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  1. ReinhardHydra

    Your opinion on Brutal Doom

    I think it does stray from DOOM but I enjoy it. It isn't trying to stay true to DOOM so it shouldn't be expected. It isn't for everybody, but it's good in my opinion.
  2. ReinhardHydra

    Best way to play Doom1/2 Coop with a friend in 2021?

    Zandronum I heard is good for that, but if you have an Xbox or PS4 then that's great too.
  3. That's all. A topic to literally discuss fireblu.
  4. ReinhardHydra

    Female Slayer

    It doesn't matter to me if a character is a female as long as it makes sense. 9/10 DOOMGUY/ DOOMSLAYER would've been male, and I think the series is to far gone to now change such an iconic character's gender. But it wouldn't have mattered if he was a female WHEN he was finalized.
  5. I know somebody who doesn't have either a laptop or pc. It may sound dumb, but are there any ways to begin making maps without them to any extent?
  6. ReinhardHydra

    Map Making Tips

    I'm partially new to the concept of building in things such as DOOM Builder or GZDOOM Builder. I understand how to use the tools (the basics mainly) however I struggle with map design itself mainly. Where to start, what textures would be best for certain areas etc. Are there any other tips besides the classic Romero ones?