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  1. TheGreenZap

    Wad recommendations since Oct.

    Thanks LMD! I will add this to my play list.
  2. TheGreenZap

    Wad recommendations since Oct.

    Thank you for this, I appreciate it! Haha, I was wondering what the word on the street was, so this will do nicely.
  3. I’ll definitely be firing this up and checking it out!
  4. TheGreenZap

    Wad recommendations since Oct.

    Hi all, I've been away from Doom since October working on a new business. But I have the itch to play again. I'm looking for good wads or maps that I've missed since that time. Recommendations?
  5. TheGreenZap

    Treasure Trove Of Doom

    Here are ten to help you keep the ball rolling. Community Chest 4 Counter Attack Deathless Doom the Way ID Did No End In Sight Rowdy Rudy Stardate 20X6 Sunlust THT: THRENODY MEMENTO MORI
  6. TheGreenZap

    How do you find inspiration for your maps?

    Play more maps and concentrate on what you like about them. After killing monsters, take a look around at the map your in, get some ideas. Try something different when you are creating your maps. If you are making giant structures and open areas, start making some tight corridors and smaller rooms. Make some odd shapes and connect them to each other and then edit them from there. Look at some screenshots of other games and try to draw information from those.
  7. TheGreenZap

    Can a car run DOOM?

    I thought the toaster was strange as well, haha. He moved it out of the way of the glove box like it was no big deal and belonged right in that exact spot.
  8. Monroe's Killer is now available on IDGAMES! I've updated the original post with the link. Thanks to all that have played this!
  9. TheGreenZap

    Sprinkled Doom - 3.4.1 (updated June 12th 2022)

    Ok, that's understandable. Thank you for the explanation.
  10. TheGreenZap

    Sprinkled Doom - 3.4.1 (updated June 12th 2022)

    I'm always playing around with different ports. However, I'm not the most knowledgeable about older ports like Chocolate Doom Plus. Could someone help me understand what is different about Chocolate Doom Plus Plus? A port like Crispy is a limit removing port. Does Chocolate Doom Plus Plus just give us another limit removing port option or does it do something other than what Crispy does?
  11. How in the world did I miss this release! I’ll be checking this out. Good to see you release a new wad Chris!
  12. TheGreenZap

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Decided to make a 3 map set for Doom 1. Half way through two maps so far.
  13. TheGreenZap

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    I don't feel anything ruins it. I actually like it more than ever and enjoy the original monsters without the additions that were in Doom II. Don't get my wrong, I love Doom II as well. But the original just has a great feel and if the level is designed right it's tons of fun!
  14. I meant to comment on this sooner, but Decay reminded me with his post. Actually ran through these myself and pulled them up in Doom Builder. Really beautiful work with great architecture and layouts. It's made me want to fire up DM and find a server running these maps so I can play in them. So I plan to do that soon.