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  1. I just recently became a fan of this megawad by @TheMightyWhoosh. Like Myolden's Nostalgia from last year, it hearkens back to a simpler time in Dooming, and it was one of the most stress-free and comfortable playthroughs of my 2023. I can tell Whoosh is a big TNT fan (takes one to know one), because maps like 06, 18, and 27 get closer to evoking that Doom-95-weird feeling than most maps in TNT's unofficial sequels. If you play it, I encourage you to stick it out till the last episode, because Whoosh catches fire from maps 22 to 27: that stretch has some of the best looking and best playing stuff I've seen from him. Also, having played Kinda, I can say that this set is much kind-er to pistol starters, which I really appreciated :) Way to go, MightyWhoosh!
  2. MtPain27

    1x1 [MBF21] (RC4)

    I'm out of my depth but it's too late, I'm addicted. So many incredible ideas and designs articulated in one wad. The curveballs you guys have been throwing, and all with single flats and textures...it's unbelievable, and more importantly fun as hell (though like I said, I'm out of my depth). Stopping at MAP16 for tonight, but excited to get ground into dust by the rest. I want to see the whole thing, but maybe not on UV. @akolai, MAP13 is one of my new favorite maps. Transcendent. I hope Doomworld takes notice.
  3. MtPain27


    Nope, not required to be in MAP 02 - I just put it there because it wouldn't load properly with the resource pack in the 01 slot. You can just call it "Time." I only put the map # info in the title because I didn't want people to miss it. Also I forgot to mention that it's in Boom format, though it could probably be vanilla compatible also, since I didn't use many lines or any special Boom tricks.
  4. MtPain27


    Title: Time (it's MAP02) Music: "One Billion Skittles" (version 1) Sky: None Difficulty Settings: No Build Time: 5-6 hours Comments: An homage to @Benjogami. I suggest turning the volume way down when the clock strikes 10 and midnight. Tested on ZDoom. I included one custom texture, 'MEM256.' Happy to make any necessary changes. Hope it isn't too shitty. Remember, time is the most valuable thing you have. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lia9mjwihcp8q4l/Time.wad/file
  5. I'll steal Nirvana's sleeper answer because it's a good one:
  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback, and thank you @Roofi and @WH-Wilou84 for the playthrough videos. I made a few adjustments and fixes, taking into account everything I read. I'm still not totally sure that this is done, especially because I made the final fight a bit trickier on UV - added some barrels/obstacles and removed a lot of ammo. RL specifically can't be leaned on as much in V2. Difficulty settings, co-op starts, and deathmatch starts (this is a terrible DM map) are now implemented. Happy to keep tinkering, but I think I'm 99% done at this point. To answer two questions: WH: you cannot grab the computer map, and that's by design - I've used it as a decoration here. I also changed the demon types in the crusher room because I never really liked it to begin with - the cacos in there on UV will bypass the stairs. Egg Boy: RK is only there because you can't raise the lift to the exit without it. Thanks for catching that softlock too, should be fixed now. https://www.mediafire.com/file/r91wd87kwppkrj2/Power_Tools_V2.wad/file
  7. Map name: Power Tools (v1) Author: MtPain27 Midi title and composer: "The Steam Golem's Patrol" by me Source port used: DSDA-Doom (and ZDoom, but it works fine in DSDA, and that's the important thing) Difficulties: Monster count is lower on HMP and HNTR but otherwise I barely touched these. Coop starts: Not yet A short description of your map: I decided to use only textures that appear in Scythe MAP 06 (with a few minor exceptions), with the goal of creating a spiritual sequel to the original that follows a vaguely similar progression. I was also somewhat inspired by A2Rob's mapping for one particular encounter. There are no shotguns in this map unless you get lucky enough to nab one off a perched sergeant, so you better make use of your "power tools," weapons 5 and 6. Enjoy! https://www.mediafire.com/file/34d4kksmqtjk1nm/Power_Tools.wad/file Note: I fully expect to tinker with difficulty settings and such. Please let me know if it's too tricky. Again, I sought to emulate Scythe's little bump of difficulty at the end, but I may have gone overboard.
  8. Hey lamp, thanks for this thread. It's a fun idea for onlookers, but a lot of work for you, so thank you for your service. I thought it would be fun to drop one of my earliest maps here. I made the base in 2020 and polished it for a decino viewer submission at some point in 2021. It's hilariously bad in places (I had no clue how to do teleport ambushes and I didn't understand what pegging/unpegging was), but I think it agrees with the 90s aesthetic you enjoy. Please load with TNT.wad (lol) and it's in the MAP02 slot. https://www.mediafire.com/file/mi3sphkpdeu0oo2/SIMULATION.wad/file
  9. Five is not enough! Another Green World* - Brian Eno The Division Bell** - Pink Floyd How I Loved You - Angels of Light Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School*** - Warren Zevon Greatest Stories Live - Harry Chapin To engage with above posts a bit: I had a long stretch where I loved Porcupine Tree and SW above pretty much all these, but they sort of faded into the periphery - not sure why. I do tend to listen to the same stuff until I can hear it without putting it on, so maybe I'm just on a PT/SW hiatus at the moment. My favorite PT album is probably Deadwing for the pure amount of time I spent with it, and my favorite Wilson solo record pinballs between Grace for Drowning and The Raven That Refused to Sing. I really like music, and talking about music. Thanks for making this thread @P_A_Z. *or Before and After Science or Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks **Animals is a better album and I've probably listened to it more, but DB is more important to me *** or Sentimental Hygiene or Warren Zevon edit: unforgivable spelling mistake
  10. I'd like to refresh my votes and do something a bit different this time: I'm removing all the points I gave to wads in the top 25 (as of 4/15/23) for the purpose of elevating lesser known stuff. The pantheon is great and all, but the classics don't need my votes anymore. Each time a wad is mentioned, it gets a tiny bit closer to being played by somebody new. I cherish the thought that every time one of us mentions a wad we liked, we may well be gifting somebody a series of happy Dooming afternoons. Thanks @baja blast rd.. You've done this for me several times. Anyway, here's a list of *not* my favorite wads of all time, but a list of wads that I hope will inspire a few people to find new favorites. 5 - Lost Civilization (Jaska) 4 - Tangerine Nightmare (my good friends from France: franckFRAG, Datacore, et al) 4 - Overboard (mouldy) 4 - Fractured Worlds (Nirvana) 4 - Abandon (Bemused, Scotty, and Benjogami) 4 - Grove (B.P.R.D.) 3 - The 10x10 Project (LunchLunch[LunchLunch]) 3 - Abscission (Snaxalotl) 3 - Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc! (Doomkid et al) 3 - Solar Struggle (ViolentBeetle et al) 3 - Nostalgia (Myolden) 3 - Down the Drain (Benjogami) 3 - 180 Minutes Pour Vivre (WH-Wilou84 and those crazy Frenchmen once again) 2 - Machete (A2Rob) 2 - Nova III (Various) 1 - Pandora (Gibbon et al) 1 - Interception II (Moustachio et al) 1 - Good Morning Phobos (sincity2100) 1 - Nova II (Various) 1 - TNT: Evilution (yep) God, that still wasn't easy. Tons of great wads left behind. The Doom community is so special.
  11. +1 Machete was non-stop fun. I liked @A2Rob's work before, but this really takes the cake. Get ready for some crazy turns down the home stretch!
  12. Allow me to join the +1 Abscission hype train. Also, please consider it for a Dootaward. Like Deadwing did with last year's Ozonia, Snaxalotl has created a brand new score for her megawad unassisted, and it is absolutely essential to Abscission's identity. I use the word 'score' because it's more than a collection of tunes: it orchestrates the shadows. I can't say for sure if its dark ambient/industrial flavor is a first (to span an entire megawad, I mean), but it's left a deep impression on me.
  13. This is my most anticipated megawad at the moment. Can't wait to play this, Snax - congratulations on two megawads in less than a calendar year!
  14. MtPain27

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Tough to make a short list! My favorite is Hamlet, I love most of the standards (especially Midsummer, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth), and I'm fond of Merchant of Venice, As You Like It, Measure for Measure, and The Winter's Tale in the category of his less-performed plays. I haven't read them all yet: I'm curious about Cymbeline, Pericles, and King John. It's a dream of mine to play King Lear when I'm an old man - that would be a great way to go out.