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  1. CyberDemonX

    Before you die...

    1. Make the ultimate FPS 2. Shoot Michale Jackson 3. Obtain every "Yu-Gi-Oh" card possible 4. Hump a hot bitch whith big, big, big tits 5. Kill all my enemies and Give gifts to my best friends. 6. Pray to Jesus and go to heaven... Of course, I dont give a flying fuck
  2. CyberDemonX

    UT2004 demo release

    I HAVE BUT 1 QUESTION! Is it available for PS2?
  3. CyberDemonX

    GTA3 vs Vice City

    I liked them both. Get a rocket launcher and blow everyon to hell with it! I had heard, In rumor only, That there is a shark in the water you can find and if you kill it, YOU CAN SWIM!! This is for Vice City.
  4. CyberDemonX

    N64 Cart Space?

    I hate N64 PS2 ROCKS!!! X-BOX ROCKS BETTER!! N64s are gay and useless to me. PS3 WILL ROCK THE BEST!!!
  5. CyberDemonX

    that's weird... (weird images)

    Damn, Well I could always look up more stuff. thanx for tellin me moose thingy person
  6. CyberDemonX

    that's weird... (weird images)

    I got something funny to contribute http://www.ebaumsworld.com/endofworld.html Have fun..........
  7. CyberDemonX

    Video Game Quote Trivia volume II

    I got one game quote that no one will ever awnser well actually a few, if you name the, all, I have a prise for you "Hey, can I borrow your face today, My ass is on vacation" is it a) Evildead, Fistfull of boomstick. b) Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. c) Duke Nukem 64. "Looks like it's time to kill" is it a) Duke Nukem: Time to Kill. b) Evildead, Hail to the king. c) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. And "For the Brotherhood!" is it a) Command & Conquer: Tiberrian Sun b) Command & Conquer's Red Alert: Yuri's Revenge c) Warcraft 3
  8. CyberDemonX

    Lord of the Rings poll

    I liked The Return of the King 2nd on my list is the Fellowship of the Ring and last, the Two Towers I played the Return of the King for PS2 and it rocks, The movie rocked too.
  9. CyberDemonX

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

    Excuse me kain, where did you get the humping bannanas? I like them and I want to find out how to get one
  10. Well this may be mt first and last Blog so farewell, I honestly liked to play doom and lived off it, but getting banned means I'll get rid of my doom stuff

    Goodbye doomworld!

    1. Use


      cry me a river.

    2. Danarchy


      You know what this is?
      It's the world's smallest violin, playing for you.

    3. rf`


      the_Danarchist said:

      You know what this is?
      It's the world's smallest violin, playing for you.

      Amoebas couldn't play that.

  11. CyberDemonX

    Ramen Noodles

    I eat ramen noodles uncooked sometimes Bowl, Crush noodles, fill with water, microwave, flavor, X-Tra flavors, fork, then mouth. Pretty simple you ass