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  1. My thoughts and opinions on DOOM ZERO. As of this writting I d2all doom zero twice, once in 1.8 and the second on 2.2. TL;DR. the level design and aesthetics are awesome, the combat is good but it gets too easy too fast, but overall is a great megawad especially if you're just starting to explore doom outside the official releases. The new weapon animations Fist/ Chainsaw - Very good and an overall improvement. Pistol - Very nice. Shotgun - Minor changes but good ones. Super Shotgun - In my head I understand the changes and can see how they are way better,the animation sequence makes more sense, the sound is better synchronized, but in my heart I still heavily dislike it. Chaingun - Although I don't mind the animation, the way it flashes can be very annoying in dark places, maybe even cause discomfort for some people. Rocket launcher - Nothing to say Plasma Gun - I actually like the original sound, but I know I'm on the minority here. BFG - I don't think there are any changes here. Level Design The maps varie between small and medium size (which I personaly preffer), and from what I can tell they all use vanilla textures, but the new sky boxes adds a ton to the atmosphere in the cities and hell levels, giving the whole megawad a distinct felling. The map design is usually very clean and clear, so rarely I got lost or didn't understand what a switch did, but I've been playing doom for over 20 years now, and read/watched a lot about game design so maybe I was able to think in the same wave length as DASI-I. Unfortunally it seems I was in the minority here, since in the 2.2 patch a lot of changes were made in fist levels to make extra clear how switches and shootable walls work in this mod. Individual maps worth mentioning. map 01 - I don't like how heavy handed the first level became after the 2.0 patch, but I undestand why it was done it, since DASI-I said that many people didn't understand the mechanics of the switch. map 06 - I really enjoyed the idea of starting a map with almost no heath, it creates an opressive atmosphere and forces the player to be very carefull with their movement. It's a shame that the concept didn't evolve, map 27 tried again, but at that point you're so overpowered and the health and armor are so easily obtained that it felt like a wasted opportunity. map 11 - Personally I love city levels, and this one is amazing, the buildings are very distinct from one another making navigation easy. map 15 - The sky box does wonder in this map, It's very unusual to see a cliffside tech base. map 19 - If you pay attention you can see the witch spying on you throught a monitor, but when you get close it changes to static, nice touch. map 20 - A very unique way to introduce the final boss, but is a little too short and easy. map 30 - This map is genius, and the 2.2 makes it even better, I won't go into much more details, because I don't want to spoil the ending. The difficulty. Both of my playthoughts of 1.8 and 2.2 were single-segment and consequentely a breeze, you receive the backpack and the higher tier weapons to early and ammo is way too abundant, so you never need to ration it for any weapon and can go balls to the wall throught out the rest of the campaing. On the other hand some pistol starts can be very tricky in the begging, but if you know where the secrets are, they too become too easy in the latter half. The Alpha Souls, again I fell like they are wasted potential, I can't think of a single fight that their rapid fire capabilities are put to full use, and they show all too late in the map pack to have any kind of presence when higher tier monsters are around. I don't know of this was the intention, but all around I think Doom Zero is just a little more difficult than Doom 2, and since it is included in the unity port I found this to be a great way to introduce new players to the world of fan megawads.