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  1. Omniplex


    Going to try this one now, looks interesting. I am using the Beta 3 version :) EDIT: I enjoyed the first parts of this map until the long maze. It is quite repetitive I have to say, and you also need to provide some more powerful weapons to the players if they are going to face strong monsters like barons of hell and spider masterminds along with cyberdemons and arch-viles later on, like rocket launcher or plasma rifle. I have seen a lot of energy cell packs in the large area with a lot of monsters after the long maze, but I didn't see any plasma rifle. Is there any way where I can get such weapons? Maybe I'm missing something.
  2. I would definitely scale it down, great idea. Like I said, I could also just turn the two future megawads into community projects. I would also like to leave it for now, but you guys are more than welcome to make edits on this installment. Don't worry if you have other things to do, or working on your maps :) UPDATE: I have decided, I would like to give away this WAD for better mappers to make edits. This WAD is starting to get on my nerves, interfering with my mind all the time. Also, Haunting Outbreak 3 and 4 along with any other future maps aren't going to happen. I'm very sorry guys but DooM is starting to stress me up now and I wish to never think of this game ever again, I just want to clear my mind and forget what I did in the past and all the past abominations I have made. This may hurt, but it's time for me to move on for good :(
  3. Omniplex

    Omega Fortress - enhanced

    I have played through the enhanced version of this great WAD, that is an amazing difficulty increase; and in fact I have even lost twice! Amazing work, I like it even more now :)
  4. Now this looks very interesting, AND FOR THE FIRST WAD! :D I used to have GZDoom but it began to act strange since the time I had to remove the graphic card that had OpenGL, the graphic card port may have deteriorated and I cannot play with GZDoom anymore :(
  5. Thanks for chilling me up from terrible frustration. I do not know if I should continue making megawads completely on my own or not, one-man megawad projects are unbelievably challenging I tell you and I believe this is the reason why I'm feeling frustrated. This was planned to be a four megawad series so I still have Haunting Outbreak 3 and 4 to go. They are always in my head everyday despite being future megawads, can you imagine making a total of 132 maps on your own? That is INSANE I may turn both Haunting Outbreak 3 and 4 into community projects. Currently I have made a total of 57 maps on my own and that is already a big lot. After I finish with both the third and fourth installments, I was also planning to make enormous slaughter-maps (in a similar way to Sunder) that with each level is a different element. For example: The first map will be an earth element, the third will have ice element, the eight will be all-out metallic and so on. There would be 12 of them, and a single secret map that will be either Norse or Celtic themed with a good amount of scripts and 3D floors but I have to finish the Haunting Outbreak series first. If I still have to make maps on my own for the old series, the maps (especially the earlier ones) will be far shorter. Long maps will be applied only by the end of any episode, and also at the very end of the megawad like MAP29 or MAP28. I will also apply less sectors on my levels, I feel that I put too much sectors. For example: I have made over 4300 sectors in MAP20, it took me around 3 weeks or so to finish and it may possibly lag due to detailing and the amount of monsters present, which is lose to a thousand.
  6. Right, thanks for the reply and yes I really need more rest. I usually take complete rest from my daily routine every Sunday, and become stress free. It appears that I need more, or just been into mapping only and day after day for a very long time. It's time I do something completely different than mapping :) EDIT: It's just I also need to get rid of these old maps, these were made around 5 years ago and if I am going back to mapping someday; I will try to make them completely different than the first 21 maps, with completely different feel and game-play. The secret count will also be much higher, and a little harder to spot. I still have maps 22 till 30 and two secrets, but I'll leave them empty for now. Sometimes I get encouraged and sometimes I don't, I'm sure everybody in the world feel like that at times. Cheers :)
  7. I have to say that this megaWAD is not going anywhere good. I'm very stressed right and my head feels heavy right now... Alright, I have spent a very good amount of time, effort and work on this. I understand the criticism here, I have taken a lot of notes regarding the game play. Maybe I should leave this WAD to you guys and make edits here. I'm sure you can do way better than me. Cheers.
  8. Omniplex

    Omega Fortress - enhanced

    I'd say the same about both health and ammo, the abundance on resources is enormous and I was full on ammo most of the time. For instance: I used a lot of cells and rockets but was full on bullets and shotgun shells, and vice versa. Regarding the difficulty, it was quite a breeze for me even on Ultra-Violence difficulty. I would however suggest adding more higher tier monsters in areas where there is a lot of rockets and cells (like arachnotrons and mancubi). There are areas that are large enough to add like 2 spider-masterminds for example, since I noticed there were none of those. I would also suggest removing some ammo, especially bullets since I found a lot of them. Removing some medkits and adding some stimpacks instead would also be a good idea. I have also noticed there were a lot of power-ups too, you can for example: replace soul-sphere with berserk pack. It was good when you have added the automap power-up as I was getting lost there :). Here is another example that can help you increase the difficulty of the level: removing some blue armors and replacing them with green armors, or just adding some armor bonuses instead. Same goes when you have a ton of medkits, you can add stimpacks or just add health bonuses. I hope these examples can help you, and good luck making better maps in the future :)
  9. Omniplex

    Omega Fortress - enhanced

    I have just finished the level in an hour. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have managed to locate all secrets but not all kills (albeit I almost got them all). I must say, this is an incredible map, well done! :) Note the percentages, the numbers displayed here have an increment of 1, that is: 98, 99 and 100 HAHA! Oh and sorry for double-posting here.
  10. Omniplex

    Omega Fortress - enhanced

    So far I am really enjoying this map, an enormous map I tell you XD! I may have encountered some unpegged textures on doors like this one: Otherwise a very good level design with plenty of interesting concepts like the "flaming lines" on the metal floor and the area displayed on the screenshot above, the blood could have been made as a damaging floor though, so that those little "islands" scattered along the area would serve a purpose. And also, excellent thinking on the secrets, very well hidden. Keep it up!
  11. Omniplex

    Omega Fortress - enhanced

    The screenshots are looking great! going to try this now.
  12. I have tested all 21 maps, and can now be completed in Ultra-Violence with 100% kills and 100% secrets. I have updated the link to the WAD itself, the new version is out now! :)
  13. Omniplex

    WAD in Progress

    Well this looks quite interesting. I like all types of maps, but I especially like slaughter-fest maps. I would definitely give this a try :)
  14. Well, this is strange because it worked for me. Curious, what source port are you using to play this WAD? This WAD is in "ZDoom (Doom 2 in Hexen format)", and it uses Doom 2 as a resource IWAD.
  15. Alright, I have just made a quick test (with no monsters) on MAP14 and it works entirely. Since you still have the previous version of this WAD, does the striped door have "Repeatable action" not applied? It supposed to be a normal door. To those who are still waiting for the next version, it is almost finished as I have made it to MAP19. I made sure there is just enough ammo and health to complete the levels with 100% kills and 100% secrets on Ultra-Violence. Some levels are difficult to complete without saves on the said difficulty. There are certain areas where you may almost run out of ammo with crowds of monsters chasing you, but just behind that crowd; there is a big stash of ammo and health waiting for you and make a run for.