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  1. MAP 31: Wolfenstein Category: No-Mo iwad: DOOM2.wad Time: 30.69 Demo: lvl31o30.zip Description: kinda fun i guess
  2. AmnesiaSilence

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    chasm is pretty fun
  3. time: 9.89 map: e1m1: hangar category: uv speed demo: e1m1989.zip i did not enjoy this
  4. game: Ultimate Doom map: e2m6 time: 23.40 category: nomo demo: e2m6o2340.zip this was very fun to do actually
  5. 3rd times the charm game: Doom II: Hell on Earth map: Map01: Entryway Time: 5.80 Category: nomo demo: lvl01o580.zip
  6. Doom II: Hell on Earth Map01: Entryway demo: map01-5.80-nomo.zip time: 5.80 lets hope this one works
  7. uh probably chose the wrong file, imma try redo the run edit: appears that i somehow fucked up the demo in some way, ill just try to redo a decent time
  8. Doom II: Hell on Earth MAP01 No-Mo in 5.54 (wr is 4.97 by depravity) demo: map01-554-nomo.zip performed on crispy-doom-5.10.0 this was not fun