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  1. Hello Doom heads. After playing Doom Eternal - especially the first DLC, I really wanted to speak my mind on the game and in the process hopefully kickstart a creative discussion regarding the future of the series; or what I would only assume is a sequel afterwards. As much as I loved Eternal and would still highly recommend the game, the creative analytic in me couldn't hold back. There were areas the game could have been approached far more comprehensively and/or differently. I'm sharing a document which I've prepared and have been very (very) lazy to finally post. I got to work on it right after completing TAG 1 after it released and I thought what better time than when the momentum for the game is at its highest. Take a look, have a read and I hope plenty of folks join in and have a nice, creative discussion regarding Doom Eternal as well as its sequel that I would assume will happen at some point. I mean, come on. It's Doom! This can't be the end. :( Also, please feel free to scold me for being ridiculously late with this. :D DoomEternal_AnAnalysis&FutureVision.zip
  2. Prenihility

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    The thread title implies things outside of Doom. That never crossed my mind. AFTER Doom Eternal? Another Doom, of course. I actually have something made regarding Eternal and games to follow. So look out for that. Probably going in its own thread. Preferably for serious, design-oriented discussion about a sequel. I've just been lazy to finalize and post it.
  3. Yeah the Hell Guards were cool. I just thought their design wasn't demonic enough. Yeah, though. I don't see how exploits are relevant. My guess is it's just comedy. Again, still not nearly as funny as the Dark Cornball-err... Lord. Or his Fisher Price my first Mech Suit. At least if he informed Doom Slayer he was his daddy... :(
  4. Heh. Funny. The Dark Stooge is more funny, though. And deadlier. He kills you with BOREDOM! DUN, DUN, DUN!
  5. Oof. Well this is a tough one. First off, I really hate to go off topic, because I think you specifically are asking about changing the FIGHT/gameplay mechanics. But the Dark Lord was corny as hell. Being a copy of the Doomguy (seriously, though.. come on?) was unexpected. So much so that I got blind-sided. At the end of TAG1 it was extremely underwhelming. Some people have also said it and I couldn't agree with that observation more; the DLCs felt overall cheap and rushed. What happened to Happy Time? You know? Doom has us hearing a scary demonic voice talking to Olivia Pierce. I always predicted that was the Dark Lord as soon as we heard about him. Now for the boss fight. Something similar to Miraak from Skyrim. In the literal sense? No. Of course not. That's a completely different kind of game. That boss fight had to have been the single greatest boss from Skyrim. In terms of qualitative value it was completely above all else. You were going up against melee attacks of course. As well as some ranged attacks. Even dragon attacks if I recall correctly. Then you had Miraak shouting at you as well. It was just a thrill to hear him shouting and see him using the same shouts as you throughout as you were performing them. It really added to the intensity and I don't think any boss fight in that game compared. Then again, Skyrim is an RPG, technically all unique enemies are bosses? I don't know. You get the idea, though. Point is, matching the abilities of the Doom Slayer would be my starting point. It was a rehash of the 'waiting to shoot' tactic from the Marauder. And painfully so. For 5 stages. Fun fact; Dark Lord killed me because he ACTUALLY used a tactic that was overlooked by all players. Boring me to death. Overall Dark Lord should have been a humanoid Demon that was towering. Like a Tyrant perhaps. But not another Titan. Demon throughout; abilities, looks. Perhaps some lore that ties in some Argenta tech he might have used? A suit of his own, if that's what they really wanted. The Cyber Demon from the previous game still is my #1 boss. Intense. Boss abilities in conjunction with game design were excellent. It is compatible with both the tone as well as gameplay design. The Cyber Demon dashing to the side. Pulling out the Mobile Turret and unleashing a blistering hail of bullets. Hearing that slight hum as the barrels glow white hot. All while the Cyber Demon is shooting back at you. Then pulling out the BFG when you see that you're being targeted by the Cyber Demon's own large gun with the laser pointing at you as he raises his arm. Pure ADRENALINE. Art direction was also a huge let-down for me. It started REEEEALLY getting into corn-ball territory. I don't think Doom Slayer getting onto a demon dragon helped, either. It was more of a "wtf?" moment than anything else. Dark Lord had very Hasbro type armor which relied too much on having a greatest visual impact than the Slayer's. Size was one of the biggest things here. The tastefulness of the art direction was flushed down the toilet with this one. Also, this ties in a little with the topic. Well, sort of. But I have to say that they really killed it with boss fights in Eternal. The Khan Maykr felt so final. The feeling of finality in the Urdak theme music alone was just excellent. She may have been comparatively easy now, but that's another issue altogether. I also thought the Icon of Sin was fan service more than ANYTHING. A totally unnecessary boss fight. And again - yes it tried to replicate the Doom II fight with the waves of enemies - but I think it was just more a taste of what was to come later. A tiring fight that wasn't necessary or that much fun for that matter.
  6. Blood Swamps. No contest. It's what defines the Doom universe. Macabre, hellish environments. Something the new games need more of. A LOT more. Atlantica was neat for a UAC facility. I was disappointed overall that the DLC was so short... And even more so that there wasn't enough Hell. The Holt is just going back to Urdak. While I loved Urdak and was surprised by unexpectedness, 3 levels is still 3 levels. Where are the rest of my Kadingir Sanctum fans! FAVOURITE DOOM 2016 level! And since this is my first post and there's no introduction area on the forum, I figured i'd use this opportunity to ask some questions. I've been working on something Doom Eternal related. It's feedback. But not your typical feedback. I've dressed it up a little fancier. I was wondering if this forum is looked at by any developers at Id?