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  1. Shamino

    Is anyone else a giant pussy?

    Don't worry, you are not alone. Although I have the money for a new computer, I don't have room for it. I am still excited though because I know once I get to play it, it will be in full detail.
  2. Shamino

    So the June 15th rumour....

    According to doom3portal.com, Activision now says Late July/early August, with the XBOX release in October.
  3. Shamino

    PC Gamer UK reports exclusive review in next issue

    Does the game have to be complete in order to 'review' it?
  4. Shamino

    Doom 4?

    Neither have I. I don't even know the story of Quake, but i will still buy the game when it's released.
  5. Shamino

    What Do You Recommend?

    I'm just wondering, what happens when AMDs overheat while you are gaming. Does the computer automatically shut down or does the processor actually break or get damaged?
  6. Shamino

    What Do You Recommend?

    I would also recommend the AMD processor if you are going to be gaming.
  7. Shamino

    Communication in multiplayer

    That's good to know.
  8. Shamino

    Communication in multiplayer

    I wonder how one will be able to communicate with his/her partner during a 2vs2 deathmatch game. I think it would be cool if you can use headsets instead of typing a message on the screen. Sometimes you have something you want to say to your teammate, but you don't want to stop and type because you might get killed.
  9. FYI, The sound effect is played right after the number is shown. Example. #14 Appetite for Destruction(fire on the background and a demon on the right),and the sound effect plays. So it is heard 100 times.
  10. Not that it's important, but everytime they show the cartoon of a demon, they play what sounds like a doom monster sound effect. Can anyone confirm this or has anyone heard it?
  11. Shamino

    So the June 15th rumour....

    I would rather wait until September for this game to be released and have it be complete, than see it on June/July but incomplete or with obvious flaws. I think ID is doing the right thing by not releasing it now despite all the pressure they are probably getting.
  12. Shamino

    If you could vote a monster...

    To answer your question, I would definitely want the Baron of Hell to be in. I wouldn't mind if the lost souls were not in the game, however.
  13. Shamino

    Finding weapons and health

    I hope that in order to find items in doom3 such as weapons, ammunition, and med kits we will have to move other objects around, open drawers, or do something that requires a little effort instead of just spotting the weapon or ammo from far away and simply walking over it. I don't mean something too complex like moving a painting and a switch behind it opens a wall which has a BFG hidden behind it, but I think you get the point. What do you guys think?
  14. Can someone clarify if the summer 2004 ship date is for the pc, xbox, or both?