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  1. continuum.mid

    What are you listening to?

    I want to do a MIDI based on this. Unless it's already been done.
  2. continuum.mid

    What are you listening to?

  3. continuum.mid

    Dosbox or chocolate doom

    Chocolate DOOM is easily better, though if you don't change settings they'll be just about identical. Chocolate has more options for controls and fixes a few of the game-breaking or security bugs (though it preserves all bugs that impact WAD or demo [in]compatibility). It's also a lot easier to work with, especially when using things like DeHackEd patches. Though I would recommend using Crispy Doom, Woof, or DSDA-Doom instead, unless you're looking for the exact "pure" experience of the original game. Those are way easier to use, and have better graphics and mod support as well as some important quality-of-life improvements, while still preserving vanilla demo compatibility.
  4. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Claustrophobia 1024

    MAP04 - Pit of Sludge (stewboy) Not a name I expected to come up here. So far, Pit of Sludge is the map in this set that most lives up to the name Claustrophobia. It's cramped, visibility is poor, and it's easy to accidentally fall into another part of the map (in this case, the titular sludge pit). Thankfully, the map's few Cacodemons and Hell Knights are reserved for the most open areas, while the corridors are reserved for hitscanners, meaning the combat isn't too annoying. I missed the pillar that opened up to a switch in the final fight, and thus spent most of my second and final attempt looking for the exit. Otherwise, it was pretty easy; only reason I didn't get this done first try is because I'd barely woken up before deciding to jump straight into that attempt.
  5. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Claustrophobia 1024

    Dammit, missed August 1st! I also might have started on this WAD before, but lost the save file. Thankfully these 1024 maps usually don't take long to complete (or to write about). That's why I voted for it back in June. Playing on Woof 10.5.1 + Freedoom Phase 2, Ultra-Violence, pistol start MAP01: The Warp Facility (The Green Herring) A cool looking iron techbase in the mountains. Beat it first try, though a couple of hitscanner ambushes nearly killed me. Good warmup level, nice and easy and sets the tone. MAP02: Return to the Darkening (Impboy) Continuing the visual style of the last map, which reminds me a bit of TNT: Revilution; maybe they're using the same texture pack? The ambushes are a little tougher this time, with Revenants thrown into the mix. I'm a little embarrassed that this took me 4 attempts, should've gotten it first try but I've been away from Doom for a couple months. MAP03: Break the Chain (Jodwin) I interpret this setting to be a UAC ammo factory. Most of this map follows the Tyson gameplay style. There's a shotgun, but only enough ammo for a few strategic uses. I'm terrible at melee combat in vanilla Doom, so it's a surprise that it only took me two attempts to beat this - though I did have to skip the final fight with the two Hell Knights; after one hit I was at 4% health and just decided to run for the nearby exit. In general, beating this map seems to rely on wise usage of the fists, pistol, and shotgun.
  6. This MIDI pack is now part of Freedoom! In future autobuilds, and presumably the upcoming version 0.13, this MIDI pack will be the official soundtrack of Episode 4: Double Impact. It and the levels may see significant changes from future Freedoom contributors. No MAPINFO is included in Freedoom, so the music will only differ in ports that play D_E4M(1-9) for the corresponding maps by default, such as Crispy Doom.
  7. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Plutonia Revisited Community Project 2

    I'm not 100% sure about this one, lately I've been wanting to play Heretic more than Doom and MAP01 is already a little difficult... but this WAD looks great, so maybe I will join in.
  8. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: The Rebirth

    +++ Plutonia Revisited Community Project 2 +++ Claustrophobia 1024 +++ Doom 2 In Spain only
  9. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: The Rebirth

    MAP10: The Machine Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Debian 12), Doom II, Ultra-Violence, blind, continuous Kills: 99%, Items: 50%, Secrets: 0%, Time: 10:26, Saves: 0 The scene of the central area elevates this map right from the start. Though the invisible walls are a little frustrating, it shows more visual imagination than most of the previous maps. And the structure of The Machine, with surrounding rooms and hallways that gradually open up deeper rings of the central area, and subsequent keys, makes for great exploration. Despite being easy enough to beat without saves, The Machine's combat is consistently fun, consisting of small ambushes of Cacos, Mancubi, and fodder that keep the player moving and shooting. Early on, it's fun to snipe enemies from the other side of the central area, and the exit's three waves of ambush bring The Machine out on a high note. I think I have a new favorite of the set so far. This is one map I would think is good in any WAD, whereas the previous highlights were merely reminders that this largely generic mapset has a pulse. Also, I'm starting to notice the new Plasma sound; it's nice and punchy, I love it.
  10. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: The Rebirth

    MAP09: The Depot Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Debian 12), Doom II, Ultra-Violence, blind, continuous Kills: 97%, Items: 63%, Secrets: 0%, Time: 8:25, Saves: 5 This sewer level contains some of the more interesting action in the WAD, introducing the plasma rifle, which becomes instrumental in this map's two revenant ambushes - one in the same room as the plasma, and one guarding the yellow key. It's also full of damaging slime sections, but I think Vader does it right here - giving the player walkways with which to avoid it, and providing the bare minimum of radsuits when it is mandatory, so that you'll take some damage if you aren't fast enough but can avoid it. Aside from Revenants, this map is full of well-placed Chaingunners, and Cacodemons appear as snipers in some rooms. It's interesting how each of these maps seems to focus on three or four monsters - in this case there were Chaingunners, Revenants, and Mancubi, but no Arachnotrons, Arch-Viles, Hell Knights, or Barons.
  11. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: The Rebirth

    MAP08: Pump Station Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Debian 12), Doom II, Ultra-Violence, blind, continuous Kills: 100%, Items: 94%, Secrets: 33%, Time: 8:36, Saves: 5 In some ways Pump Station is the opposite of the level it follows. It's actually somewhat well-designed visually - a techbase building with an inner courtyard and underground sewers. But the combat is so-so, mostly relying on peekaboo shooting and choosing the right weapon. All the small clusters of hitscanners are easily dispersed with the chaingun, Pinkies are easily handled by standing in a corner with the SSG, and whenever Arachnotrons and Mancubi appear there's ample cover. That doesn't make this level unfun, though - indeed, it's one of the best in the set so far, managing to momentarily transcend the "generic" feel the WAD has had up to this point. Also, it has one of the best MIDIs so far!
  12. continuum.mid

    Post your Desktop Background

    nice layout! anyway, here's mine:
  13. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: The Rebirth

    Got some catching up to do! MAP06: Colossus Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Debian 12), Doom II, Ultra-Violence, blind, continuous A disappointingly short concept map in which the player must press a series of switches to reveal other switches while under fire from a Cyberdemon. Outside of Lord Cyb there's several Pinkies and Zombiemen that serve only to drain shotgun shells. There's also one completely non-threatening Arachnotron in the exit room. Don't get hit more than twice, and you'll beat this map easily; I bet it could be done in under a minute without much practice, if any. MAP07: Cremation Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Debian 12), Doom II, Ultra-Violence, blind, continuous This map avoids the overdone Dead Simple formula, and manages a few interesting fights. A crypt below a curved staircase, containing some Hell nobles, with a further ambush of them triggered by a switch, makes for a fun battle. The winged Baron feels especially at home there. The two Mancubi and a Pain Elemental in a courtyard are another fun encounter. And the walls of the final room lower to reveal about eight Mancubi, a fight that challenges the player's agility. Killing every Mancubus will reveal an Arch-Vile and the exit. Not every fight is great though; the blue key is protected by a completely non-threatening Pinky ambush, and there's one fight over damaging floor that is very easy, yet feels cheap. Were I not in a poor mood today in general, I might've considered this my favorite map in the set so far. As it stands, though, the visual blandness and the inconsistent combat knock it down a peg.
  14. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: The Rebirth

    MAP05: The Complex Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Debian 12), Doom II, Ultra-Violence, blind, continuous 8 saves, forgot to record other stats This was the first map in Rebirth to present me with serious difficulty, and force me to use saves. That's in no small part because I entered the level with 50% health and relatively low ammo, which forced me to ignore a large number of enemies. Had I more ammo, I'd probably still have found The Complex's combat average and formulaic. A few setpieces do stand out - the winged Baron of Hell makes his first appearance in the penultimate room, and the blue key needed to access it is guarded by a crusher that kills the player suspiciously quickly (I suspect because of some voodoo doll trickery). Aesthetically, The Complex is entirely brown, full of steel and sewage, but that in itself makes for one of the more visually focused maps of the set so far. I didn't enjoy this quite as much as maps 3 and 4, but there's fun to be had in it. I'm thankful the next level opens with a megasphere because I don't want to be low on health and ammo for a entire map again.
  15. continuum.mid

    The DWmegawad Club plays: The Rebirth

    MAP04: Sewage Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Debian 12), Doom II, Ultra-Violence, blind, continuous 100% kills, 93% items, 16% secrets This is a pretty good one, a rusty iron base full of raising platforms. Though I still got this one first try - and on the same day as maps 2 and 3 - it was definitely harder, as it had more challenging ambushes and oddly less ammo. Despite the computer map, I couldn't find any secrets other than the one which contained it, and that might have helped. (I have a suspicion that the rocket launcher is in one of them, since there are 7 rockets in the map.) The most memorable setpiece is the red key fight, where imps flood the room. There's a partial invisibility in here that pretty much exists to trick the player into thinking they're in for a chaingunner ambush; on replay I'd probably let it run out instead of entering the fight with it. Other parts I'll remember include the sniping Hell Knight in the first room, the Hell Knight duo guarding the yellow key, and the final Chaingunner wave. Vader's finally hitting his stride, and I'm starting to get optimistic for what remains of this set.