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  1. YicklePigeon

    Night Of The Living Mailbag

    ...XWE supports more, supports the things we all know and love with more to come... ...the fact that the credits has my nick in it doesn't alter my opinion in any way you understand... :D
  2. YicklePigeon

    id At E3

    ...there dirty socks? Or maybe a sock rendered in OpenGL. Who knows? We may find out in may *shrug*
  3. YicklePigeon

    Carmack On Shadows

    Doesn't my wonderful (not) V3 2000 count? With it's glorious blob shadows? :D Anyway, I'll see you later Arn in #wirehead for a good 'sawing ok? As for carmack's thoughts I actually started to understand it right after the bit that gave Linguica a headache. Not really that hard to understand nowadays... Oh yeah, I did make a BBC Acorn Model B game a long long time ago so yeah, I filled that dream :) Now I want to do it again, after I finish my...assigned tasks. Seeya Arn, Your fellow UK'er 'sawing fanatic, Yickle. P.S. Hope they get out the patch soon, need that Doom SSG fix...weeee (ok, I admit, I'm tired...I'm going now...)
  4. YicklePigeon

    Star Trek Arena

    ...if it don't get shut down first.
  5. YicklePigeon

    Sweet Mancubus

    The glare on that screen is TERRIBLE assafgkja why not just take a pic of the model and then stitch it to a pic of the in-game model?! IT AINT THAT HARD. Especially if you have a scanner! Also I coulda sworn that pic mirrored itself as it loaded - combined with the glare - ugh.
  6. YicklePigeon

    The Beauty Of The Beast

    Doom? Lifelike? What planet this single digit IQ person come from?!
  7. YicklePigeon

    Reznor On Doom 3

    Bobby Prince is a talented musician. You *have* to be to work with such constraints back in those days. If you knew anything Blake Stone was to have a much better midi soundtrack until Jam Productions called Prince up to trim the midi's down for it to save on memory space (as the midi's at that point were too large). And I have got plenty of Bobby Prince's mp3's. I suspect however you have something like a SB AWE 32/64 and every midi file sounds crap to you. And never EVER mention CRAP like Feeder *again*. Do you know how many searches for "Buck Rogers In The 25th Century" soundtrack cd was mucked up with links to their garbage?
  8. YicklePigeon

    Reznor On Doom 3

    I don't think that Reznor could do music like Robert Prince III... I mean, original Doom was like having you hyperactive. Music MOVED you that's why there were so many people trying to extract the midi's in the first place. With E1M2 and E1M8's spooky music (especially first time round) to E1M6 and E2M1's upbeat music. And it sounded good. As for classical music...I kinda think that's beyond judgment. Take a look at the Duke Nukem Forever trailer soundtrack for instance :) As for the Quake 1 soundtrack... http://members.sniffout.com/yicklepigeon/quake1.mid That's what I think of it. And then maybe not that good! As for already in-game music Doom 1, System Shock 2, Unreal 1 and Max Payne's(menu) music comes to mind instantly. If the music is just however going to be ambient and still "evil and spooky" forget it. I don't want to know. A soundtrack after all is supposed to move the viewerplayer. What good is a romantic scene if you've got "monster behind you RUN!" soundtrack to it? Especially when there is no monster in the entire moviegame! Or a pivotal moment where the mystery is about to be solved and the person to solve it gets shot. All to my quake1.mid Would'nt work now would it? You'd be like YEAH YEAH carry on. *looks at watch* anyways... I'm in the process of moving my site over to my ISP webspace :] no more Spaceports and there 1,000,000,000's of popups! UP WITH BOBBY PRINCE! DOWN WITH TRENT REZNOR! And if you like the Doom soundtracks but don't like Bobby Prince's music what you doing liking the Doom soundtracks?
  9. YicklePigeon

    Classic Gaming Soundfont

    Just search MP3.com for Bobby Prince, go to his page, download At Doom's Gate LIVE :] Like I done so so soooooo long ago
  10. YicklePigeon

    Classic Gaming Soundfont

    I once got Vintage Dreams SF2, converted it to ARL, argajksfhasfkjasdhaskjga. listening to this soundfont...Vintage Dreams sounds like it's worth 10 stars...
  11. YicklePigeon

    Another Tomorrow's Yesterday

    One: Generations Q2 was shut down because of legal issues. Two: Generations for Q3A is near completion and should be out soon. This does not have any legal issues because the character's are already there, and the weapons are all remakes - except of course for the original Q3A weapons which some have been modified. Three: I know about him not finishing the story, and the storyline in the Q3A manual was'nt much to begin with. And what I meant in my original posting was that Lee'mon actually written a story that got me intrigued and reading it. He's already covered what Clark is going to be covering (B.J.'s escape, the DooM years), I would'nt mind really either....if Clark's writings were any good.
  12. YicklePigeon

    Another Tomorrow's Yesterday

    when is ITS YOU ALL ALONE thing gonna happen? I just cant _wait_ for that one...or "seeing" former colleagues as zombiesshotgun guys. Laughably predictable. VENTILATION DUCT. So Half Life. I prefer Generations by Lee'mon over this pathetic crap anyday. Even tho Lee'mon did'nt use the names supplied in the DooM bible just names from them crappy "DooM" (note the quotes) books. BUUUUUUU.
  13. YicklePigeon


    * YicklePigeon drools
  14. YicklePigeon

    Doom Reviewed

    GBA Doom is Jaguar Doom. It utilises the source code of JagDoom. It has the same levels as JagDoom (check the DooM FAQ by Hank Leukhart for the level count). To summarise: JagDoom is 24 levels of the original DooM; comprising of the "best" levels picked from Episodes 1-3, and one secret level. For the record, there are 27 levels in the original DooM. 8 normal levels + 1 secret level in every episode. Sigh. Now Im thinking I've got something wrong in above statement. Nevermind, I'll figure it out later.
  15. YicklePigeon

    The /newstuff Chronicles #56

    Minerva sorry. Or is that Minerva 2 or Minerva 3 or Robo-Minerva! or Minerva 2000 or Minerva Collection or....