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  1. billbuckner

    Sunlust [on /idgames]

    The "cage" trap in MAP05 can get spoiled by the player reaching it before he fires a shot. This actually seems somewhat likely since it's like five seconds directly in front of the player start.
  2. billbuckner

    Nothing New On idgames Lately

    Folks it's been a good run but it looks like Doom is over.
  3. billbuckner

    April Agitation: the megathread

    This was rigged. E4M2 was brutally jobbed out by a conspiracy and I intend to find out those responsible.
  4. billbuckner

    April Agitation: the megathread

    I'm appalled by this turn of events.
  5. billbuckner

    most skill-demanding megawad?

    Ribbiks's stuff has kicked my ass harder than anything else these days.
  6. billbuckner

    April Agitation: the megathread

    Doom 2 is when his technique turned into formulaic schtick. Doom 1 is his vital work.
  7. billbuckner

    April Agitation: the megathread

    If I had to pick a winner, it'd be E4M2 in a heartbeat, but if it ran that close to E1M3, I have a feeling it'll have a tough time beating MAP29.
  8. billbuckner

    April Agitation: the megathread

    I can't help but think there's something up with the level descriptions.
  9. billbuckner

    April Agitation: the megathread

    Hangar is exactly what it means to be and it's a masterpiece at being exactly that. The fact that it's simple or easy is besides the point. It showcases the new engine, gets the player introduced to combat, shows the different types of secret areas in Doom that go beyond hitting all the walls, all in about maybe two minutes. It's brilliant.
  10. billbuckner

    How should a "good" Doom player be defined?

    The "problem" with Doom is that it doesn't have scoring, or really much in the way of gameplay metrics. Yeah, it has K/S/I + time, which resulted in the birth of Doom speedrunning, but Doom, the game system, doesn't really give you much positive/negative feedback about your scores there. You don't get graded S-to-E like an action game, for instance, and there's no high-score-table in Doom- in fact, they removed it during development. Some of the metrics are even contradictory- it's usually extremely difficult-to-impossible to get 100% Kills and a par time, for example, and anyway, who cares about 100% Items? Like, you can complain about players playing conservatively to survive above all, but that's because the only "metric" that really impacts feedback is survival- very basically, if you don't survive, you die, and if you do, you win. So players aren't "wrong" to play conservatively- they simply aren't being incentivized enough to take risks. Fortunately, this is something that a lot of mapmakers these days recognize, and try to fix. These days, when I see a map can be easily reduced to "funnel the monsters through a door", I don't consider it a fault in the players who use this strategy, I consider it a fault in the map.
  11. billbuckner

    Things id got wrong

    E3M7 and E4M7 are actually comparatively easy too.
  12. billbuckner

    Things id got wrong

    That's your problem. You're equating the extra decisions a player would have to make with a carry-limit with "thinking", and you're going on to say that any player who isn't using a carry-limit system (which seems to include every Doom player, ever), isn't "thinking". Ask someone who does slaughtermaps which emphasize positioning, choreography, and crowd-control if they aren't "thinking". Shit, ask anyone who plays .wads more difficult than the IWADs if they aren't "thinking". There are absolutely decisions you have to make in Doom on a split-second, nearly constant-basis, and making the wrong one can frequently have instant negative feedback. Doom already has "thinking". The game would require more thinking with a carry-limit, but "more thinking" isn't necessarily a positive in game design- and thinking that it is leads to feature creep. Any game feature can be justified by saying that it makes the game more complex- the challenge in good design is knowing exactly when to stop.
  13. billbuckner

    Things id got wrong

    Here's something about the Cyberdemon that isn't "he should have been the E3 boss". Doom generally does a very good job at implicitly communicating game mechanics with the art design- the implied rule of "bigger monster = more HP" is probably the most obvious example, but there's another good one: the enemy projectiles. Imps throw basic fireballs. Cacos throw red and blue fireballs that do more damage, and Barons throw green fireballs that look nothing like anything else in the game. It's good design, for two reasons: You can reasonably infer, without even touching them, that their projectiles do more damage than the standard imp fireballs, and, more importantly, they stand out as priority threats for the player to avoid. So, with that being said, why the hell does the Cybie fire boring-looking brown rockets? Brown is a neutral color that often blends into the map, the rocket sprite is small, and makes it difficult to judge the distance of the rockets (which is important), and the result is that the most dangerous enemy projectiles in the game are really tough to see. You could make a case that it's part of the challenge, but I've never really liked that explanation. Cyberdemon rockets are priority threats to avoid (or guide into groups of monsters), and they should be highly visible to reflect that.
  14. billbuckner

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    This is seriously the shittiest wad in the history of shit wads. Poor effort. (No, not really) This was great. I really wasn't expecting much, and M1 dissapointed me quite a bit, but had enough "Wow cool!" moments in it to make it entertaining. And the rest was a blur. In a good kind of way. Great job, folks, but it's not good if M1 is the hardest level.
  15. billbuckner

    Good lord, we have at least finished doom 2 right?

    Before I beat it, I just IDCLEVed through in no particular order at all. I finally decided to try it on Hurt Me Plenty, and did it in a few weeks.