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  1. lol no-guy

    does doom 3's shot gun make the game better?

    Reduce the ammo pickups, make it reload one shell at a time, add a double-shot altfire that resembles that of HL's shotgun, or all of the above.
  2. lol no-guy

    DOOM 3 VR - March 29th

    So poor little chap Ian from Eurogamer streamed the game up until Comms, and he's probably the only guy in history to have ever been consistently felt scared from Doom 3's jumpscares since '04/'05.
  3. lol no-guy

    DOOM 3 VR - March 29th

    You do that, you up the poly counts of the models, you AI upscale all the textures, and you've got an amazing remake on your hands.
  4. lol no-guy

    DOOM 3 VR - March 29th

    Gamertag VR has just posted his review on it, and many others will probably do so too, sooner or later. Edit: seems like I was right:
  5. lol no-guy

    DOOM 3 VR - March 29th

    So some peeps have already gotten early access to the VR Edition, and it seems really smooth and responsive, despite the resolution and blurriness of it all making me feel a bit disorientated. Again, fingers crossed for a PC and Quest version. Here's the stream archive from one of those who have gotten an embargo-less copy of the game: Edit: There also seems to be another person who got early access, from a french channel that talks about PSVR named Herbi. He got about as far as Gamertag did in the base campaign, though the main thing to note here is the footage, which is displayed in a more "faithful" sort of way via how it's curved inwards and all. Le Doom 3 VR editión c'est incrediblé! Trés bon! ...sorry for that
  6. lol no-guy

    DOOM 3 VR - March 29th

    Another blogpost, this time confirming the addition of new visual and sound assets for the game, as well as id's involvement with the project. Can't wait for all the day-1 playthroughs! It's gonna be fun.
  7. lol no-guy

    DOOM 3 VR - March 29th

    I think I heard something about it having higher-res textures, but judging from the snippets of gameplay it really doesn't look like there's any serious graphical enhancements. Still, it should be ported to PC too, so it can fluently be used with Steam's VR systems. Any Doom 3 is good Doom 3! Edit: found the Twitter post mentioning that; seems legit: Although I would love for there to be an option to have a 2-handed weapon and flashlight system like in Fully Possessed, that feature was just too good to be absent in the official version.
  8. lol no-guy

    What do you think of midnight

    He's a nice guy, but the way he manages his Doom content and all is far from amazing. He was valuable before Eternal's launch alongside RipNTear Gaming, but now he's a bit of a mixed bag.
  9. lol no-guy

    Best Way To Balance The Shotgun?

    Both work!
  10. lol no-guy

    Best Way To Balance The Shotgun?

    Considering how fun the Imp dance with it is, I wouldn't change a thing about it, maybe aside from lowering the damage and increasing the pellet count for higher consistency, but then again you wouldn't normally use it in cases where that would help much so what's the point.
  11. lol no-guy

    Doom 3 Or Quake 4?

    Q4 just felt dull after a while, mostly because of lacking level themes and an incentive to keep on going. Doom 3 retains the level structure and basic pacing of the classic games, so it suceeds in that regard over Quake.
  12. lol no-guy

    Doom Eternal Email Survey from Bethesda

    WHAT? They gave y'all surveys? I really gotta subscribe to their newsletter now!