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Everything posted by Henry

  1. Henry

    Your opinion on Brutal Doom

    I kinda like this mod but i hate people who treat it like another doom game.
  2. Henry

    1 Weapon Has to Go...

    Obviously pistol.
  3. Yeah i was looking if someone else has also seen this cursed shit
  4. I feel like hdoom is slowly becoming an overused joke
  5. Sadly you probably are because there are even SOUNDS from hdoom
  6. Seriously why the fuck would someone thought that this was good idea
  7. What's the quickest way to lose my fucking eyes?
  8. Henry

    Super shotgun too op

    So Me and two of my friends were playing doom 2 on multiplayer.Then one of them start complaining that super shotgun is too op and there is no point of using other guns.Personally I think that Super shotgun is great weapon and changing it in any way will ruin it.
  9. I would just delete fucking chasm
  10. How can i load custom wad through this new steam version?
  11. I wanted to play something like valiant or ancient aliens.I can't find addon folder
  12. Henry

    Looking for Total conversions to play!

    Hacx is good TC http://drnostromo.com/hacx/
  13. Henry

    UAC evil part 2

    Some people complain about your map and tbh i can see your progress.Maybe try to experiment with secrets where you can see the reward for finding it(see e1m1,e1m4,e1m7)?
  14. Henry

    My first Doom map/level

    I think you should add some variety to textures and of course the lift to the exit,other than that i think you did very well for the first map here.
  15. Henry

    Happy Birthday iD Software!

    Yay happy birthday Id
  16. Henry

    First doom map

    He is new though
  17. Henry

    First doom map

    Feels kinda empty but for a first map it's pretty good.You should next time add more decorations and if you doing some open spaces try to fill them with more monsters.
  18. Henry

    What do you think of midnight

    From what i've seen he actually changed and stopped clickbaiting.So yeah i like him now
  19. Henry

    Super shotgun too op

    Yeah but they said that it's meant to be op
  20. Henry

    Best GZDoom wads/megawads

    i like valiant since it has great level design