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  1. SailorScout

    THT: Threnody released

    I haven't posted here in years, but I have to say, Ty was a good guy. He was the one who recruited me into Team TNT for what-eventually-became-Daedelus all those ages ago, and while we only spoke on occassion, he was always immensely helpful and tremendously knowledgeable about anything & everything Doom-related. As well as being a pretty cool dude besides. The community has truly lost something special with his passing.
  2. SailorScout

    Doom 4 Unveiled

    Oh God. Between this and Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the next year of gaming is going to be amazing. Also, hi guys! Been a looooong time. How have you been? I've been just fine since you murdered me.. *ahem* ..wait, different franchise.
  3. SailorScout

    Lights, Camera, Doom 3!

    If they're going through all this trouble with finding voice actors for Doom 3, then there's something I want to see (and hear). A secret level or area, rather simple. Duke Nukem tied up in the middle of a room. Suddenly a shadowy figure emerges and points a shotgun at him.. *BOOM* Then Bruce Campbell says "Hail to the true king, baby." and the scene ends. Why? Well, it'd be an opportunity to knock 3D Realms for the knock they did at Doom oh so many years ago ("That's one Doomed space marine!"), not to mention the fact that DNF _still_ isn't out, and finally it'd be a sweet way for Bruce to get revenge considering he was pretty peeved about his lines being stolen without permission or even recognition. Heck, Brucey would prolly do it for free. What the hell does this have to do with the topic? Umm, the fact it should have voice? :) - J.C. "SailorScout" Bengtson
  4. SailorScout

    Doom Board Game

    No, I'm still around. But barely. My site's FTP has been, well.. dead. Hence the lack of updates. And the fact that most of the former hosts and thus links to the page are completely gone. DoomNation the most prominent, but then again, the GameSpy Network has fallen into even further disrepair then when I left it.. And my old e-mail was recently cancelled due to the endless stream of spam I was getting. Nice that someone finally remarked about me though... :P *pesters someone to give me webspace* -- J.C. "SailorScout" Bengtson
  5. SailorScout

    Scripted Scenario Creation

    Some people don't know how to use UnrealEd simply cause they don't like Unreal. ;P I know I certainly fall into that category..
  6. SailorScout

    DWBS: GBA Doom Thoughts

    Ummm, play Conker's Bad Fur Day for N64 sometime and tell me Nintendo only makes kiddie games. Ok, Rare made it, but Nintendo owns about a quarter of that company so it still counts!
  7. SailorScout


    I have source code for various Doom and id projects (some of which was never posted on DW..), old ports, and all the Mp2 files.
  8. SailorScout

    The Old Stuff Chronicles

    Dr. Sleep was also responsible for helping update DEU into DETH (before it was passed onto TeamTNT). I remember he had an old site on StormTroopers.. not sure if it's there anymore, but I enjoyed going there occassionally. One of my favorite old maps he made was Recant, for Heretic. Very nice detail to it, with some interesting architecture and layout. Finally, he also worked on Daikatana for about half a year, so anyone who actually owns that game (like me) might notice some of his style in the early levels. Good to see you back btw Matt. :)
  9. Reasons why the U.S. is so adamant on keeping guns: 1) It's a 2nd Amendment Right. 2) Prevents the government/military from taking over, since the common people could defend themselves. 3) Reduces dependance on the government as well; if I owned a store in an isolated area that was open late at night, I'd make sure I was packing a firearm for my own protection. You can argue that the criminals might get access to a gun too, but what's stopping them from using a knife? Unless you're "Bubba the Leg-Breaking Man", chances are you won't be physically stronger then the bad guy (not to be sexist, but esp. if you're a woman). 4) The woods. Try living in Pennslvania or some other state where there are a lot of damn deer, and see how bad it'd get if their werent' "redneck hillbillies" shooting them. Hitting a deer while in a car is not a pleasant experience.. assuming you live to reflect back on it. What if the 3rd situation was paired with the 4th? You want to wrestle a rabid bear with a knife, or just run away and shoot the bastard with a rifle, before he can rip your head off? I thought so.. And uhmm, comparing Europe on the gun issue is absurd. Norway; or maybe it's Sweden (sorry, not sure which country in the Scandanavian region it is..) has guns in practically every single household. Yet there are hardly any accidental deaths, or murders commited with those guns. Why? A little thing called "education". Liberals in the U.S. have this attitude that we must "save the children!", which means shielding them from ANYTHING even remotely offensive. I personally think that gun and sex education should begin at a much younger age then it does now in American public schools. Same goes for advanced math; a Polish friend of mine knew Calculus YEARS before he would get the grade here, where schools started teaching it.. Anyway, don't expect Americans to understand the situation in your country, and don't expect to understand the situtation here. Since you're not here. And if you came here, it'd be with the predisposition that "guns = bad". "Gun control means using BOTH hands" - NRA bumper sticker
  10. SailorScout

    Under The Influence

    Haven't posted in a while, or updated my page.. but oh well. This list is fubared for a number of reasons. Excuse me, but the video game market last year made almost as much as the movie industry, so WTF aren't there any console games on there? Only two Mac games were in that list too... think there's a bit of PC bias at GameSpot? Naaaah! Ultima IV was more important then III. III had a SQUARE continent. Your party wasn't really all that important; the "characters" like Dupre and Shamino didn't come into their own until Quest of the Avatar. And the reagents/spellbook system later Ultimas used was NOT present in III, not to mention the Virtues. Now, for that.. King's Quest shouldn't even be mentioned. If you wanted an influential adventure game? Mystery House. First PC game of it's type that actually had graphics. Also happened to have been made by Sierra, so it's not company bias speaking. :P (P.S. I have version 1.0 of KQ4, and it didn't have mouse support; dunno what those guys at GameSpot are smoking, or what version they warezed..) Likewise, Half-Life should not be mentioned. HL's place would be better in a list of "Best" games, as opposed to influential. Civilization is redundant to list when SimCity is already there, and far more popular. Ditto for Populous. Ultima Online is a good mention, but uhmmm, try using some screenshots that AREN'T stolen from CoolInfo.com's UO review, and that aren't from the beta, k? Doom is more important then Quake, because without Doom, there would not have been any Quake. Quake didn't revolutionize the shareware market OR the entire PC gaming industry; Doom did. Practically everyone who got into the industry (for their Quake work) started with Doom, so the community issue is moot. If you wanted to talk technology, QuakeWORLD was influential.. Wolfenstein should have been mentioned for the same reason; it brought FPS gaming to the PC. Ultima Underworld would have been tied with Wolf3D (IMO) because it actually came out first, but didn't have the mass appeal. MechWarrior II should NOT have been honorable mention, when you consider that one title was the only thing that prevented Activision from going out of business. It should have been in the regular list. Besides all the network stuff they mentioned.. oh yeah, and the original runs fullscreen on a 486 (in low res of course) at an acceptable framerate. I'd like to see you try running Quake on a 486 at ANY speed! Missing titles from that list: Computer Space --- The first video game. Period. Pong was actually the second game, programmed by Nolan K. Bushnell AFTER seeing Computer Space in action. Pong --- Don't make me spell it out.. Tetris --- This defines the puzzle genre, bar none. It was also notable for breaking the "gender" barrier, as Tetris is played by both men and women. Donkey Kong --- First platform game. Defender --- First scrolling game; featured lots of things many video games later ripped off, such as the infamous "smart bombs" (explosives that kill everything onscreen.... virtually every video game has such a weapon since then!) Dragon Warrior --- Defined console role-playing for years to come. Final Fantasy I was better, but it wasn't as influential. Street Fighter II --- Yes, I know Kie Ar Kung Fu for the Commodore and older systems was first, but SF2 set the standards. Down, Diagonal Forward and Forward + Punch. Everyone knows some of these basic combos. NARC --- First game with digitized graphics. Also notable for copious amounts of blood and the whole Reagan-era "Say No to Drugs!" message. The Legend of Zelda --- First game with a battery, a feature almost every console RPG/adventure game would use for many more years. One of the few titles that is STILL good even now. Ninja Gaiden --- First game with cinema scenes. Still one of the damn hardest games out there too. Super Tecmo Bowl --- Greatest football game ever made. Hell with Madden (whose titles are popular but not neccessarily influential), the Tecmo games will never be beat. Virtua Fighter --- Ok, so the original one wasn't even half as good as the sequel, but this release sure did popularize polygons! Mortal Kombat --- Not influential in any way besides the fact it was ridiculously hyped. Ditto for NBA Jam and the other array of Acclaim titles that were ported to every single platform known to man. There are soooo many other important games out there, but these are just a few that I was thinking of...
  11. SailorScout

    The Millennium Is Near

    The post below was by me. Sorry about that! (yes, I will get active in Doom mapmaking again as soon as I get some time..)
  12. SailorScout

    Doom 3: Possibly The Greatest Idea Ever

    'Nuff said! :)
  13. SailorScout

    Ling's Ideas, 8/99

    Yeah, what Ling said! The Latin chanting thing is particularly clever.. *gets the tune to One Winged Angel from FF7 in his head*
  14. SailorScout


    Whatever.. the post below is me.
  15. SailorScout


    While the idea of a Doom TF certainly seems interesting, I must point out that you cannot use that name. Team Fortress and all it's related elements are trademarks of Valve Software. So you're going to have to find another name for your mod.. once you do, feel free to e-mail me since I can update PlanetFortress with the appropriate news (sailorscout@planetfortress.com).<BR><BR>Interestingly, this whole thing has come full circle, since TF was inspired by a Doom map called fortress.wad (the one on D!Zone and cdrom.com aren't the right files..). :)