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  1. LudicrousFPS

    Doomguy, Doom marine or Doomslayer?

    Doom Guy
  2. LudicrousFPS

    What mods/Wads do you like the most.

    I love Russian Overkill, its amazing.
  3. LudicrousFPS


    Well, in 5 days it's going to be June, so you're a bit late.
  4. LudicrousFPS

    May 21 2021- The Day I Became an Ex-Smoker/Drinker

    Good luck! We all believe in ya!
  5. LudicrousFPS

    What are your "must have" mods?

    If I can't beat a wad, I just run through it with Russian Overkill, which basically makes me feel like a god. Otherwise, I don't really need mods.
  6. LudicrousFPS

    Can someone answer this really dumb question

    Thank you so much it worked!
  7. LudicrousFPS

    Can someone answer this really dumb question

    I got it from here I don't know if this is the Moddb you're talking about I'm really dumb
  8. LudicrousFPS

    Can someone answer this really dumb question

    Where is the music?
  9. I have no idea where to put this because it's really niche I decided to reply Hell Revealed for the heck of it. I boot it up with prboom, and I get greeted with the standard doom 2 music. Everything else works fine except that there's no custom music. Now, Rise of the Triad songs are pretty wicked, so I'm kinda missing out on a lot. This is probably something that I can fix in 5 seconds, but I'm honestly too stupid to figure it out.
  10. Personally, I would've tried to beat both The Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 on UV, and then I'd be done. The limitless community content is a major reason the community is thriving, and without that community, there just isn't that much.
  11. LudicrousFPS

    The map you thought would never end

    Map 32 of Eviternity. Forgot the name. Took me forever with saves, and that was on HMP as well.
  12. LudicrousFPS

    What's the most annoying Doom bug?

    Blockmap takes the candle, no fucking contest. Mancubus fireball clipping is definitely second.
  13. LudicrousFPS

    Easiest difficult is a thing?

    Difficulties make the game more accessible. Plenty of folks have fond memories of playing Doom as a little kiddo in the 90s, and I bet they wouldn't have such a great time if the only difficulties was UV and Nightmare.
  14. LudicrousFPS

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Archviles and revenants. I have more trouble with them than chaingunners, which can actually be easily dispatched.
  15. LudicrousFPS

    Improvements you would make to commercial Doom maps

    Penultimate level in DOOM 2, makes sense to have a cyberdemon. Doesn't make sense that it's so easy to skip. I would make a bigger arena for it, along with like 3 switches that you would have to press to lower the exit. Would make skipping much harder, while also being still possible for speedrunners and such.