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  1. DemonicSavage

    What if there were no hitscanners?

    Heretic is basically Doom with no hitscanners and a medieval theme.
  2. DemonicSavage

    How many PWADS do you have to complete to not be considered a poser

    You have to create your own source port from scratch, without referencing any documentation or the original source code, in Assembly. After that, use it to play every single PWAD ever created. Not released, created. Hacking into every computer ever used to created PWADS is left as an exercise to the reader. Be sure to have means to implement the "if you die in the game, you die in real life" rule, if needed.
  3. DemonicSavage

    Which of these chainsaw animations is the correct one?

    I did some testing on DOSBOX and the original DOOM2.EXE, it's also choppy there.
  4. DemonicSavage

    Which of these chainsaw animations is the correct one?

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up installing Crispy Doom and the behavior is identical to PrBoom+ in that regard. So it seems that GZDoom is "wrong" here. Now that I think about it, I should've just compared to Crispy or Chocolate instead of opening this thread.
  5. I made two videos demonstrating the differences in chainsaw animation between GZDoom and PrBoom+. Which one is the "correct" one? PrBoom+'s look choppy so I assume it's the one that's wrong. Is there a way to fix the one that's "wrong"?
  6. DemonicSavage

    Help/tips for a disabled Doom player?

    While I'm not a student anymore, I'm in a situation where that would be too expensive for me. I'm on Linux, but I shall try that with Xmodmap or something similar. It seems interesting, but switching weapons with the number keys might be suboptimal. I'll try anyway and see if I can play better. I will also try different keybindings. Thank you! That's what I do currently, but it's suboptimal. I made a mod with ZScript that slows down the projectiles (in the case of the rocket, only if it's from a Cyberdemon). I would like to share it to anyone else that may find it useful, where should I post it? PracticeMode.7z
  7. DemonicSavage

    Help/tips for a disabled Doom player?

    Mobility in my right foot is also limited.
  8. DemonicSavage

    Help/tips for a disabled Doom player?

    I've tried strafing with a mouse, but it is absolutely terrible. To be fair, my mouse has a very awkward layout, and it is a right-handed one. I probably could afford a new one, but there's very few left-handed ones and they tend to be expensive. Especially since I live in a developing country. My best bet would be modding, for sure. Is there good documentation for GZDoom scripting? I tried to find it but it seems very sparse.
  9. DemonicSavage

    Help/tips for a disabled Doom player?

    My mouse hand is the left one, the one without disability. I (theoretically) use A and D to strafe. My problem is not only circle strafing, but strafing at all. I can strafe, but too slowly to actually dodge projectiles. I would like a mod like that, but I would like even more to make mods like that. I never did anything Doom-related and don't really know the GZDoom scripting tools. Any pointers on that?
  10. DemonicSavage

    Help/tips for a disabled Doom player?

    Hello. I'm physically disabled (slow movements in my right hand) and been playing Doom a lot, recently. I play E1 of Ultimate Doom on UV. I play some of Doom II in UV. I recently started Plutonia and this game is kicking my ass, even in ITYTD. My main problem is strafing. I cannot really dodge projectiles because of it. And the amount of Barons, Hell Knights, Mancubi and Revenants are staggering. Is there something I could do to improve my Doom skills, apart from practicing a lot? Can any other Doomers with similar disabilities provide me with some tips?