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  1. abunchoftrash

    Cursed Doom Images

    link please
  2. For a joke wad, wanting a prop that changes the music to something annoying and then causes a crash when interacted with in any way. What do I do?
  3. abunchoftrash

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    thats a bass on topic: pixel fella, what happened!
  4. abunchoftrash

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Whats being cutoff then, red santa furry?
  5. abunchoftrash

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    "iTs NoT a PhAsE mOm!"
  6. abunchoftrash

    What are you listening to?

    The Black Album, but this time on an actual CD :0
  7. abunchoftrash

    Favourite Map from each episode?

    E1M6 (Because this level just oozes Doom juice everywhere) E2M9 (HOLD YOUR MOUTH FOR WARRRRRRR) E3M3 (Fucking Slayerrrrrrrrrrrr and Flesh Walls with Pinkies) E4M0 (Because fuck Thy Flesh Consumed) E5M1 (Surrender to Jimmy Paddock's Midis)
  8. abunchoftrash

    WTF is this song

    I know this song but I've forgotten what its called, I've attached my best midi recreation. I'm fairly sure its Metallica but I'm not certain https://www.bandlab.com/louisjones50/new-project-fe270aa0?revId=4f21c9d5-0972-ec11-94f6-a04a5e79a6b8
  9. abunchoftrash

    Celebrity Deaths 2022 Edition

    IDK Predicting celebrity deaths seems a little shitty
  10. abunchoftrash

    What DooM 2 literally sounds like

    Ahh, sweet dissonant abominations
  11. abunchoftrash

    get anything cool for christmas?

    GH:Metallica, GH:World Tour, and an Xplorer Controller is a Christmas well done
  12. abunchoftrash

    Christmas Bash 1.1 Release

    ------------------------ ---CHRISTMAS BASH--- ------------------------- Since November 20th (roughly), me and crack team of random people who responded to my ad have been working on a brand new Christmas Mod. Check any wad hosting website, and you will find PLENTY of Xmas themed doom mods. But they don't really use any of GZDoom's fancy features. Thus I made it my mission to make a fun mod that would bring the Christmas cheer to everybody, while using loads of fancy features from GZDoom! Features: More Weapons than Vanilla Doom, pick up your boomstick! Smooth Weapon Animations Quick Melee (default bind is Q) Enhanced Versions of Vanilla Sound Effects Weapons dropped by enemies Christmas Cheer VERSION 1.1 26th December 2021 3:54pm Download Merry Christmas!
  13. abunchoftrash

    How do I make a Side opening Door?

    Working on finishing touch ups to a new project, how do I make doors that open to the side?
  14. abunchoftrash


    I forgot who the developer was, but the wad itself is still sitting in my downloads folder. Maybe theres some info in there? uac_mare.zip