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  1. PC2mill

    [RC4 Out!] Ozonia Boom Megawad

    There I go again play Ozonia, now that I have an excuse for it
  2. PC2mill

    [RC4 Out!] Ozonia Boom Megawad

    @Deadwing Off top of my head I can say for sure that maps 26(pluto cidade) and 29(Mecanismo) were the ones I had most trouble with navigation. I also remeber wondering around a bit on map 31(Rooftops), but I don't think I was necessary lost. (by the way in the map 26 I also got stuck searching were the red key was) (Doing a rapid double check) Map 13(Observatory) I lost a stupid amount of time trying to figure out how to lower the read key, witch surprises me, since the path seems pretty obvious. But if I were to suggest any changes, on the teleporter that give you access to the red key, I would swap the blue torches for red ones and if this isn't possible make a little red pillar in it's place. Map 18 (torres), it seems the every time I need to teleport around I get lost. Lastly I'll say to take this criticism with a grain of salt, since I get lost easily.
  3. PC2mill

    [RC4 Out!] Ozonia Boom Megawad

    I've just finished my first UV-max playthrough of Ozonia, using saves and within a span of 10~15 days, and I have to say it is amazing. Barring any surprises this is a very strong candidate to winning a Cacowards this is year. I decided to list what I believe are the strong and weak points of this WAD bellow. (My experience is with the Deluxe pack and I played using PrBoom+ TL;DR - Is very good and you should play, even with the small issues I have with it. Strong points - OST: I often say to my sister that, a doom map is 60% music for me, and with a soundtrack this incredible is no surprise I've enjoyed playing this so much. There some songs that are repeated thought out, but they still fit their levels like a glove, adding great atmosphere and mystic through this adventure. -Storytelling: An elegant solution to work around Doom limitations, even though the lore of the Moonblood series is more present here than others wads (I didn't play the other moonblood series, so I don't know how it works there) it's never forced onto you, is there for anyone who wants it, and for those who don't want it they can just pass by. Personally I liked it a lot, even though I didn't understand most of it, I think I'll have to play it again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -Bugs: I have a hard time remembering if I found any bug at all during my playthrough, so this is incredible polished - Aesthetics: During this Wad you visit many different places, and see many different sights, all of them seem to be expertly crafted and boasting an identity of their own, wich does a lot to sell the plot that you're jumping across very dimmensions. -Difficulty and difficulty curve: (I'm reviewing this through the perspective of a single segment run) l-> For the most part I say it's okay, not that easy, not that hard, save a few minor spikes in difficulty, rarely you'll be ill equipped to handle any situation but sometimes the game can catch you be surprise in your first run, but after that you should be all right. Weak Points: - Although the wad is very accessible and difficulty curve goes up rather smoothly, there are two maps that goes against this statement, witch are map 32 (penitência) and map 29 (Mecanismo). Those two are a huge difficulty spike, both ended up slowing down my progress significantly and I had to take a break for a few days before heading back to finish Ozonia. I recommend saving scumming on first runs to avoid any frustration. - In the latter half as the maps goes bigger and more complex, it's easier to get lost and running around for a few minutes before realizing what you need to do, in some cases I've even need to use cheat, using IDDT.
  4. I believe I've found a oversight in map 10: Black Gold In the last arena there is a lift tha lower with a Cyberdemon, but on complevel 2, the recommended complevel for demo recording, the lift doesn't lower making UV-maxing impossible. I believe the Cyberdemon touching the ceeling is the issue. On complevel 9,11, default for PRboomPlus and LZdoom I didn't find any problems.
  5. PC2mill

    TNT : Overcharged BETA Big Update

    This post is a review of the first map, if you want to experience the level by yourself don't read it, unless if you already play or simply don't care.
  6. PC2mill

    TNT : Overcharged BETA Big Update

    At the time of writting I've UV-max the first 5 levels, so about 25% of the available experience, and I can say with confidence that I didn't enjoy it at all. BUT I'll write the off as preference, since I don't enjoy getting my ass kicked by teleport ambushes every time I collect something. In next posts I'll review each map individually, trying to be being as unbiased as possible so the gameplay experience can be a bit better for everyone.
  7. PC2mill

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Alpha available for testing)

    I was playing and found this, don't know if is an oversite or a bug but is something. (I used this to record the demo: prboom-plus -iwad doom2.wad -file PGR_Alpha0.4.wad -complevel 2 -skill 4 -warp 16 -nomonsters -record oversite2) (Also I use PrBoomPlus- PGR oversite.zip
  8. I've just downloaded this megawad so I have the BourgFix wad file, but every time a level finishes my PrBoom+ crashes an this error appears: "I_SignalHandler: Exiting on signal: signal 11" Does anyone knows what it is or how to fix it? (By the way I tested the old version and it works fine, guess I'll just have to deal with the "BIG BADDA BOOM" sound at the end of every level)
  9. PC2mill

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    @JDoyle Just played map 23 (Lunar Mining Project) with your MIDI and I have to say that it complete reinvigorates the level for me, unfortunately it's still feels very misplaced on map order, but considering the conditions is a spectacular win. Great job. P.S: I would love to see you come back to work on more Doom Projects, even if they aren't affiliated with Team TNT or prior works.
  10. PC2mill

    TNT: Renascence (episode 1)

    I've just finished playing all the maps, and seeing this TNT maps remade is a great feeling. Generally they are all a step above their original counter part, but also having played TNT Revilution I can't help but compare then, and putting the maps that pull the same inspiration side by side there is no contest, Renascence is left way behind, not to say there are bad, but Transduction and Fortress of Bullets are just in another League. Now, Taking advantage that I'm talking about Revilution it's map 18 (Hell's Signs) was made by Eternal and probrably is a little glimpse of what episode 2 of Renascence could've been. Finally, I find it very tragic that this isn't getting a sequel, but since Eternal still an active mapper so the hope isn't complete lost.
  11. My thoughts and opinions on DOOM ZERO. As of this writting I d2all doom zero twice, once in 1.8 and the second on 2.2. TL;DR. the level design and aesthetics are awesome, the combat is good but it gets too easy too fast, but overall is a great megawad especially if you're just starting to explore doom outside the official releases. The new weapon animations Fist/ Chainsaw - Very good and an overall improvement. Pistol - Very nice. Shotgun - Minor changes but good ones. Super Shotgun - In my head I understand the changes and can see how they are way better,the animation sequence makes more sense, the sound is better synchronized, but in my heart I still heavily dislike it. Chaingun - Although I don't mind the animation, the way it flashes can be very annoying in dark places, maybe even cause discomfort for some people. Rocket launcher - Nothing to say Plasma Gun - I actually like the original sound, but I know I'm on the minority here. BFG - I don't think there are any changes here. Level Design The maps varie between small and medium size (which I personaly preffer), and from what I can tell they all use vanilla textures, but the new sky boxes adds a ton to the atmosphere in the cities and hell levels, giving the whole megawad a distinct felling. The map design is usually very clean and clear, so rarely I got lost or didn't understand what a switch did, but I've been playing doom for over 20 years now, and read/watched a lot about game design so maybe I was able to think in the same wave length as DASI-I. Unfortunally it seems I was in the minority here, since in the 2.2 patch a lot of changes were made in fist levels to make extra clear how switches and shootable walls work in this mod. Individual maps worth mentioning. map 01 - I don't like how heavy handed the first level became after the 2.0 patch, but I undestand why it was done it, since DASI-I said that many people didn't understand the mechanics of the switch. map 06 - I really enjoyed the idea of starting a map with almost no heath, it creates an opressive atmosphere and forces the player to be very carefull with their movement. It's a shame that the concept didn't evolve, map 27 tried again, but at that point you're so overpowered and the health and armor are so easily obtained that it felt like a wasted opportunity. map 11 - Personally I love city levels, and this one is amazing, the buildings are very distinct from one another making navigation easy. map 15 - The sky box does wonder in this map, It's very unusual to see a cliffside tech base. map 19 - If you pay attention you can see the witch spying on you throught a monitor, but when you get close it changes to static, nice touch. map 20 - A very unique way to introduce the final boss, but is a little too short and easy. map 30 - This map is genius, and the 2.2 makes it even better, I won't go into much more details, because I don't want to spoil the ending. The difficulty. Both of my playthoughts of 1.8 and 2.2 were single-segment and consequentely a breeze, you receive the backpack and the higher tier weapons to early and ammo is way too abundant, so you never need to ration it for any weapon and can go balls to the wall throught out the rest of the campaing. On the other hand some pistol starts can be very tricky in the begging, but if you know where the secrets are, they too become too easy in the latter half. The Alpha Souls, again I fell like they are wasted potential, I can't think of a single fight that their rapid fire capabilities are put to full use, and they show all too late in the map pack to have any kind of presence when higher tier monsters are around. I don't know of this was the intention, but all around I think Doom Zero is just a little more difficult than Doom 2, and since it is included in the unity port I found this to be a great way to introduce new players to the world of fan megawads.