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  1. abunchoftrash

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    a character from an ace attorney knock off
  2. abunchoftrash

    Possibility for animation skipping in vannila doom?

    what you could do though is use DEHACKED to make the weapon down tic to 0 and the up speed to 1. it would feel a bit more like Eternal
  3. abunchoftrash

    Positivity Thread

    very nice profile picture, 0o0[ULTIM4TE]L1FE[F0RM]0o0!
  4. abunchoftrash

    how to make combat fun?

    just don't make the rooms ridiculously small and make sure the sector height changes a decent amount. a lot of visual contrast makes for a fun map
  5. abunchoftrash

    Family picture?

    Yeah, it goes William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein Guy) ---> William J. Blazkowicz II (Commander Keen) ---> Stan Blazkowicz/ Flynn Taggart (Doomguy)
  6. abunchoftrash

    Family picture?

    I know this post is from almost a year ago now, but I did just want to point this out Doom-Guy keeps the literal skull of Billy Blaze on his bookshelf, next to his weapon