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  1. volfenstein

    Eternity Engine Minor Feature Wishlist

    I would love it if the automap could display kills / items / secrets. As it is now, you can see this information only if you use the alternative HUD while playing. I also find it much harder to secret hunt with eternity than with other engines; using Automap nor IDDT doesn't seem to reveal secret locations very well. I love the engine by the way, thanks to the developers for their hard work! Edit: Here is another one: the option "Novert Emulation" has to be turned "on" for me in order to disable mousespring, aka, disable moving forward by moving the mouse forward. The meaning behind this option isn't clear at all to me, and also, as a default should be set to on since I would guess that the majority of people don't play with mousespring.
  2. I have to say, I am having a blast while playing this. Short, bite-sized maps with fun gimmicks are so easy to love. I only wish that you had replaced the fists with a machete to complete the pun! I might try to do this myself as a patch; can you tell me where to find the machete sprites depicted in the intermission screen?
  3. Here's one idea for something feasible to test: allowing teams of the same species, and thus trying to figure out the precise ratio of monsters to get an average 50:50 victory rate. Fun to think about or take bets on. - how many imps vs a baron of hell to get a 50:50 victory rate? - what about pinky demons vs a mancubus? - how many zombiemen to take down a cyberdemon? I'll guess... 5,000 hahaha
  4. Was giving it a playthrough just now, tons of fun! Issue with the latest version, v1.2. map 10: at the very beginning when you shoot the eye switch the barrier raises as opposed to lowering. Tested with latest version of DSDA Doom and Eternity. The previous version v1.1 there is no issue and it works as it should.
  5. volfenstein

    Czequisite Corpse (Released!)

    Those screenshots are amazing. And also Exquisite Corpse is one of my favorite single maps of all time... for some reason the tonal clashes just work for me. So I am super stoked to see the doom community revisit the concept, with a honeycomb layout as opposed to squares. (Next up would be some MC Escher shit :D). And Czech doomers? Always nice to see what random subcultures of doom exist out there! I look forward to playing this soon!!