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  1. Kute

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    Nobody is saying Doom is this old ugly game. When did I say that? You can tell the argument is in irrational territory when people are defensive like this. I don't play with any beauty mods, or sprite mods, or anything like that. But I'm glad this exists. For the reasons I've given.
  2. Kute

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    Seems like a different thing to me. This isn't changing Doom's look. It's just adding foreboding, cool lighting. I wouldn't use it in any wad essentially, because the busyness would be annoying in the mayhem of a Doom fight. But something on the easy side, like playing through Doom 1 again? I think it could add a real fun dimension to the playthrough. As I've said a million times, it adds something super visceral to the feel of a game to have live lighting. Quake 2 RTX really hit me a few times.
  3. E4 is the best because of the first 2 maps. Doom 1 is IMO probably the greatest game of all-time, but Doom 2 is much more entertaining, even if the maps can be incoherent at points.
  4. Kute

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    You're not making any sense. Why would more advanced, foreboding lighting be childish? At least be rational. I'm glad this mod exists. I'm definitely going to give it a try at some point. Like I said, RTX done right really adds to a game's immersion.
  5. Kute

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    I think there's alot of old men yelling at clouds in this thread. I think it looks great. IDK if I'd run it on a serious wad, but if I was playing through something easy for the atmosphere, like Doom 1, I think I'd give it a go. It looks really cool. And people without rtx cards don't understand the effect that live lighting has on the experience - even with cartoonish graphics, it makes things feel much, much more visceral for some reason. There were points in Quake 2 RTX where it felt like I was playing IRL, despite the terrible graphics of Quake 2.
  6. I gotta say, about that death I had before I got it - where I had this mass of cacos following me on icon phase 2 I do final sin every few days as like a 15 minute warm up, I like the fights for just teeing off on shit. I've probably killed him 20 times since I beat it on UNM. And the way I do it now for fun is just to see how fast I can kill him without using the BFG or crucible, I actually wonder if it's easier to just completely ignore the spawns and just run around the map shooting as you go - I literally never touch the spawns. I mean a limb only takes 3-4 seconds to kill with PB-SSG from the front, and the rest you can just pb-rocket while running around in the back, it's fun. But anyways... Still have not seen anything like that situation I found myself in. At most I'll get 1 or 2 cacos on my tail which are completely irrelevant, with maybe 2 or 3 fodder wandering around their spawn area and 1 or 2 random melee mobs somewhere about.. Infact the only mob that is really annoying is pain elementals and maybe normal mancubus - both of which were spawning on top of the cacos. It's not like I'm salty about it. Maybe a little. But still. It's so bizarre to me. Like I remember killing a couple with normal stuff, then suddenly there was enough to dblade a pack of like 5 of them, and as soon as I finished I was being charged by a pinky with a mancubus shooting at me - which got my cheat death - so I kill them and heal up a bit off it, and suddenly there's another wave of cacos coming at me with more mancubus shooting at me - It's just bizarre. That many demons just don't spawn, ever. What I wouldn't give to have had a recording of that particular fight. I missed a couple BFG shots, but like I said, I don't use the bfg on him the last like 10 kills and it's not like it allows some mass of demons to build up.
  7. This isn't going to be a popular take but I think you guys are looking at "canon" with the wrong implication, that of angry obsessors(is this a word?) bickering about inconsequential things - when in my opinion, it's more about treating a story and its characters with respect and giving structure to the mythos, which IS important. It's not important in the sense of me caring one iota about say, Batman, once I turn the movie off - but it helps you enjoy the medium by giving weight to the background. It's hard to take something serious enough to enjoy, if it doesn't take itself serious enough to keep its facts semi-straight. And that multi-verse stuff IS annoying when it's used as a wandwaving mcguffin, and it generally seems to be used as a way to sell more iterations of popular properties, it did allow them to tell some stories I'm glad exist - Old Man Logan, The Dark Knight stuff, these are stories those companies wouldn't let their cashcows near in a million years if they couldn't just use different-but-same characters from other realities. edit: videogames I care less about the story - the gameplay is the deciding factor in my opinion of the quality. I'd prefer the protagonist to be like me - an able bodied Caucasian adult male with brown hair, but that's not a rule, just a preference, and I don't want to be lectured to on politics - but outside of that, it's unlikely I'll even watch the cutscenes
  8. Kute

    I like the master lvls alot

    I'm not that big on the aesthetic but it doesn't bother me. Big fun fights too. And the difficulty feels right, whereas Taras Nabad has the double archvile tiny arena that feels like a bit much Plus the area has goodwill in my mind as it's right when you get the ballista and feel "complete", that big arena to start the level is one of the parts of the game where you really let loose
  9. Kute

    I like the master lvls alot

    Yea I'm feeling the same way. As fun as the game is, it's unlikely I'll spend 5 bucks on a map But it does look like a decent time, it's not like another Arc Complex master level
  10. Let's be honest, they'd be considered far too small and easy. \ The maps were made to be able to run on 486's. Shotgunning barons isn't what it used to be. And hitscan maps aren't the most fun things in the world. I think Doom is possibly the greatest videogame of all-time, but those maps are severely overrated.
  11. Kute

    I like the master lvls alot

    It's pretty wild. That SMVR guy on ps5 beats it via raw skill but he shields essentially between any cooldown he uses. I think it's a bit frantic for even the best players to not shield heavily, zero master resorts to the bfg in his. IDK about other people those are the only ones I looked at. I think when I just feel like playing for 20 minutes and blowing up some demons, I'd probably just play the first 3-4 big fights and then alt f4 I kind of like final sin for just wailing on demons though. It only takes like 25 mins and it's pretty nonstop action But I'm going to run the dlc's and maybe there's more entertaining demon wailing in those
  12. I know how late I am to this party but I only got into the game a few months back. I had played super gore nest like 2 months ago when I was pretty crappy(which I still am) and got through it I suppose but I remember it took like an evening of troubles on the tripe arch-vile spawn at the end But in the last few days I've played out what I had access to in nightmare Arc complex - Uhh, if I had done this one first, I might have stopped here. This was laughably easy, I was playing terribly as I kept expecting it to suddenly throw wild encounters at me so I was playing real conservative - but they never did. The campaign arc complex was easily harder than this was. Bizarre Super gore nest - fun, and the last fight is a big scene, I might have died once or twice this time around Mars core - nice. This had some big moments, but it required self policing on the BFG like alot of Doom: Eternal's content. I kind of wish it didn't exist in this game tbh. At the very least, the master levels shouldn't have them. I died a bit on that part with the re-spawning BFG ammo because fighting the caco clouds can be a bit alarming. Died at the dark foggy area. I dislike the fog but the Tyrant looks great in there, pretty spooky big lumbering red eyed bastarb. The last fight was a big fun show Taras Nabad - now here we go. I've ran this a few times now and it's really challenging - again, provided you don't use the BFG. I didn't die until the coin room, which took a couple tries, and then... that double arch-vile room. Wow, now that's crazy. That's the kind of frantic content I bet mapmakers would pump out if the game was easily mappable. I probably died like 10-15 times while I figured out to immediately dblade the guys on the bottom at the start, then immediately gun down a tyrant. It's been interesting seeing what has the most raw dps to gun down the tyrant in 3-4 seconds without using your ice bomb(which makes the arch-viles trivial) I think it's just the SSG-Ballista swap with a grenade on top tbh. Maybe PB-SSG. If you get him fast enough you'll be able to focus on the other one and the crowd and it's manageable. Very very fun though. The double marauder fights weren't as tough as I'd imagine they'd be. I guess it's time to buy the DLC now. Kind of expensive for a few levels though. I mean not that it really matters but
  13. Kute

    You play as Doom 3 guy in eternal

    That's right, Doom 1 was on Phobos. I like that much more than Mars. Much more eerie and feels more unknown and isolated. A cooler name, a less common trope, and it feels more like the kind of place these organizations might setup their questionable research. Hmm such a simple, seemingly irrelevant change that actually feels like it matters to me.
  14. Kute

    You play as Doom 3 guy in eternal

    In those Eternal cutscenes, the slayer is using his old Doomguy comic book terminology in the flashbacks - huge guts, rip and tear, etc. But I'm not a lore guy and don't remember what the deal with 64 and Doom 3 is
  15. Kute

    Wonderful Doom's E1M5 issue

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWh2nWrpLNE ^this random 2013 playthrough of the map in I think Brutal Doom even has the damaging concrete