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  1. Sir Sapo


    I was being sarcastic about the scary part, but I dont just make all the monsters just a smiley face, i made an imp into a walking stick figure with a smiley face and a little flaming face floating above his right hand that he through at you, so there is still some variety to it.
  2. Sir Sapo


    I was wondering, has there ever been a TC that replaced the monsters with...... "evil smiley faces", because I was bored one day and was making new monsters and i made some smiley faces and stuff like that and then made it into a level and its pretty scary to see a huge smiley face come at you out of the dark. Anyway, i was wondering if it would seem if I was copying someones idea or something like that if i released the WAD.
  3. Sir Sapo


    Ok Thx
  4. Sir Sapo


    Why cant I load my PWADs from a ZDOOM shortcut, I used to be able to by typing in the -file thing into the target box but now it wont work, am I doing anything wrong?
  5. Sir Sapo

    Level Deleting

    How can I make my WAD so that when i beat the last level in my WAD it quits the game and shows the ENDOOM screen, instead of going to the next level in the original Doom?
  6. Sir Sapo

    Colored sector lighting?

    I think you need to be running a newer sourceport, I'm pretty sure that Legacy allows for colored lighting but i dont know what the tag is.
  7. Sir Sapo

    Scrolling ceilings

    Thats cool, so i just have to make a ship sprite and place it in a skybox?
  8. Sir Sapo

    Sprite Alignment Issues

    how is that done Scuba?
  9. Sir Sapo

    IWAD creation

    OK thx
  10. Sir Sapo

    IWAD creation

    But if i am using ZDOOM will I have to replace all the sprites or is that new enough?
  11. Sir Sapo

    Sprite Alignment Issues

    Ya, the only thing that i can find that would look wierd is if the angle of the gun makes it look like the shots might be going off straight, but the gun sprite is shaped so that the rounds should be going from a different part of the screen, but i guess I could just make the gun like the original doom guns and place it straight. Whatever i am blabbing along about nothing.
  12. Sir Sapo

    Getting new sounds into a WAD

    I have this really cool WAD going and i want to add some custom music to it. It is a ZDOOM WAD so it can use MIDI but i dont know how to get it into the WAD. I tried using WINTEX but it only will use .MUS, not .MIDI . Is there another utility for getting MIDI music into a WAD, or am I just using WinTex wrong?
  13. Sir Sapo

    ZDOOM PWAD Loading

    What do i type into the console in order to get my PWAD to load. I put the PWAD in the same place as ZDOOM and i read the readme for the console but it doesn't work (i'm probalby doing it wrong somehow).
  14. Sir Sapo

    Best Source Port?

    I prefer ZDoom, just because it has better than average graphics and is pretty straight forward, but Legacy is pretty cool with all the 3D things.
  15. Sir Sapo

    Scrolling ceilings

    Ya, i just thought it would be cool if you have like a level or something where you go outside and it looks like tons of planes, or dropships are flying overhead. That would be pretty cool, and thx doom dude for the info.