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About Me

Hi, my name is Alfwin (they/them) - better known to the internet as Orcsbreath.  I started playing DOOM back in 2016 (unaware that a sequel was just a few months away) to satisfy a bizarre craving I had one weekend for a game - any game - rendered in a pseudo-3d engine similar to The Elder Scrolls: Arena, which I'd been playing at the time.  I saw DOOM had very good reviews and was dirt-cheap on Steam, so I picked it up, and fell instantly in love.

I enjoy designing maps for DOOM almost as much as I enjoy playing it.  I'm something of a purist - my source port of choice is Chocolate Doom - so I like to design my levels using vanilla assets and rules.  Maybe I'll add in a custom skybox if I'm feeling adventurous.  Why complicate things, right?

My current long-term DOOM project is Below, a planned 32-map Megawad for vanilla DOOM II.

Work on my previous project, Incursion, is currently suspended in favour of making better stuff.

I've also made a handful of standalone maps: 





I've got a YouTube channel, which includes some DOOM content, as well as some other games: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW_ZUoxAZtGrRiWvj6r3wP