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  1. Skunkboy Kyle

    Doom Novela Characters

    I made this itno a URL because BBG wouldn't shut his fucking mouth in the chatroom about it being too big. These were created using HeroMachine.
  2. Skunkboy Kyle

    Doom : The Movie thread #21,704

    Hehehe, with the chainsaw and double barrel shotgun? That could have like really bad concequences though... "Yeah, I could have stayed in hell, I could have taken over, I could have been king, But in my own way, I am king. *grabs near by imp* Hail to the king, baby. *comence impse*"
  3. Skunkboy Kyle

    Doom Novela Characters

    Eh? Can someone give me a from the book description so I can get these characters perfect?
  4. Skunkboy Kyle

    WolfenDoom Project

    This should be renamed to "Return To Castle WolfenDoom" since I doubt the original creators of Wolfenstien had anything to do with RTCW and this guy has nothing to do with WolfenDoom.
  5. Skunkboy Kyle

    Doom Novela Characters

  6. Skunkboy Kyle

    Doom Novela Characters

    I always pictured Albert not chunky but more like football player girth, ya know? But it's HeroMachine, they don't have that option. At least he looks like a mormon. Jill, on the other hand, I always pictured punk looking. I didn't even know she had long hair till someone mentioned it here. I always thought it was short or spiked. EDIT: I think I'll redo them since I messed up Jill and Arlene AND Albert (the back of his coat is missing between his legs.)
  7. Skunkboy Kyle

    Yet another md2 query

    Install the original MD2 pack, then install the other one you downloaded over that.
  8. Skunkboy Kyle

    Next President

    Arnie has freinds in Congress trying to pass a Twenty Years law that says if you've been a citizen in the US for more than twenty years but not born here and haven't commited any acts that could be considered treason you can become President. I'm half and half on the idea, I could see where it's good and I can see where it's bad. I'm just going to say my opinion: There is more than 1 reason why I dislike Bush. There are a lot of things he's done and a lot of things he SHOULD have done but didn't that give me the impression he is a very bad leader. Although techincaly the war was warranted since Saddam broke the laws of the Peace Treaty sanctioned by the UN that says UN weapons inspectors should be able to access all areas without question, France did not vote and thus US going into Iraq was technicaly illegal in the bounds of the UN. I believe that Bush should have continued to try and convince the UN first, he would have come out looking more like a leader instead of the kid who says he's going to take his toys and go home. Also, countrary to popular belief, we did find weapons. Parts of a dismanteled nuclear warhead were burried behind an Iraqi scientists home, who admited he was working on a working one. Also many of the areas searched contained not weapons of mass destruction but other illegal armaments. There were also scuff marks on the ground from pallets being shifted around. I still believe and will continue to believe anything Saddam had was moved. And also, he is out of power now, I believe we should stay until we get a new leader for the Iraqi people and tell him "Listen, fucker, you fuck up like Saddam did and we'll be back, now rebuild your country." and leave. But no. We put an American in charge and now they're upset with us. And he passed a lot of laws that I just did not approve of, such as a law that allows FBI and higher agents to look at your information and property without cause or warrant. Basicly, in short: No more privacy. I do not like him, I wish him out of power. BUT there are a lot of things Bush has done that I approve of, like the law that says after the first (or second, I can't remember) babies cannot be aborted. This is a good law, it lets people who were raped and people who didn't want a baby to abort it before it can feel. Up until that point, a fetus does not have a spinal cord and like any living thing without one (cells, bacteria, etc.) it cannnot feel pain. Otherwise, you have to have the baby. That is a good law, and there probably are a few others I didn't see. ALSO I'm going to be, like every year (only this year even better because I'm voting), checking out every canidate of the two major organizations and any of the smaller ones I think might have a fighting chance (but I severly doubt I will, but the other two will do just fine.) to see which is the better canidate. If the others suck compared to Bush well I'd put him back in. On another note: I happen to like the Democrats. They put a lot of emphisis economicly on small business and the working class whereas Republicans put more emphisis on large business and the wealthy.
  9. Skunkboy Kyle

    On the market...again (Britney).

    Hahahaha, yeah, so what? Aren't all slutty chicks that way?
  10. Skunkboy Kyle

    Doom64 TC bug fix

    The version I played of Doom64 TC didn't have them hit more than once. It was just BAM! Done. Open door, get the fuck out, here's an imp to help you.
  11. Skunkboy Kyle

    Anything Doom

    Really, that whole over use of the tag is pissing me off. I've seen about four uses of it where it's just someone stating an idea or saying they're starting a project but not asking for help. It's fucking annoying.
  12. Skunkboy Kyle

    Doom : The Movie thread #21,704

    That would be the most horrible movie ever. But definatly one for the b-movie people like myself. I'll just put it on my shelf next to Maximum Overdrive and Re-animator.
  13. Skunkboy Kyle

    Doom Remix C+C

    I like it... also, I belive the order is e1m5, e1m9, e2m4, e1m8, e3m3, and e1m7.
  14. Skunkboy Kyle

    CastleVania Doom???

    I'm not even going to argue with you. It's never going to end then. Just fuck off.
  15. Skunkboy Kyle


    You know, I used to be a Beekin on Furc, I bet I've been kicked out by now. It just wasn't fun any more. I used to go down to FurN off duty and make fun of the yiffers who weren't smart enough to get public rooms (which happened quite a lot actualy.)
  16. Skunkboy Kyle


    Eh, I listened to Devo.
  17. Skunkboy Kyle

    NewDoom Hacked

    I'm sorry, but I signed up over there at NewDoom and they wouldn't let me join and I found out later that NewDoom doesn't accept Doomworld members. Which is stupid. And childish, as I said before. And as Melfice said, it's karma. Now the users of NewDoom can blame Phobeus for being a dick and getting their forum trashed. Maybe if he wasn't such a son of a bitch and let Doomworld users join his forum... EDIT: Also, I'm not saying a DW user did this. I'm just saying bad karma. It was probably some person who he really ticked off at his own forums.
  18. Yeah, unfortuntly I'm the same way, if I get into a fist fight with someone I break down crying not because of the pain (I can handle the pain) but because of the fact I hurt another person.
  19. Skunkboy Kyle

    NewDoom Hacked

    Personaly, I think NewDoom deserved it, maybe not it's forum members but the person who prevents people from joining their website if they are from DoomWorld. That is childish and frankly I like the fact they got goatse'ed for it.
  20. Skunkboy Kyle

    What are YOUR all-time favorite Levels?

    Map 01, Skulltag Eternal Doom: This is the greatest deathmatch level I ever played, Johnny sure knows how to place weapons. It's also good because I found a secret Johnny didn't know about and I rubbed it in his face. (He's my friend, so it's cool, he always gets back at me on Map 02) Map 35 (I think), Mock 2: The Bridge! This was a very cool yet very difficult level. I actualy thought this would make a great instagib deathmatch.
  21. Skunkboy Kyle

    CastleVania Doom???

    Deathman , before you try to act all mega-cool and what not with the /newproject tag, look at his post, it isn't asking for help, he's just wondering if his idea is a good one.
  22. Skunkboy Kyle

    Sector Trouble

    Alright, I'm using Doom Builder. I'm trying to build a better bridge, because I don't like the horizontal ladder style. So I'm doing a huge grid for my bridge. Now is there anyway to a 32x32 sector over and over without it messing up and breaking? I want to make sure it's possible before I do it about a thousand times and then find out each linedef of my bridge has it's own unique sector.
  23. Skunkboy Kyle

    Sector Trouble

    Copy and paste didn't, it actualy broke a lot of my sector, but it's okay, I'm using a new bridge design.
  24. Skunkboy Kyle

    ACS question

    Wiki Wiki! Wiki's are fun, I just hope that no one figures out the things you can do with them, otherwise... god help us all from the goatse...
  25. Skunkboy Kyle

    what do you think was the most classic and memorable moment in doom?

    Easily E1M8. I hit the switch and stood on the elevator. Thats when I noticed these two doors. Walked forward and ROAR! I was like "Fucking hell!"