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  1. We're honored to have you help us. You were part of what makes this project historic, and I agree. Hopefully now people will be able to see what can be done with this engine, and I look forward to the future too. Stay hard, brother! :)
  2. I think we can credit each other to figuring stuff out like the music and what we can do with the engine, but the credit for really doing stuff with what we found goes to all the guys who helped us! Especially those who've been working at it for years like Jdagenet and Atomic Frog, also Scwiba for the stuff he's come up with
  3. Doom 64: Ethereal Breakdown Doom64 was released on March 31st, 1997. It's been 25 years since then, and since 25 is a cool number, we've made something cool to celebrate! The project was organized by me, Immorpher, and AgonyZenith with help from UnitedVirusX. You can find us on the Doom64 Discord: https://discord.gg/Ktxz8nz DOWNLOAD NOW: DooM 64 EX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f024dlcup68pvl0/(multiple)-ethereal_breakdown.zip?dl=1 Doom 64 Remaster: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9jjmgsewoocehu1/%28multiple%29-ethereal_breakdown.zip?dl=1 DooM 64 EX PLUS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gb3kkxvjdx3lzz/(multiple)-ethereal_breakdown.zip?dl=1 BIG SUPER SPECIAL THANKS: -To Midway and Kaiser for the awesome base Doom64 we are blessed to work with. -To Atomic Frog, Scwiba, and Kovic for helping out our mappers -To everyone who made their awesome maps! You've all done way more than we expected, thank you for giving your all! -To Immorpher and Agony Zenith for picking up my slack that I didn't have the time or strength for (They're going to need a chiropractor now) -To all YOU, for being so patient with us and finally enjoying our passion project! To God, for making all of it possible by bringing us together through our common hatred of evil! Poster by Maria Kinnun (PocketNinja85) Trailer: (Courtesy of Immorpher, me, and JetX_121) MAP SHOWCASE BY SKEPPSIE OLD THREADS: Demo Thread Discussion Thread Ports: Doom 64 Remaster and Doom 64 EX We chose these ports since they are the most accurate, official, and easily accessible ports. It also gives the opportunity for a fun learning experience with Doom64's unique engine, and it's the engine that our organizers are the most familiar with. Story: The Mother Demon was slain... you laugh as you think about it so long ago; how you thought it was the end. You laugh as you think about how far you were from the truth, and how far you've come now. Hell is no more... Where are you? The last thing you remember was a violent collapse, the head had swallowed it's tail... You look around, but there is nothing, just laughter... Suddenly, you laugh so hard your abdomen bursts, and a blinding light bursts forth, absorbing you and nothing else in it's wake. You're covered in gross sludge, and wipe yourself down. You clean your visor to find yourself inside a fountain. Wherever you are, it's somewhere strange. Outside creation itself; yet within it at the same time. Amidst your confusion, you can feel something evil lurking amok. Now you know why you're here. There's one last demon who's escaped. A powerful one, a master of minds. What was it your commanding officer said all those years back? "The brain is the next battlefield." Yes, this wretched mastermind needs to be utterly destroyed. This is why you were put here. To venture forth through all of creation, and hunt for the power to stop this beast. The Creator uses many things for a greater purpose; it seems that you're real fun to work with. Progression: The three parts of your soul, Spirit, Mind, and Nous have been scattered throughout the universe and your memories. Find them and slay the best which torments you! Programs to make your OWN Doom64 Creations: Mapping (Doom Builder 64): https://sourceforge.net/projects/doom64ex/files/tools/builder64/? Wad Editing (Slade 3): https://slade.mancubus.net/ Composing (Synth Font): http://www.synthfont.com/ Composing (Sekaiju): https://openmidiproject.osdn.jp/Sekaiju_en.html Extra Credits: MAP LIST: Enjoy! Thanks again to you all for all your hard work, and God for blessing me with all of you :)
  4. Beautiful mappers, beautiful wad. I love you, /vr/ :)
  5. Neigh Winny

    Doom 64: Ethereal Breakdown Discussion Thread

    I've made a spreadsheet so we can know who's mapping and how many maps they'll make. This way we can also know for sure who is mapping or at least wants to. Be sure to comment yourself down on the sheet so I can add you to it! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13qs4BXzaQXBZ1Ogps21HDMCv9htmyMBlRY5r0XhxdnI/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Neigh Winny

    Doom 64: Ethereal Breakdown Discussion Thread

    You know, the plot is actually inspired by your "Fusion of Realities"; so it's actually really cool that you decided to join in on the fun! I'm excited to see what you have in store for this mapset
  7. Neigh Winny

    Doom 64: Ethereal Breakdown Discussion Thread

    As far as I know it's pretty much the same, I did it once a long time ago. You teleport the player to a room where he gets crushed or at least make him cross a macro that ends the level right after he's brutally murdered. :P
  8. Ethereal Breakdown is OUT NOW!!! GET IT HERE: Poster by Maria Kinnun (pocketninja 85) If you like, you can read the discussion comments here cause that's what this thread was all about, but be sure to play it! :)
  9. Neigh Winny

    The Tribulation of Treachery (DOOM64 EX)

    Previously I stated I would release the next demo on February 9th. I'm obviously a month late. My apologies. I've been a little off track lately, not very productive. I hope to get it out as soon as I can though. Just wanted to put this out to let you know I haven't abandoned the project or anything. :)
  10. Neigh Winny

    A thing about Doom64 shotgun not that many people knew.

    Yeah, I'm sure it is. Great explanation for why there's no proper "pump" animation too. If it looks like one, sounds like one, and shoots like one, then it might as well be one. ;)
  11. Neigh Winny

    The Tribulation of Treachery (DOOM64 EX)

    Whoopsie Daisy!!! Turns out I slipped up a little and messed up the door that leads to the exit of MAP03 (Fornication Falls) in ToT_Demo 2. If you downloaded Demo 2 before this was posted, pretty please download the fix from the most current link because I fixed the mistake, now the door works. :) My bad, hope you still enjoy.
  12. Neigh Winny

    The Tribulation of Treachery (DOOM64 EX)

    Unfortunately not. The Nightdive Port bugs out with custom textures, and there are certain scripts in EX which bug out the Remaster because EX is more malleable for modding, while the Remaster is based off of the Calico code. Safe to assume that most EX maps will not work with the Remaster currently. Glad to have your question, thank you for your time.
  13. Here is the demo of an Episode I am working on for Doom64 EX, tested in Doom64 EX. It's set in the 9th Circle of Hell, Treachery, so it will be rather cold. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story so far: After the Mother Demon has been slain, and you've sworn off the rest of your normal life to the peace of humanity and the glory of your creator, there is one place left to go... THE BARREN LANDS OF TREACHERY, THE 9TH AND FINAL CIRCLE OF HELL!!! Trek through the harsh lands reserved for only the worst of souls, and clean out any demons left, and FINALLY take the vacation of solitude you rightfully deserve! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am still currently working on it but I hope to get it out this Winter. I am making this thread to release the Demo, the 3 maps I have finished now, so you can give me feedback, and I can give you something to expect. WHAT TO EXPECT: -New original custom made music by me for every single map -7-10 new maps -The Aftermath of The Absolution -An ICE COLD Adventure WHAT THE DEMO CONTAINS: -New Custom Music for MAP01 -The Aftermath of The Absolution -4 New Maps total ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the maps as of now: MAP01 - The Punisher's Crypt MAP02 - Submergence MAP03 - Fornication Falls MAP04 - The Keep of Antenora MAP?? (Currently slot MAP09) - Arctic Front ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished MAP04, but I will not include it in the demo until the next release. ;) Get the new demo here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mjt6r6uen1c1w5v/ToT+DEMO+2+Fix.wad/file Enjoy, and let me know what you think. :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots: