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  1. cph


    After more investigation, I tend to agree. Looking at the Heretic source, which forked pre-Doom 1.4, we can see the actual bug: if there are no higher sectors for a raise-to-higher sector to target, then it uses whatever random/junk value happens to be in heightlist[0] on the stack. So there's no reliable way to support it. In practice, the target height the level wants is 0 - and there is a good chance of finding a number 0 or close to 0 on the stack, I guess, which is probably why it often works. So I will have doom_12_compatibility assume a target height of 0. If I'm lucky, this is the only level that ever uses it, and so 0 is the only right answer it needs. Thanks for the helpful replies.
  2. cph


    This is a classic PWAD that is known only to work with early versions of the Doom engine ( <1.4 ?). Has anyone ever played E1M2 of this level on an early version of Doom and knows how it is supposed to work? I would add support to PrBoom to enable it to be played in the right compatibility mode, but I don't know how the final bridge is meant to work. (The actual mechanics seem to be that the final bridge is a raise-to-next-highest-floor linedef, but there is only one surrounding sector and it's not higher that the sector that would form the bridge. Either early versions of doom had the floor raise indefinitely, or the line was redefined by id at v1.4, from something like raise-by-512; at least those are my best guesses.)
  3. cph

    checking 100% demos

    Could someone explain what that is - there were a few bugs in the live counter, but I don't use it much and have lost touch with the problems. It behaves as I expect it to behave - if you play -respawn then the #live total goes up whenever something respawns - so either I've missed the bug, or other people expect something quite different. Hmm, so you have (kills)/(kills+live) ? My thinking when I added the live counter was that kills and live monsters are really entirely orthogonal concepts when you have resurrection and respawning. So keep them apart, have a kills counter which is completely traditional and corresponds to the %tage on the end-level screen (basically a score, how many scalps); and have a live counter to tell people whether there's anything still around to kill.
  4. cph

    PrBoom Updates

    Next week, possibly. complevel was never really meant as a public interface; it is for my debugging use, and getting the very few demos to work where the compatibility can't be autodetected. But I suppose as people do need it for recording doom1.9 demos, and this seems to be actually used by some people, I should make it a bit more user-friendly. Easy to do.
  5. cph

    PrBoom Updates

    I was just guessing at the weekend, trying to get my copy of uac_dead working, which turned out not to be an original copy. I assume that your understanding is right, unless anyone says otherwise, and will return to any-boss at any-ExM8 for the next release. Yes, I started doing per-engine levels for PrBoom 2.3.0, which is much cleaner than my original scheme in 2.2.x. Most of the work for 2.4.0 was moving this into the stable codebase. It appears than Prboom+ has used something like the 2.3.x scheme but has added more levels - the extra ones look sensible, so I will try to converge on the same numbers if possible. 2s middle textures don't animate (certain early pwads use this, e.g. dmspace). The only thing -complevel 0 changes that affects demos is the 666 tag - I'm not trying to support v1.2 demos, only v1.2 pwads. So -complevel 0 just happens to be useful for this uac_dead demo, because you'll have to wait for 2.4.1 so I can enable it for doom_19 compatibility.
  6. cph

    PrBoom Updates

    Okay, that's conclusive. UAC_DEAD works in 2.4.0. The demo plays back fine with -complevel 0. Apparently I marked the comp_666 fix for complevel 0 (doom 1.2 compat) only. So that's the one that works.
  7. cph

    PrBoom Updates

    Are you kidding? Have you looked at the assortment of crap that is typical early doom 1 pwads? People had crap editors and hardly knew what they were doing. Most of them have tons of lame bugs: HOM, reject table bugs, tutti fruiti, linedefs triggering actions on tag 0, ... Perhaps I should do you people a favour and make PrBoom incapable of playing any pwads which predate v1.9 ;-)
  8. cph

    PrBoom Updates

    Okay, and what PWAD are you using - my copy on UAC_DEAD isn't even on E1M8, so the demo doesn't touch it. There are lots of hacked/updated copies around, so we should agree which one we are trying to get working... Hmm, so the opinion is that the 666 linedef change occured at between doom/doom2 1.9 and ultdoom 1.9? I had assumed (not having done any research) it was after 1.666. So -complevel 2 certainly won't work with PrBoom 2.4; try -complevel 1?
  9. cph

    The right port for a WAD?

    If you find any that work with doom2 but not prboom, we are interested. Try mailing prboom-users@lists.sourceforge.net. Most wads can be got working using the compat options, or at worst rebuilding the nodes.
  10. 1.91 recording support is there - record as for v1.9, and add the -longtics parameter. No, we aren't aware of recording problems with 2.3.x. But then I almost only use 2.2.x myself, and most of the game and demo side of things is left to me.
  11. cph


    It's off by default in 2.2.5 as well; and will be off by default in network games from the next release. But it is all configurable anyway.
  12. cph

    prboom Issues Thread

    Thanks for the example. Yes, I got NOBLOCKMAP and NOSECTOR the wrong way around. 2.2.4 is missing NOBLOCKMAP entirely, messing up all the higher flaos; in 2.2.5 I added NOBLOCKMAP, and put it in front of NOSECTOR by mistake. Fixed in the development version.
  13. cph

    prboom Issues Thread

    2.2.5 is out, and should address the deh flags issues and the intermission screen desyncs.
  14. cph

    doom2.exe v1.9...1?!

    The network code is split between ipxsetup and doom2. ipxsetup figures out the other nodes in the game and the player numbers, and it provides the low-level IPX code (which sits like a TSR program which doom2 calls). doom2 provides all the logic of the networking, like flow control, sequencing, retransmission. I have a few ideas about the lag difference between nodes, and when I have enough dos/win computers around I will investigate a bit more.
  15. cph

    The /newstuff Chronicles #181

    Nice to see Sarge didn't review his own map. Not that anyone would ever stoop that low of course, mentioning no names. Ahem :-)