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  1. Cheers Melfice! I'm glad you enjoyed my mixes =D
  2. r3d1y7

    TNT Remixes

    For anyone who likes the music from TNT evilution, I have remixed 4 tracks from it. TNT 10, TNT 14, TNT Stats and TNT 05. TNT 14 was accepted at Overclocked Remix , and i'm hoping the same for Stats. You can get the 4 remix set here. Enjoy.
  3. r3d1y7

    Ever seen a ghost?

    strange this being up at CNN today http://edition.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/europe/12/19/hampton.ghost.ap/index.html must be some coincidence.
  4. r3d1y7

    DooM Remake, Special gift for DooM birthday

    I'm glad you enjoyed my remix. The full set of both Doom 1 and 2 remixes are available at http://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/info/music.php?wad=remix or http://3ddownloads.com/doomworld/music/remixes/ashley_carr They contain the .ded thing for JDoom. In future Indrema, it's nice to be asked. =) Cheers Ashley