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  1. JRLJ

    Clan name

    Me and my friends decided to make a Doom clan. I was just wondering what name you guys thought was better. The Doom Squad Idols of Hatered Cheers --JRLJ
  2. JRLJ

    Master Levels question

    I didnt have to install when I got them, I just browsed the CD to the master levels folder and copied and pasted them into my WADs folder then loaded up my doom port, set the level and away I went.
  3. JRLJ


    How easy is it to run a doom deathmatch from my computer? Doom 95 never seems to work. Im asking this because me and the guys on my forums want to play an online tournie.
  4. JRLJ

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    The first time you meet a Cyberdemon has got to be the most frightening moment in any game ever.. First time I met him.. Tower of babel.. Opened 1 door and shot a lost soul.. went to go out another door and he was there.. i jumped out of my seat and he shot me... Took me ages to beat him without IDDQD as I wasnt to good at strafing..
  5. JRLJ

    Doom 64

    Why was Doom 64 never released on the PC?? I never played it but it looked pretty good. I think it would have been a good game to release on the PC..