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  1. TheGreenZap

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I cannot wait to play this, it looks awesome!!
  2. I definitely understand that and I completely agree!
  3. I replayed Unending by Remilla last night in K8VaVoom and it made a huge difference from playing it in GZDoom. The lighting, shadows and detail of the map really came alive.
  4. TheGreenZap

    [Release] The Unending

    Wow! I loved this map! The lighting and the entire map was so cool with a terrific theme that continued throughout. The music fit very well I believe with the story behind this map. This is going to be one I come back to and play over again. More please Remilia!
  5. TheGreenZap

    (Boom) - Land of the Imps

    I played this because of LVENdead's video and I think it's a very fun map. The tight quarters does get a little cramped and I could have used some health in the room where all of the lava pillars come down. However, I liked the combat and I love the look of the map. The way the different areas are designed looks really nice and I like the hall with the red light and I like the room that has the orange lights flowing around the switch. Very cool stuff. The outside area with the green looks great as well. I'm actually a tech based map fan, so I love this environment.
  6. Do you play some maps over and over again or do you mainly just play new maps or maps you have never played before?
  7. I agree with some here, I actually use it on purpose if there are 2 or 3 Barons of Hell, but more than that it can take too long and not be efficient enough.
  8. TheGreenZap

    New members of Doom World, what brought you here?

    I played Doom back in the 90s but haven't played in a long time. About a month ago I was looking to play a game and just veg out. So Doom popped back into my brain and I was thrilled there was a forum still going and new wads being created. So I'm hooked again. I play about every evening now. I am really enjoying playing all the new wads, such awesome maps being created.
  9. TheGreenZap

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    By @JudgeDeadd - Tribute to the Lamplighter is an awesome looking map with the perfect music and enjoyable game play. Wonderful map here, definitely deserves consideration.
  10. TheGreenZap

    What does Doomguy have in his pockets?

    Definitely some TP, not many leaves to be found in Hell.
  11. I love love love the atmosphere and the music is awesome. Too many slaughter style fights for me however. Really really cool map though! (ok, edit. I did something I never do and I turned it down to Not Too Rough and finished the map. Tons of fun and I liked the moving around and climbing in the different areas. I wish there was more!)
  12. I played through this map tonight and had a lot of fun! I thought it was an engaging map that I enjoyed playing. I liked the layout of the map as well. The way you designed different areas was really cool.
  13. TheGreenZap

    (RE-Release) Doom: Damnation

    I really enjoyed reading P41R47's story and I have never played Doom:Damnation at all, but after reading this and seeing the screenshots I will be downloading this and playing tonight!
  14. I really liked this map. It's a good looking map and I enjoyed playing it. I thought you did a good job with the difficulty for my taste. I thought the layout and design of the map was really good as well. I really hope you make more maps, I would definitely be interested in playing them.
  15. I played Doom back in the 90s and didn’t use it then, but now I only play with freelook. I like to be able to aim myself. It’s more fun for me. I won’t ever play without it now.