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  1. Kute

    Restricting the classic monster roster to 3

    Imps, Hell knight, Cacodemon. You'd need 1 weak enemy to fill the levels, then a sturdier fellow around those, and finally a flying tank chap to add variety and make level building much more involved. I thought about making the imp a shotgun guy, but with so few enemies allowed, I'd drop the human enemies and just make it a demon invasion. edit: Hehe, I swear I didn't read the guy's post above me. Our thinking was so similair.
  2. Failure was too strong a word - but it's the only game in the franchise that would be unable to start a franchise, imo. It's a 79% kind of game, a good game with spectacular graphics. But in the context of its title, it's a letdown.
  3. In my experience, it's best to just let people play what they want to play. People are too caught up in getting people to enjoy "their" media. Your brother didn't buy a 2 grand videocard to play Doom. One of the reasons I enjoy Doom is that I don't have to take one of my GPU's off of mining to do it. It's an insane way to look at things, but here we are in 2021.
  4. No offense, I'm glad you're enjoying this stuff, and I have as many geeky hobbies as the next guy, but worrying about their protagonist messing up DnD builds is like a textbook reason for why the people in this thread are the last people ID should consider while making their game. They did the absolute impossible, and got me to play and enjoy a modern shooter. Even upgraded some PC components for it - which has now given me this amusing new hobby of mining ethereum.
  5. Man, guys. You can't please everyone. They hit the new Doom games out of the park. You should be happy that your beloved series is back and one of the most respected franchises in the industry. I saw someone in this thread saying they should have continued on from Doom 3 - that game is the one failure of the franchise. You can't make 90's Doom today. 90's Doom does a perfect job of being 90's Doom.
  6. Kute

    How tall is doomguy?

    I'd say 5'10, 6 feet in his boots. I see him as being physically the equivalent of 80's Mike Tyson, a physical monstrosity in great shape, more powertype than bodybuilder type
  7. You're right on about the monster types and in-fighting etc. Doom's bestiary is much more iconic, involved to fight, bigger in number and variety, and you're not pigeonholed into playing some blonde dude who talks alot
  8. Kute

    Any Raspberry Pi Doomers here? couple questions

    Buy a baller computer, let it mine while you play doom 2, it pays itself off in a couple months. Then keep mining or IDK, just have a free wild computer. And if you guys think that's an exaggeration, you're out of touch. It might change - noone knows if bitcoin will stay valuable - but this advice was not inaccurate.
  9. I had never heard of this before, and looked up a video - very impressive, wow. If I walked by someone playing it on a PS4 today, I wouldn't think twice. It's rare you can say that about a 15 year old product. I will say though, from PS3 to 90% of PS4 games, which is like 15 years of gaming - it all looks pretty similair to me. It's only Ps4-Pro and 4 GB and up PC graphic cards that produced visuals I'd deem too much for me to believe were on PS3
  10. Kute

    PSX Doom is actually really good

    Hmm. I have to admit that despite growing up with Doom on PC, I don't really have any idea what it actually looks like anymore. I play it on GZDoom with just the software rendering (although that's so I don't interfere with the mining going on my graphics cards) but I have to assume I'm getting a very, very optimized Doom, on a giant flatscreen no less. Because when I watch PlaystationDoom youtube videos I'm always surprised by how poor it looks, and how clunky the player's movement is compared to PC Doom - but again, this was a different era, one that I don't know that I'm remembering fairly, being played on a primitive controller. I do like the colored lighting tricks I see, certainly doesn't diminish it to me. I like the music too, I'm not a big midi music guy. Or at all actually.
  11. Kute


    This is one of those things I feel are completely up to the individual player. If you want to think of it as canon act5, well by all means. But John Romero isn't the king of doom or something, he was just a pivotal employee who worked on the series. It's by no means His though.
  12. Kute

    Your opinion on Brutal Doom

    I'm definitely not here for blood and gore. I have nothing against brutal doom. Although that "go fuck yourself!" emoticon is the lamest, cringiest shit and I know the slayer wouldn't be that guy in a million years. Everytime I've seen someone playing it they're just running around 1 shotting everything in an obnoxious spray of blood, if that's your thing then enjoy it - there's nothing wrong with that. Doom is pretty much perfect as it is. I like the iconic weapon load-out. Even the SSG almost walked the line of being just too much - but it's still great. I like the sci-fi hellscapes. Idtech1 looks terrible modelling IRL, but incredible modelling colorful purgatories. I will say I like the looks of whatever mod it is that adds more frames to the monsters. Everytime I see that I want to get it, makes them look so damn smooth.
  13. Alot of boomer shooters out there... I'd love to see someone do a real gorgeous one. A trillion sprites, 130 FPS, etc etc
  14. Kute

    doom 64 opinions

    I think it's very good. Very solid. Perhaps a bit overrated though just on the grounds of being reasonable - I think people weren't even expecting that.
  15. Kute

    1 Weapon Has to Go...

    My first thought when I read the thread title was that he's going to exclude the pistol But maybe we're underrated how many maps would be annoying to get started in without a shotgun nearby. You might have to punch some decent mobs to death pretty often