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  1. This is out by a factor of 10!
  2. 1998 yes. Vaults (large pre-made 'interesting rooms' that appear deep in the dungeon) were already part of the angband code at this point but don't seem to exist in angdoom.
  3. which version of angband is this? are vaults implemented?
  4. Well it will do with the next stable release. I would leave your wad as it is and mention that Eternity users will have to either use a devbuild or wait for 4.03 in the release thread.
  5. Gwarl

    Dread Moon - MAP02 released

    I did both.. the map contains a voodoo doll on a scroller, and depending on whether the scroller he's on is accelerative or displacement, the doll will cross a linedef which raises a floor, and the other scrollers are then set according to the floor height.. I was quite proud of that hack it's very robust and means the map will still work correctly despite the bit switch :)
  6. Gwarl

    Any Forks of crispy-doom that support decorate

    Okay it was a bad analogy. A better analogy would be comparing a jetplane to a biplane. Like really, 'Oh dehacked is like a bike because you can do more stuff with it'. You know very well you can do less stuff with dehacked.
  7. Gwarl

    Any Forks of crispy-doom that support decorate

    I mean as methods of defining game data, not in an authorial sense. Like I could say riding a bike is faster than walking even though not everyone owns a bike.
  8. Gwarl

    Any Forks of crispy-doom that support decorate

    idgi what's wrong with it? seems really obvious to me that EDF and Decorate are both clearly superior to BEX which which is strictly superior to dehacked
  9. Gwarl

    Any Forks of crispy-doom that support decorate

    Eternity looks like doom rather than zdoom and it has EDF which is a bit like decorate
  10. The one by Justin Fisher. The one we all played. The best doom wad ever. OP use a real source port not an exploitative closed source one
  11. Gwarl

    So Whats Up With Eternity?

    It's the most advanced engine that can still look and play exactly like Doom. PrBoomalikes can also look and play exactly like Doom, but Eternity has EDF which gives editors control over all the game content, much more flexible and extensible than BEX, and it supports the UDMF map format and ACS, greatly increasing the possibilities for what level designers can do. It also has the best support for portals of any doom engine (GZDoom can do them, but they are subject to more caveats and limitations). Unfortunately there are not many Eternity exclusive mapsets, but you can use Eternity for all the boom and below mapsets as well. There are a couple of mapsets which are playable in both Eternity and GZDoom but nothing else, so you can use eternity to play those in an engine which is faithful to the vanilla game. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/122115-megawad-tarnsmans-projectile-hell-rc2/ https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/122483-dread-moon-map02-released/
  12. Gwarl

    Hell Keep - Better Edition

    Here's mine! Check it out.
  13. Gwarl

    John Carmack's biggest mistakes?

    I agree with him but I don't think he threw enough caveats and explanations in. The *story* of a game should really be the *story* of the player's actions within the game world; like when I play doom, the story that matters isn't the the ending text sequences, it's the story of how I beat each level along the way. If the three ending text screens were the important part it would have been *MUCH* easier to just write a 3 page book and you could have skipped all that meaningless gameplay in between which doesn't elaborate on the pre-conceived traditional story. But I'd much rather doom without the intermission texts than the intermission texts without the doom.
  14. Gwarl

    John Carmack's biggest mistakes?

    But you're literally saying it's John Carmack's fault that I do live in a capitalist dystopia because he gave us VR, and I am adamant that it would still be a capitalist dystopia whether or not he gave us VR. I don't not having VR would have brought us any closer to communism.