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  1. Illdo

    Doom comic strip!!!

    I doubt it sucks this time...
  2. Illdo

    Dishonourable Mentions...the worst wads ever!

    Errrmmm... lucifer.wad It's full of Things A WAD Designer Shouldn't Do.
  3. Illdo

    Doom comic strip!!!

    It isn't. My first language is Polish.
  4. Illdo

    Doom comic strip!!!

    Episode #3 is out... or in... or through... or something. Go see it!
  5. Here's what shows on forum main page: Everything Else For every post in here, the alleged baby Jesus kills a kitten. (emphasis coming from me) Why is it alleged? Well?
  6. Illdo


    I feel better, knowing that there is Someone who will listen to me and help me. Plus, I'm not afraid of death.
  7. Illdo


    I pray because I believe in God and I know he will help me. Is that enough?
  8. Illdo


    AAARGH! Religious thread! It shall not exist!!!! BTW: I believe in God and prayer.
  9. Illdo

    If You Pray...

    Okey-dokey. Let's pray.
  10. Illdo


    I'm here! I'm from Warsaw.
  11. Illdo

    Doomers by Location

    I'm from Warsaw in Poland.
  12. Illdo

    Doom comic strip!!!

    It's actually drawn freehand in Photoshop.
  13. Illdo

    Doom comic strip!!!

    TX for all, even those who say that my comic is a piece of ***!!!
  14. Illdo

    Doom comic strip!!!

    Well, what did you expect about drawing with a Photoshop pencil directly on modified monster sprites? That's the first time :)
  15. Illdo

    Doom comic strip!!!

    Here's something I made... What do you think of this?