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  1. http://jack.keenspace.com/
    In today's comic, there is a BFG.

    To explain: Jack is a furry comic about the afterlife, mostly about hell (since the title character is the reaper). Right now, the current stories are explain Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. One of the main characters is in heaven and is watching these guys playing war like they would a video game. Anyway, they refrence Army Of Darkness, Doom, Command And Conquer, Aliens, ect. so... it's also a good comic all together to read, from the begining to the end. Especialy if you're into Clive Barker and Nine Inch Nails.

    Just thought you guys would love to see a dog blow up a castle with a BFG and see Toad from Super Mario.

    1. Tobester


      The comic is kinda retarded, but it does have a BFG.

      Maybe the furries use it for suicide in a future episode?

    2. rf`


      I'm reading that comic from the beginning. Not too bad, but the font is too small to read well. The comic itself is rather disturbing.