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  1. Probably young men. Who else would they expect to play it? Back then especially. But especially Bart. And especially Lisa.
  2. haw, I doubt I'll ever see the early game again. After I beat the campaign on ultra nm the best feeling was relief that I'll never have to play without meat hook ever again haha. I honestly think Doom:E without meathook is like a 7.5 game instead of like a 9.5/10. Kind of awesome that 30 years later, the SSG is still the most fun weapon in gaming But it's shocking to see how they make a mockery of fights I had to be careful on, nor does he seem bothered to be sitting at 20 life with alot of fighting to go. I was really unprepared for what such powerhouse gameplay looks like. Almost like some insane auto-turret or something Also makes me curious what monitor he plays on to be at 250 fps? Most are 240? Or maybe he just picked that number? I can't remember if you can or not. I play on that 280 fps alienware but often miss my old 4k TV and rtx3070 110 fps. Hell knights and barons were much less obtrusive at that fps
  3. Thank you, I only got enough at the early game to get through it on Ultra Nightmare once and then abandon it forever, which is to say I was terrible at it. Watching someone absolutely dismantle it is eye-opening. I didn't even think to try this PB-melee-PB-melee thing he does.
  4. I'm not much of an FPS player, I played alot of edge deathmatches in like '98, then Quake 3, and then nothing in the world of FPS until I discovered Doom 2 wads in the late 2010's. Doom Eternal is the first "new" FPS I've played since the 90's. My logic was always I'll play with a super twitchy mouse setting and grow into it, but one day I was messing around and put my mouse to the slowest setting, like it felt painfully slow. And to my surprise, I swear I play this game better. And I'm not a total noob or anything. Like I have the gold armors and all that jazz. My Doom Eternal entertainment is every few days busting out a NM master level, it relaxes me. But IDK, I'm probably slower to the first shot like this, but now I never miss. On classic wads, aiming is somewhat easier, so it's less relevant. But on D:E, PB or Ballista are probably about 65% of my shots, so having a steadier hand has made a big difference
  5. I "nerf" myself in alot of ways when I play. I don't use the BFG, unmakyr, or crucible, and I avoid health and armor pick-ups like the plague. I also have to force myself not to use lock-on, because I'm pretty sure the optimum way to kill every single enemy is a lock-on opening into SSG or ballista shot depending on range. I play exclusively through PB, but I think lock-on is probably stronger. This annoys me, because it's definitely easier
  6. Kute

    Doom 30th Anniversary Gold Floppy

    I like it. If it was being done by ID software, I'd be pretty tempted, but this is just some UK game company of some sort?
  7. Kute

    Your most painful events when playing Doom

    D:E's Ultra-Nightmare took me I think 4-6 tries and on one of the last ones I died on the second phase of the icon of sin. I had probably done that fight like 15 times in a row without issue as practice, and the first time I reached it in UNM the game threw a truly bizarre amount of cacos at me. I never saw it before or since.
  8. I agree, Doom Eternal isn't a stealthshooter. You have to fite the monsters and that can be bothersome.
  9. Kute

    Doom performance on 93/94 hardware.

    We had a pentium 75 mhz with 8 MB of ram, it ran Doom beautifully, and Duke Nukem, but I think Blood was starting to give it a hard time and Quake 1 wasn't worth running, if I remember. But in 98 we got a new PC and Quake 3 was the most beautiful game I ever did see until Doom 3. On a sidenote, what was the refresh rate on old monitors and CRT TVs?
  10. It's all fake though. The pregnancy tests etc. can't run anything, people replace the hardware. It's a dumb meme
  11. Kute

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I realize a forum devoted to early 90's FPS's isn't the place to look for anything but nostalgia, but this is awe-inspiring. It's like worst take after worst take. It's like how can they go from being one of the most well regarded studios on the planet to irrelevant mediocrity again in 3 easy steps kind of bad takes.
  12. Kute

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    The combat in doom eternal made the game special. If they revert it to no-skill standard classic shooter design, I'm not going to play. When you get good at DE to the point where you're blitzing ultra nightmare, no other game can emulate that feeling. I feel bad for the people who weren't able to figure it out. It's not that hard The first DLC is highly regarded. The second DLC had a bad boss fight.
  13. Kute

    Do people actually hate the DLCs?

    Is that supposed to be a good thing? If I want classic doom, I'll play one of the 16,000 great Doom2 wads or Doom knock-offs. Once you get good enough at Doom Eternal to steamroll and essentially take gameplay mechanics as a suggestion, it reaches a zen state that ID should be commended for bringing into existence - classic Doom has nothing on that. No other shooter has anything on it. edit: I have to join in the chorus of disappointment over the Dark Lord fight, and the ending lore. Very underwhelming fight. Visually unattractive, cheesy satan mech suit, boring mechanics, all of it
  14. Kute

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I'm a big fan of the Slayer lore and character, and I think Doom 1 has aged poorly. Doom 1 and Doom 3 are examples of a direction I would not want the series to go into. Doom 2 and Doom: Eternal are the peaks of this series, especially if you're talking creativity and gameplay - skill and fun.
  15. Kute

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    Nobody is saying Doom is this old ugly game. When did I say that? You can tell the argument is in irrational territory when people are defensive like this. I don't play with any beauty mods, or sprite mods, or anything like that. But I'm glad this exists. For the reasons I've given.