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  1. This deathmatch classic as well: MALL.WAD
  2. What about Chris Klie's Master Levels outtakes? I feel like they should be in here.
  3. For those who are interested, here's a wad that replaces the stock Doom/Doom II tracks in this wad with their equivalents from the Ultimate MIDI Pack and MID the Way id Did, as well as the title screen song with an extended version of it from Bobby's Lost Midis: DoomZeroMIDI.zip
  4. What about @Peter? Isn't that basically his work in the Master Levels MIDI Pack? Also, unrelated but last week I've made a MIDI replacement wad for Doom Zero that replaces the wad's tracks (minus the Jay Reichard remixes) with their equivalents from Ultimate MIDI Pack and MIDTWID, until we get a proper MIDI pack for the wad. Also included in the title screen is the extended version of un12.mid from Bobby's Lost Midis. DoomZeroMIDI.zip
  5. Pregador

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm looking for two old levels I had in a couple of 90's wad compilations I've made back in 2014, both of them for Doom 1. The first one is a techbase full of large corridors: The second one is a warehouse level similar to MAP19 from TNT Evilution: Thanks in advance!
  6. Forgot about this one: Deimos Immaculated (for Doom 1)
  7. A few more suggestions. Doom 1 Episodes: The Ultimate NMD Doom 1 Maps: The Slipgate Complex Doom 2 Episodes: Eviltech: Soul of Megawad (limit-removing) PC_WOLF, A Wolfenstein classic Doom 2 Maps: Castle of the Damned Mods: MSPaintDoom (Vanilla Mode)
  8. I already knew about the TNT MIDI Pack, I've heard a few tracks and right now I'm waiting anxiously for the final version. Plutonia 3 on the other hand I thought it was a joke at first but great to hear it's a thing now and that Lee's involved in it.
  9. Great job! Congratulations to everyone involved! My favorite track was @Bloo's E1M6, though it didn't sound like Bobby Prince's originals it still felt very nostalgic to me. Also great to see one of my favorite video game composers, @leejacksonaudio's return! I was really excited to hear his new tracks and both of them they turned out to be really good. Hope we can hear more of his in other projects.
  10. Nice! Might play some of those later. I've seen a few screenshots of KINDa and it seems to be a good wad
  11. Which reminds me of Jim Flynn's Enigma Episode, whose maps were originally released for Doom as well. They could also get MIDIs for both games!
  12. Maybe an extended remix of it could be done?
  13. The best part of Double Impact's OST were the mashups of the original Doom songs, if a community MIDI pack is going to happen I'd love to hear more of those.
  14. Dystopia 3 (and it's addon Dystopia 301) The Enigma Episode (and maybe the rest of Jim Flynn's maps?) Favillesco Episodes 1 and 2 The Lost Episodes of Doom Doom Zero Phobos Mission Control and Tech Gone Bad Switcheroom 1 and 2 Return to Daro No End In Sight The "reject" Master Levels and the other Inferno/Titan/Cabal maps (for those I like playing them with MIDTWID, but a MIDI pack would be nice to see) That and the exclusive Jaguar/PSX maps.
  15. Don't know if someone already did this before, but here's a version of this wad that replaces the duplicate tracks only (much like the one in the Ultimate MIDI Pack): midtwid2dup.zip