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  1. What if there is no supernatural?
  2. yadex works fine too.
  3. ducon

    Doom Ringtones. Do you have one?

    I don’t have one, I don’t own any telephone in my pocket.
  4. ducon

    what religion do you believe?

    None. I’m agnostic/atheist.
  5. ducon

    Doom³ redux [was] Doomed Duck Pack v. 1.1

    It’s configurable, open autoexec.cfg and change seta sys_lang "french" by seta sys_lang "english".
  6. ducon

    Doom³ redux [was] Doomed Duck Pack v. 1.1

    Screenshots, before-after: http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/586297Comp1.png http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/288318Comp4.png http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/139707Comp2.png http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/846127Comp3.png http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/304544Comp5.png
  7. ducon

    Doom³ redux [was] Doomed Duck Pack v. 1.1

    The last version is online (renamed Doom³ redux 0.95): https://mega.nz/#!EpA0zDwS!5BVL-hj9LJAgyWDSpeIr-C26pcfi3uZ-n8Yx2c9_EVs See here also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic6p3HDwLD8 and here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-3-redux
  8. ducon

    What are you playing now?

    I finished Crimson canyon (nice!). Great maps but I already played three of them in CC2 and 1024.
  9. ducon

    What are you playing now?

    Hi-tech hell 2 with GZDoom. I’m playing it like Quake and still looking for some secrets. Anyone knows how to get the RL in map03?
  10. ducon

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    Witchaven sucked: nearly playable, ugly, puky…
  11. ducon

    What's the worst game ever made?

  12. ducon

    My Top 10 First Person Shooters

    In no particular order: Doom (1 and 2), Quake (1 and 2), Duke Nukem, RtCW (and ET), Serious Sam (TFE and TSE), Unreal (1, NaPali and UT).