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  1. ob3kenob

    The "ExMx / Mapxx knockoff" list

    Thanks, Vince, I'll do that.
  2. ob3kenob

    Macintosh minimum specs

    Actually, the Mac's biggest bottleneck is it's video. If you want to stay with the Mac, try to get hold of a G5, if you can stand to look at the minimalist industrial style case (they start at about $1800 now, but I'd go for the dual 2GH @ $3000, if I were you, paying for it over the next three years) and install an ATI Radeon 9800 (not the XT - no one will need that much power for a year or two). Then at least you'll be in the running. The 128MB version of the card can be picked up through Pricewatch (pricewatch.com) for less than $150.00. The Mac, being a Mac, will not be available for less. Why Apple doesn't come out with a gaming machine I don't know. Now your problem will be finding the game you want in a Macintosh edition...
  3. ob3kenob

    3D Illusions in D3

    Well, ten isn't a bad number. But perhaps id is looking forward to the day when hordes (and by hordes I mean only twenty or thirty actual entities; I'm not a "Nuts" fan) will be possible because of the constant increase in computer power - principally graphics power, and planning accordingly. I can always look forward to that day. Four years ago nVidia said that realtime "Toy Story"-like imagery would be possible in ten years. OK, nVidia, I'm waiting. Maybe ATI will beat them to it. I tell you, I live in hope... It's a dog's life. And I have three cats.
  4. ob3kenob

    Holy crap lots of new screenshots

    Perhaps id will allow players a choice of weapons to be selected for their arsonal up front, before the game proper begins, like choosing a skin, thereby pleasing everybody. Let's hope so.
  5. ob3kenob

    3D Illusions in D3

    That's exactly the sort of thing I wanted! I guess my info is a bit out of date. Does it then become an equipment issue, with the engine cutting back automatically on the number of creatures present as it senses the limitations of the computer it's being played on? I know it will automatically fall back on goodies like bump-mapping and stencil shadowing when it finds an older video card, but that's based on different criteria, right? Also, as I understand it, the number of triangles making up the creatures remains the same for a given distance from the viewer on all systems, so the older the system, or at any rate, the older the video card, the fewer the monsteres supported at any given time. I wonder what system the screen shot of the Trites was taken on. BTW, your last paragraph sounds very hopeful. Not that I'd want hordes of enemies on screen all the time, either, but from what I've seen and read (up to now) it seemed like that was to be a thing of the past. Glad to hear it's not so.
  6. ob3kenob

    Holy crap lots of new screenshots

    What "nowadays people?" You?
  7. ob3kenob

    Macintosh minimum specs

    Apple is something of a boutique computer company. It appeals to the graphic design field and elitist users through a sort of snob appeal, bolstered by it's well-earned reputation as the best you could get back in the day, short of Unix-based systems (but they were command-line only, like DOS, and nowhere as easy to use as MACs). So if a consumer wanted the best computer that (a reasonable amount of) money could buy, with the best operating system around, they bought a MAC. If Steve Jobs, or his successors, had ported their code to the Intel platform back when Windows was an infant (pre-95), as they were thinking of doing, we'd all be working MACs today, because, frankly, the MAC OS blew Windows 3.1 out of the water and past the moon. I think, in spite of having Jobs back at the helm, Apple is, a) a little timid about going out into the deep waters with the big boys, and b) is playing chiefly to it's core market of graphic designers, who don't require fantastic video fill rates. Apple better watch out, though, because heretofor it's been an OpenGL groupie, but DirectX looks to be edging ahead, and then what will happen? Don't get me wrong - I love MACs, having learned on them and used them for years (I'm a graphic designer myself) - I still use one on a daily basis for my work, but for games I have a custom Windows/Intel system I put together myself (with a little help), and, after repeated upgrades, it now blows the MAC out of the water and at least into the lower stratosphere. It may take a while, but unless Apple takes games and gaming more seriously, it's going to end up like the Sony Betamax, which was also the best in it's day...
  8. ob3kenob

    Let's see some proper Doom style gibs, huh?

    I agree with Lectrix; too much realism will actually cut down on the enjoyment of the game. Plus, something really dramatic should only be used once - after that the shock impact is gone and it can get to be like eating something you like, say chocolate ice cream, then having to eat more, then more, and then more and then...you get the idea. After a while you never want to see the damn stuff again.
  9. ob3kenob

    Holy crap lots of new screenshots

    I think the older shots look better, too, not necessarily from a technical pov, but from a game-playing pov. Darkness not only hides the flaws, it also thickens the atmosphere, and in a game that wants to scare us out of our wits it's not a good idea to have bright lights. Check out any horror movie: it's when the brainless hero decides he's just GOT to check out that thump in the basement, where there's only one dim light bulb working 'way off in a corner, that things really start to get creepy. Eyes glowing in the dark have it all over anything, however big and nasty-looking, in a well-lit room any day. I hope the final game ships in varying shades of colored gray, with the only bright light(s) being the one(s) shining in your eyes for a moment, briefly - just enough to blind you for a second - when some half-seen creature scrapes past a hanging lamp, making it swing. Also, the marine's neck is too short... Oh, a word about the weapons: one of the things that really made me love the original Doom was that some guy (me) was running around in a space station with --- a shotgun!! How much "out of place" can you get? Aren't shotguns what good ol' boys rack up in the back of their pickup cabs? What's it doing on a Martian moon? How bizarre! How completely wrong-era! How inspired! I loved it. I still do.
  10. ob3kenob

    3D Illusions in D3

    Thank you, Tim. No, it wouldn't be good without stencil shadowing. But you've given me some ideas. Time will tell if they're good ideas or whatever, but I'm really grateful for your input. The whole thing, of course, is to replicate the ambiance (if I may call it that) of the original Doom in having a host (dozens, not hundreds) of enemies on screen at the same time, instead of three or four, which is apparently all the Doom 3 engine will allow, or perhaps I should say, all the consumer-level equipment available will allow. Any ideas on what fill rates and so on would be necessary to put, say, 20 monsters plus four players on screen at once, extrapolating from the little we know for certain about the Doom 3 specs, and assuming highest levels of resolution and anti-aliasing? (While we're at it, let's assume a 6x9 widescreen format as well.) If you feel like it, thanks! If you don't feel like it, thanks anyway for the help you've already given me.
  11. ob3kenob

    Doomsday engine

    OK, got it. Now, is the link from Doomworld/Source Ports/JDoom working yet? Has anyone checked it? Or was I just having an out-of-body experience? Or - maybe I'll just go check it out for myself! Yes! Gee, it's nice to have a brain, and be able to think things out. Not only can you play football with it, but a brain has so many other useful purposes, too...
  12. ob3kenob

    Doomsday engine

    Why the different names, then?
  13. ob3kenob

    Doomsday engine

  14. ob3kenob

    running catacombs under win 98

    Hey, where can I get a copy of "Catacombs?" I have some old floppies that don't load up anymore, and it's not available on the id site.
  15. ob3kenob

    Funniest Threads

    I had a lot of fun with this one. Maybe some of you will find it amusing... "No, I'm not whats-His-Name." It was started by Blackfish, and it's on page 3 of this forum.