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Everything posted by Zigmund

  1. Zigmund

    Doom2 upgrade patches???

    Any chance at getting the links to these upgrade patches fixed so they actually download the correct Doom2 files?
  2. Zigmund

    Doom2 upgrade patches???

    Hey!! Great!! Thanks Codor! That's just what i needed. Problem solved.
  3. Zigmund


    Wow!! I havn't checked here in ages and the first thing i notice is you're having a problem with my crusty old map18... That'll teach me to look in here more often! Thank you for fixing the problem it had. I'm sorry for any grief it may have caused. It's nice to see this project moving again! Keep it up people!!
  4. Zigmund

    lokito (baron) again

    Here's a freebie site for yah, http://files.villagephotos.com/index.asp
  5. Zigmund

    AOD doom sprites

    I'll grant you that one. In fact Linguica's icon looks better than the current imp... Heh... could you picture that?
  6. Zigmund

    AOD doom sprites

    The big one is deffinatly a revenant.
  7. Zigmund

    Anyone wanna work together on maps?

    I'll give it a shot. I always find it hard to start a map but if somethings there to work with, now that's a different story.
  8. Zigmund

    Some No No's in Mapping

    Thanks that was just what i was looking for. The painting is gone and replaced with a small window and a "flowerbox" with shrubbery stuffed in it. I'm much happier with how it looks now, thanks.
  9. Zigmund

    Some No No's in Mapping

    my "final" map18 version didn't make it out of the incoming box yet so you can grab it from geocities.com/z_ozwell/DOOM.html (maybe this link?) I need to know if the ammo/heath balance is ok or for that matter if anything just plain sucks or needs work/help in the map. Any comments or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Zigmund

    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

    Just over the NY side.
  11. Zigmund

    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

    I'm about 6-8 miles north of Catamount. Sorta halfway between route 23 and route 71. Seeing the name Jug end reminded me of many drunken days floating around Gilder pond on a raft in Mt. Washington State Park. :)
  12. Zigmund

    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

    Hiya from a neighbor in Hillsdale :)
  13. Zigmund


    Dystopia3.wad, map 11, has a good example of an over and under bridge for the regular Doom2.exe.
  14. Zigmund

    Text Files

    Here yah go, http://doomgate.gamers.org/dhs/depot/wadtempt.txt
  15. Zigmund

    Asylum Texture Wad

    Thanks for taking the time to convert them. They are some really nice useable textures.
  16. Zigmund

    Newbie help

    Hmmm.... works fine in windows for me and there is a a full help guide for WadEd in the Doom Alchemy book. Not only that but if you've made levels with another editor before, using WadEd is a breeze. As for it being size limmited, thank God for that. I never know when to stop.... My first level would have been about the size of six of WadEd's limmited ones. :) Oh and while i'm thinking about it. Everyone of Doom 1 and Doom 2's levels are smaller than WadEd's size limitations and everyone of thier levels are great and fun to play. Proving once again that "size doesn't matter". Well at least thats what i keep telling my girlfriend, ummmm.... nevermind that.... NEXT!!! On a side note about DeepSea's help menu. Because i use a different font and font size along with the fact that i also use a different screen resolution, (all of which i'm not about to change just to use a different program), the "Help" menu is completely hidden by a white box that says "nothing". So for a beginning user of deePsea who just happens to be using my settings, DeePsea has NO Visible help menu. Maybe that's something you would want to look into.
  17. Zigmund

    Newbie help

    Hey, How come you never mentioned WadEd in there? <g> Oooops!!! Sorry, Didn't want to start that up again. lol
  18. Zigmund

    I'll NEVA GIVE UP! :P - I need help w/ WinTex

    I don't know if you are using a download program but if you are , don't. Just use the normal way Windows would download. I had the same problem and this cured it.
  19. Zigmund

    Sorry for my ignorance....

    Try this one :) ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/ Then look for the "idgames" folder. and the link does work because i just tryed it.
  20. Zigmund


    I'd have to say that i had more fun playing your earlyer levels (1-10 i think) than the later levels. Though it was cool watching as your skills as a level designer grow as the levels progessed. But there was just that "something" about the lower levels, even though they lacked detail, that made them more enjoyable to play. Maybe like Lazer said go back and add detail to your lower levels and along the way you will probably come up with more ideas for future levels. As for your future levels why don't you release them in packs of four levels, so like your next release would contain levels 17-20 and the next would be 21-24 and so on. This would give you time to have a break between levels and get some new ideas.
  21. Zigmund

    wow. Wadauthor is super dooper

    I'd have to agree with Lut. WadEd is very simple to use. Its not bogged down with extra stuff you really dont need when creating a map. Plus you can draw with WadEd. You're not limited to starting off with a square or circle and the connecting of rooms is as simple as drawing another sector right onto the previous sector. The best part is now if you don't like the line thats between the 2 sectors, just delete it and recreate the 2 sectors into one. Try that with Wadauthor! Download it and give it a try. And yeah it does work in windows even though it is a Dos based program.
  22. Zigmund

    wow. Wadauthor is super dooper

    No i was reffering to wadEd. It has a nasty sector building bug. I like Wadauthor but i can't build a damn thing with it. I usually build a map with WadEd and then use Wadauthor for error checking or to mess around with some of the other cool stuff wadauthor has.
  23. Zigmund

    wow. Wadauthor is super dooper

    Now there's an editor i wish someone would upgrade.... or at least squash that damn build sector bug.
  24. Zigmund

    How do I...

    If you download the editor called WadEd there is a program that comes with it called "wadcat.exe" . It will combine all your wads and is simple to use.
  25. Zigmund

    Converting Doom Maps?

    Yup there is a progam over in the utilitys section called DM2CONV 3.2 and like Astewart41 says it will replace the missing grafics with a default grafics so you will have to go through your level and sort out the wrong ones.