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  1. OK the last FPS I actively played when it was "new" was HL2. I finally ponyed up and got an OK system (2x2core Xeon, Radeon HD5770) so decided to play Black Ops to test it out.

    TL;DR thoughts:

    -The graphics! WOW
    -Regenerating health actually makes sense in a game like this. It beats getting down to 1hp then save scumming your way to the next medkit. Online it is fucking retarded, being down to 1hp and winning is actually more exciting :-)

    -Waaaay too linear. Your actions caused your team mates to die? You're not supposed to go that way? WTF! At least let me have an awesome fight to the death against infinite guards or something. This kind of thing kills the immersion.

    An example of this kind of thing done the right way is Goldeneye. You can't finish the mission / progress to the next objective if you "fail" but are free to f### around in parts of the map you have "unlocked" to your heart's content.

    -Weapons are lame. I honestly can't tell the difference between any of the main weapons, they are all spam cannons. Boring.

    The RPG-perks etc are really stupid in an online FPS. I guess they are just there so that noobs / people with no skill and too much time can pwn someone and feel good about themselves (and buy the next COD game whenever it comes out)

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    2. wildweasel


      Some of the Wager Match modes online are good fun; I have a lot of fun with Sticks and Stones (all players have ballistic knives, explosive crossbow bolts, and a single tomahawk which will set a killed player's score back to zero if it hits). That said, the community online seems to fall into the same ruts as many online shooters: the same boring maps (everybody ALWAYS votes Radiation and Firing Range), the same elitist attitude (at least it's easy to mute everyone that has a mic), and the same retarded-accurate camping snipers (thankfully they rarely show up on the lower-ranked game modes, since you need to be a somewhat high level to get any of the sniper rifles that are any good).

      I like that most of the guns have similar effects, because I'm something of a gun nut and occasionally prefer to pick a favorite over what I'm "supposed" to be using. My "winning" combination so far is a Stakeout shotgun and a Python revolver, or else an RPK and an M72 to deal with the flying killstreak rewards.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      WildWeasel said:

      (everybody ALWAYS votes Nuketown)


      I can't blame them for voting for Radiation and Firing Range though. They're great maps. Launch is great too, but no one will vote with me on that.

    4. Coopersville


      I like Launch.

      I'm rubbish at Cracked and Jungle though.