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  1. northivanastan

    Recommended WADs for Average Players?

    Difficulty settings are very relevant here. You might not be able to beat, for example, Alien Vendetta on Ultra-Violence, but on Hey Not Too Rough it might get a lot easier. Regardless, some of the less difficult WADs I've played: Freedoom Phase 1 and 2 (Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 IWAD replacements, similar difficulty but slightly harder) SIGIL (John Romero's E5 for Ultimate Doom - about as much of a difficulty hike from E4 as E3 to E4) Japanese Community Project (there are some really hard levels, but nothing ridiculous and the average level is relatively easy) I have also heard that Scythe 1 and 2's early maps are easy (I can only vouch for Scythe 2 here), though the difficulty curve is very steep and both MegaWADs increase to extreme difficulty in the final levels.
  2. northivanastan


    Also, if anyone was wondering what SIGIL looks like with Freedoom:
  3. northivanastan


    Sigil is compatible with Freedoom, I've tried it myself. The "free" in Freedoom refers to "freedom" as well as "free-to-play." The "freedom" that Freedoom gives you includes the freedom to make copies of Freedoom and modify it as you wish, even commercially. Knee Deep In The Dead is released under a non-commercial "shareware" license, and Sigil prohibits modification, so neither meet this definition of "freedom." I doubt that Freedoom will provide a SIGIL replacement though, at the very least because nobody is making WADs that require SIGIL, and one of Freedoom's main reasons for existence is to allow to people to play WADs without a registered copy of Doom. SIGIL provides almost no new resources and the ability to add an E5 is just a function of source ports like Crispy Doom and (G/L)ZDoom, so there's no reason to make WADs based on it as far as I know.
  4. northivanastan

    YouTube vs vidlii

    I have never heard of Vidlii. As for what the best video sharing platform is: PeerTube for the win.
  5. northivanastan

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    Since they said they weren't going to debate... I think they're responding to the thread title. i.e. if conspiracy theorists make your brain hurt, try talking to them respectfully and figuring out why they believe what they believe. And I partially agree, though talking to a conspiracy theorist in good faith (except to validate the conspiracy theory) is basically impossible online.
  6. northivanastan

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Heretic is the best IWAD
  7. northivanastan

    Favorite OSTs Of Any Video Game

    Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite video game composer. My vote for the best ever video game OST would be a tie between several of the Final Fantasy games (at least I, VI, and VII). I also think Minecraft's soundtrack is great, especially the creative mode tracks. C418's tracks make great background music, and manages to keep inspiring the player over the course of a long and varied game. It's what got me into electronic music. Otherwise, I can pick out the NES Mega Man OSTs and the Ace Attorney series OSTs as having made an impression on me.
  8. northivanastan

    Post your Desktop Background

    I'm sure I'm not the only one to use Kurashiki's fanart as my wallpaper. OS is Debian GNU/Linux 10 LXDE, heavily customized. This is my secondary computer, but it's where I do most of my Dooming.
  9. northivanastan

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Nice coat of arms.
  10. northivanastan

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    As a leftist who has spent time in these circles: they seem to think that since the Kim regime is against America's empire, they are anti-imperialist. Same for China, and sometimes Russia. Yeah, it is really stupid.
  11. northivanastan

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    Some thoughts on "(don't) trust the media/experts/science": A lot of conspiracy theorists, or people with views that aren't mainstream, will tell you to "question everything" and "don't trust the media" but then put their trust into another biased news source - OAN, Drudge, Infowars, etc. Not trusting the media, in my mind, means being skeptical of all news media, both "mainstream" and "independent" media, because everyone is biased, and every news source has its own agenda. You have to read a lot of different sources and notice the difference in how they report the news. At the very least, accept that any news source can be wrong about anything, and so can you. It's harder than finding a single "trustworthy" source, but it's worth it. As for "experts/science," pretty much every scientific conclusion is well documented. Scientific studies are public and usually very detailed. Sure, there are problems within the scientific community, and the media tends to distort the actual contents of scientific studies. Skepticism is still needed, but "questioning everything" is what science is all about, and generally if something in science doesn't make sense to you, you can find several studies, articles, etc explaining it and how scientists came to that conclusion. Fact-check what you hear about science, and you might find that the scientific community, as a whole, tends to form accurate conclusions and admit when it's wrong. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be skeptical of scientists, but you should also be skeptical of the people telling you that the science is wrong. tl;dr - conspiracy theorists are not skeptics
  12. northivanastan

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    Skeptics aren't saying that government conspiracies don't happen, nor are they saying that no conspiracies exist that haven't been uncovered yet. I'm certain that the US government and other world governments are hiding a lot of dark secrets. I just think that when they come out, it's not likely they will match up with any of the popular conspiracy theories. The biggest real conspiracies, I think, are the ones that happen in plain view of the public, but aren't talked about much by the media, and get forgotten about a few months after they are unveiled. For example, what was revealed in Panama Papers.
  13. northivanastan

    Cacophony - A MIDI Album

    Just having listened to the first three tracks, these are definitely better than anything I've created in the MIDI format. Reminds me somewhat of Jimmy's work, particularly on Eviternity (which makes sense, seeing that you made most of the maps). I unfortunately still don't have a very good sequencer, so I can't do anything too fancy with MIDI, which makes the way you use the instruments particularly cool to me. Track 1 was great especially, I love downtempo electronic music. The ones I've listened to so far seem very much like they were designed for specific maps, but they're pretty great nonetheless and I'm certain that Doom mappers would be eager to use these tracks. It's interesting that this has gotten more recognition in the first hour than my Creative Works thread has in several weeks. Maybe it's because you're an established member of the community, maybe it's because you posted in Doom General, maybe it's because your music is way better than mine. Probably that last one.
  14. northivanastan

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    It's generally agreed that Altantis was a fictional setting invented by Plato as part of an allegory. It might be disputed how much of Plato's story is based on actual history, but the modern-day conceptions of Atlantis have less to do with Plato and more to do with New Age spirituality, pseudoscience, and occasionally conspiracy theories.
  15. northivanastan

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    Most of the discussion I see around "cancel culture" seems to miss the distinction between witch-hunting and legitimate consequences. On one hand there's stretching some vague remarks someone made years ago and using them as a basis for righteous outcry, on the other there's getting fired for advocating violence and bigotry and refusing to apologise. Granted, it's not always easy to tell the difference.