I promise this was made before The Ancient Gods Part 1. While it's very casual friendly in Hey Not Too Rough and Hurt Me Plenty, it is quite the challenge in Ultra-Violence with a decent length (roughly 2 hours for a first run) considering the small number of maps. The maps I made have full DM and Coop support as well albeit were never tasted as the wad seemingly doesn't work in Zandronum but may work fine by other means. I expect UV coop to be crushingly brutal for most players however so do let me know if anyone can get that working. Would love to hear your experiences :) EDIT: It's a ZDoom mapset (Hexen format) but is strongly advised you use GZDoom to play. Crouch and jump have also been disabled. Always happy to get some feedback and hope you all enjoy <3 Screenshots for the curious: A Piece of Hell.zip
  3. InfernalMonsoon

    A Piece of Hell - A Community Project I Should Have Uploaded Sooner

    Sure thing :) Glad I could bring you much pain John!
  4. InfernalMonsoon

    A Piece of Hell - A Community Project I Should Have Uploaded Sooner

    It's included in the readme with the .zip file - it's a ZDoom mapset but is heavily advised to use GZDoom, all I know is Zandronum doesn't work and other source ports like prBoom+ and Vanilla style ones like Crispy Doom definitely won't work. Crouch and jump are disabled in game but mouselook is allowed, so for a ZDoom mapset it's not too fancy or out there.
  5. InfernalMonsoon

    Mods That Make Doom 3 More Like Classic Doom?

    Honestly you're jumping into Doom 3 for the wrong reason, no amount of mods or console commands will ever make it play like the classic games. I LOVE Doom 3 and while I lament with others that it's not as fast paced and action packed as the previous games, I still consider it an excellent Doom game despite the more linear levels, lower enemy count and slower pace. Big guns, lots of demons, stuff to explore, tons of combat, etc - it's all still there albeit in a different capacity. But if you want Doom 3 to be like the classics then chances are you'll have to crack open the level editor, modify every level in the game to be similar to the classics, change all the .def and .script files for enemies and weapons to more accurately represent their classic counterparts and that is just a monumental amount of work and involves a lot of trial and error with a steep learning curve. Mods like Hell in Time and Fragging Free are absolutely amazing at finding the balance between the classics and Doom 3 but they're still very much Doom 3 at their core and are by no means replacements for the vanilla game, maybe if there's another Fragging Free update where the modders make a Fragging Free version of the base campaign like they did with RoE then MAYBE but considering the idea was dropped something like 10 years ago, it's highly unlikely that will ever happen unless you make that happen on your own. My advice is to play through the main vanilla game yourself, formulate your own opinion on the game and if you enjoyed it then perhaps give a bunch of custom maps and mods a bash afterward because there is some amazing stuff and a bunch of the talented folks who got into Doom mapping ended up landing jobs at id and other studios, some of them are that good. But if you don't like Doom 3 then it's just simply not made for you and that's okay, it's the black sheep for a good reason and what an incredibly dark fuzzy comfy black sheep it is. EDIT: Just be sure to go for the vanilla version on PC, I'd strongly advise a physical copy as the Steam version has a bug where after launching and quitting, hours later it will apparently "launch" again despite there being no game in your tasks and the only way to deal with that is to restart your PC to launch the game again and the cycle continues. Also stay FAR away from the BFG Edition, people who are recommending that have no clue what they're talking about - it's literal garbage that screws with the vanilla game, is buggy and has performance issues, has unskippable cutscenes, turns saving into an absolute chore, makes it painfully easy with reduced enemy damage and doubled ammo pickups, ruins the flashlight mechanic and the extra campaign you get has been ported to the vanilla game anyway so BFG Edition is a gigantic waste of time. Go with a physical vanilla release with all the proper updates and patches.
  6. @akolai That is really bizarre how that happened - really odd so hopefully that was just a weird one off bug perhaps. And really? Out of all of my tests I've always had one or two enemies not spawn in. I tried it with both the latest version of prBoom+ and GZDoom v4.5.0 and seems to happen on both ports for some reason, I'll try to run some more thorough tests but this is completely stumping me as I'm sure some people may want to get the full 100% so having this problem barring that is something I can't really settle for. Sadly no saves unfortunately, never save my test runs haha.
  7. I been trying to diagnose this issue and I couldn't find anything myself. Texture is set, not seeing this bug in prBoom+ or GZDoom so that's quite an odd one. Currently I'm struggling to figure out why my monster count when doing tests never has all monsters killed. I assume this is due to out of bounds teleport linedefs not working right and I can't seem to fix this one for the life of me when I see no issues on why 1 or 2 monsters won't teleport to begin with. If anyone knows a way around that, I'd appreciate the help, never done vanilla style teleports like that before this map.
  8. That sounds like a great idea if MFG plans on rearranging the map order for the final release. @akolai Thanks for finding issues for us! Muchly appreciated, I'm surprised mine have very minor issues, especially The Gentle Dark which I actually submitted less than 10 minutes before the deadline so I knew there were gonna be some iffyness in it. I'll get onto fixing them asap! @A.H. Sankhatayan Wow I never knew my maps were gonna get special mentions, thanks very much! I'm glad someone enjoyed them :D I've yet to play The Tale of Sir Doomalot (I only did a quick play up to map5 last night) but I can agree Permeable is absolutely fantastic, Rocketfest is another standout for me.
  9. Hiya, I was inspired to (FINALLY) join Doomworld after partaking in this project having been good friends with MFG for a good few years now. Was so fun getting to contribute two maps to this awesome project! You all did amazing work and hopefully my entries were also up to snuff :D Do let me know if there's any improvements to be made so I can fix issues and touch my maps up with improvements for RC2 and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for issues on other people's maps :)