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  1. I popped the cartridge of DOOM 64 that I spent $30 on a couple of years ago into the black box today. Not your mothers box, but my aging Nintendo 64. I loaded it up on UV and shot some stuff (mainly guys with green hair and skinhead racists.) "Something's missing" I thought.

    Deciding that this game didn't hold enough sentimental value, I packed the N64 and booted up E1M1 on the computer. Listening to the rocking guitar riffs, I realized what was wrong with DOOM 64. IT DIDN'T HAVE COOL MUSIC!

    I'll admit that the ambient stuff is quite scary, especially if you are eight and scared of the dark (or like ambient music, duh) but the "inspired" (cough) metal tracks from the PC games get me in the mood for killing stuff so much more than the buzzes and hums of the console ports of the games.

    I guess it really boils down to whether or not you want to be scared, or be the guy who puts Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame for a few hours.


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    2. Hustler One

      Hustler One

      yes, I also believe that music is an important quality in games. like in FF7! ROCK ON! *headbangs*

    3. Danarchy
    4. Hustler One

      Hustler One

      What dew you mean by ew? DEW YEW DISS FF7!